Worst Company In Britain 2009 - Virgin Media v Littlewoods

worst 2009 Here’s today’s first round clash in our Worst Company In Britain 2009 contest – the public vote that’s got the whole nation gripped.

Many of you (and we mean MANY) nominated Virgin Media as the company who had got on your wick the most in 2009. Meanwhile, enough of you threw the name Littlewoods into the mixer for them to be in the final 32 as well. But we’d be stunned if they made it into the last 16. But that’s over to you.

You’ve got until midday on Monday to sort this one out for us. You can also continue to vote in the check out the results to date here. As ever, there’s a picture of a large stuffed giraffe outside a Travelodge for you to enjoy here.


    inb4 cry babies moaning on... waaa I used 18 £30 off £30 spend codes and now they want it back. I can't afford to pay this out of my giro because I'm a jobless cretin :(
  • terry t.
    Virgin every time - 'traffic shaping' & the dozens of mandatory telephone calls needed to cancel (whilst they keep taking money)
  • MusicRab
    When my Mother died I told Virgin-Media and they asked what termination date I'd like for her account. After termination they charged £10 for a direct debit failure and charged an extra month's rental. 100% Idiots.
  • NT
    14 weeks, 11 engineers and 35 telephone calls to fix my broadband. In the meantime losing TV for a period and having one of their engineers plug my phone line into my neighbour's house. Two weeks lafter fitting higher quality cable, some engineers came to fix the neighbour's connection, literally removing my cable and plugging it in to my neighbour's property. I caught them in the act, at which point one of them was fairly agressive!
  • Mark M.
    i've just spent 5 minutes trying to explain to my mother the beauty about a large stuffed giraffe standing outside a travelodge.... she doesn't believe it is real!!! pfft...
  • verved
    Virgin media ftw... useless customer service to the point there brain dead and i dread when something goes wrong because it means wasting my time explaining a simple issues which 99.9% of the time is due to faults on there equipment, traffic shapping, v+ box is so slow its painful which recently caused me in temper to snap there remote in half due to pure frustration. unreliable broadband always goes down beweent 4 - 6 pm every day , sometimes for seconds , minutes or hours. i just leave it until it comes back on as i just cant be arsed with the torture of speaking to some pillock. trouble is who else is there sky? erm no thanks
  • Kris
    Both companies are gash, but voted virgin since the pricks can't help you when you call us, spent over 1.5 hours on hold and when i get through I am told customer service is closed and i need to call up tomorrow!
  • Mel
    Contracts. Do you know your contract start and end dates? The serive here in Kettering is extremely poor - very slow at peak peroiods and generally poor response times at other times. We've just had a three day outtage - no service at all for three days. Plus at peak periods lots of DNS failures - www.google.com doesn't exist! Last month, I rang them up to terminate the service, and was told I was under contract - six years after I started using them! They said the contract was because I changed (?) from a M to a S speed service in March 2009! At the time, this was done just to get a discount, the line speed didn't actually change. I definitely didn't sign or agree to anything at the time. A cancellation penalty was mentioned when I rang to terminate... Obviously, no way am I paying anything. But, why doesn't their website let you see your contract details? Probably, because it would cause more people to look around - there are far superior ADSL deals about.
  • s
    Half the frustrations are caused by people not reading mail and following very very simple procedures for eg, to cancel all you need to do is call Customer relations and give 30 days( what's so hard?) and when you want a discount you have to expect that your contract will be changed and a letter is sent out. Read it for God sake! If you do go to Bt they will only cancel phone so dont be lazy and call to check! Customer service is good if you [email protected] scream and shout at them if you call up with a bad attitude you can't blame them
    The replies here by utter moronic brain dead fucktards like Mel just prove what companies are up against. You agreed a new contract, get over it. (Virgin are shit, it just annoys me when these cretins post such rubbish)
  • Late
    I have problems with both. When everything's working fine my Virgin broadband is spot on. When there's a problem, though, I can be on the phone for literally hours without once speaking to someone, and when I do get someone it'll be someone who barely speaks English and gives terrible advice. On the other hand things never go right with Littlewoods (or their associated companies). I've ordered 4 things from Marshall Ward. Two never arrived at all, despite innumerable phone calls and emails. One of those I actually got charged twice for, despite never once receiving it. The other two items I ordered arrived considerably later than I'd been told - and I mean weeks later, not a few hours or days. Worst company on the face of the planet. I keep meaning to close the account (it's permanently at nil balance) but from time to time they'll screw up a price or something so it's handy to keep - I'm currently waiting for 2 dvd boxsets they mispriced. No chance I'll get them, but when a company's this bad you're gambling on ever receiving your order whether you're getting something the right price or something mispriced. My vote is definitely for Littlewoods. Wouldn't have been surprised to see both of these in the final, tbh. It's a travesty that one's being eliminated in the first round.
