Worst Company In Britain 2009 - the second semi-final!

18 December 2009

worst-2009-semifinals EDIT: After studying our reports of voting patterns, we have learned that the results of the second semi-final were tainted by multiple votes for DSGi, a stunt that was probably pulled by a paedophile or someone with an unfeasibly tiny penis, like a chipolata as viewed through the wrong end of a telescope.

As a result, the DSGi votes have been disregarded and Paypal and Orange have been put forward into Monday's final. Bitterwallet’s decision is final so don’t even bother not shutting the fuck up about it. This is not Tehran – democracy will prevail.

Welcome, dear reader, to the second semi-final in our Bitterwallet Worst Company in Britain 2009 spectacular, with the remaining TWO places in the grand final up for grabs from today's contenders.

We would like to apologise again for yesterday’