  • Sideysid
    So many people hack virgins services they can only afford brain dead idiots to answer the phone. When they head down the Cisco IPTV route things should improve, Nagra 3 won't solve their problems. They'll probably will take a massive hit on minimum subscriptions though...
  • Pizza_D_Action
    How close is this vote 460 plays 458.... unbelieveable!
  • andy y.
    I don't want to piss on your show guys but your polls really don't stack up.You often compare companies with say 5m customers to those with maybe 1m customers. So you will get higher counts of dissatisfaction with the biggest outfit,however the actual rate of being ticked off to being generally happy may be lower. luckily I know you don't give a flying fuck..so carry on
  • Andy D.
    @andy of yarm - actually, we don't give a flying fu... oh, sorry, just read all of your comment. Hey, Setanta won it last year and they were hardly the biggest outfit in the competition. Let's see how it all pans out as the rounds progress.
    Andy... about an hour ago these were level pegging... now suddenly Littlewoods is 100 ahead.... some dodgy voting going on?
  • Mandy B.
    cretins like tvdbp are the reason companies get away with so much shit. Cretins that they are.
  • Pizza_D_Action
    I echo the "something fishy" stance.... what chance that VM staff have been told to come on the site and vote up Littlewoods.
    Aww how sweet, Mel has got her BFF's to bully me. LOL! You are all utter morons who are incapable of reading contract agreements. Now fuck off and pick up your benefits.
  • del
    I have a thirst for jizz
  • Mandy B.
    Aww, how rare, tvdbp feels bullied. Now go and cry into your daily mail while the rest of us enjoy life and do what we can to disrupt the companies who make life hard for us. /goes off to cash me jig, what with it being sunday night and the post office being open.
  • del
    They cant say **** But they can't say ****? Thats so pathetic. I hate censorship.
  • del
    Oh that's right… it's because you are his very best friend. .... You see, I reckon shitmongers like you can't hold back from just shitting in blogs.
  • del
    Who do you think you are? Probably just an ignorant little boy who knows shit about the world you live.
    Comedy GOLD.
  • TVDBPee
    Like that tacky GOLD chain around your neck? The only people with less style than dolescum? The lower-middle classes that you belong to.
  • del
    I wouldn't necessarily lose respect for somebody if they disagreed with me, it would depend on the topic. ... what the fuck are you talking about?
    Nah... I'm not on benefits so clearly not lower class scum like the rest of you on here.
  • del
    Aren't the working class scum? You probaly have a minmuim wage job actually.
  • del
    In particular the working-class losers in the educational game. Schools populated with would be smelly tramps, slags and muggers.
    This is fun. For every trolling post I make, you losers make at least 2 more.
  • del
    I never shopp at Littlewoods because i don't want to look like Council house, single parent, benefit cheating scum. But, I would happily spend a few £’s on Virgin Media (. All the ignorant low class plebs have Sky, Talk Talk or O2 for the iPhone. Virgin TiVo: The Rise of God's Machine.
  • Mandy B.
    "Nah… I’m not on benefits so clearly not lower class scum like the rest of you on here." We already established that - you are part of the lower-middle classes or ONS socio-economic group 5 (one step above "Never worked and long-term unemployed"). http://www.ons.gov.uk/about-statistics/classifications/current/ns-sec/cats-and-classes/analytic-classes/index.html Or do you prefer the NRS C1 - either way you belon to the one group with less style and less class than those smelly proles and sub-proles. Oh, and pretending you were being trolled but are now out-trolled by bigger trolls just makes you look a (even bigger) tit. What what.
  • Mandy B.
    s/being trolled/trolling Their's a good chap.
  • Mandy B.
    s/their/there See what I did there?
  • low p.
    Littlewoods high prices exploit the subprime [lower class] market.
  • yoi
    Liberte, egalite, au jour d’hui c’est tres tres tres Voici l’opportunite nous incroyables
  • Rich
    TVDBP why don't you try not having a job through no fault of your own and trying to scrape by on £64.30 to keep you, your wife and 2 kids, try thinking before opening your fat mouth next time - TWAT!
    Rich: why dont you fuck off and get a job you lazy pathetic human being. You can't even provide for your own kids . What a pathetic way to live.
  • del
    Rich & TVDBP: Mind your language! Some readers may find the use of foul language offensive. Personally I don't give a shit, there's fuckwits everywhere in this kind of environment unfortunately.
  • Mandy B.
    I'd rather mind tvdbps kids, take them to see my puppies. here little kiddies, come and play with uncle mark...
  • D M.
    We ordered our Virgin Media package at the tail end of 2010. I called the order line in early November 2010. During the call, I asked if the current Virgin Media line to our property would support the TV, phone and 50MB broadband we were ordering. The rep on the phone tested the line and confirmed that the line would support all the services we wanted. An engineer arrived a few weeks later and installed the TV and broadband, but couldn't install the telephone, as our line wouldn't support it and needed upgrading, which he couldn't do, as he didn't have the correct equipment, and it would take a further 2 weeks for the line to be upgraded. The engineer told us we would be contacted with a telephone installation date. Nobody contacted us with a date. On his way out, he used our toilet (solid), didn't flush, or wash his hands. None of our friend believe me about the last point, I don't think I would believe it, if I were told myself. We also didn't receive the N rated wifi USB dongle promised on the Virgin Media website at the time. We were told it had been sent in the post. It never arrived, so we bought our own in the end. 2 weeks later, nobody turned up to upgrade the line. I called Virgin Media, who told me the upgrade would be another 2 weeks. This went on until Christmas eve, when I called Virgin Media to cancel our account completely, as we still had no phone and nobody had turned up to upgrade our line on several dates arranged. An engineer arrived within 3 hours. Apart from the odd few hours down time every 2 to 3 days and out TV serviced vanishing from time to time, everything worked ok for a couple of months. Then our broadband disappeared. I called Virgin Media and after a few attempts I managed to speak to somebody who didn't cut me off while transferring me or by putting me on hold. An engineer would be with us in a week. Our router was replaced with a Super Hub. Since then, it was very difficult to upload anything across our broadband connection. I called Virgin Mobile many times when our connection would drop for the odd 10 minutes to a few hours here and there, usually to be told there is a local utilisation issue that is being looked into. Our neighbour in the same building used Virgin Media too. Sometimes both our connections would be down, sometimes only 1 connection would be down. Our broadband connection vanished once more. I called Virgin Media and after a couple of attempts, having been cut off and put on hold for 10 minutes, and engineer was booked and we had a new router again. Again, we had problems with latency and connecting to various servers across the connection. I called Virgin Media several times about the issue of connecting to 1and1 servers, each time to be given a different answer "The ongoing routing issue with 1and1 has been fixed", "There has never been a routing issue with 1and1", "Try re-installing all the software you use to connect to 1and1", "What is 1and1?", "The issue with 1and1 was fixed several years ago". I gave up and began using my 3G connection to upload content. In September our broadband died once more. Again we were given another superhub. At this point I would estimate our overall downtime at about 15% with router deaths and the ongoing random disconnections due to local utilisation issues. During many of the issues we had with Virgin Media, we were offered various lengths of free broadband to compensate for the trouble we were having. While appreciated, this didn't improve the service. At the end of February this year, I called Virgin Media to discuss closing our account, as we didn't need it where we were moving to. I asked if we would be charged any penalty fee for closing the account, as we had satisfied the original 1 year contract with Virgin. I was told there would be no penalty or contract termination fee's, as yes, I had satisfied all the conditions of the original contract. I was put through to the disconnections department, who told me that our equipment (tv box, router etc) would be collected on Friday 23rd March. Nobody came to pick up the equipment. I called Virgin, who said they would order a return pack to be sent to our new address, which never received, as it was sent to the wrong address. Shortly after moving house, we received a bill dated 28th March, with a £60.80 contract termination fee (£38.00, £15.20 and £7.60). Overall, Virgin Media was incredibly disappointing, with the worst customer service either myself or my partner have experienced. If this was a cheap service, then perhaps some of our woes could be overlooked, but it isn't. The service I received from Virgin Mobile, when I was a customer of theirs; was probably the best I have ever experienced, I really felt well looked after and it was exactly what I would expect from the Virgin brand. Virgin Media, on the other hand, couldn't have felt any more less like a Virgin company and in fact, felt like a cheap "nobody gives a crap" franchise. I, nor any of the friends I have told about the service will use Virgin Media again.

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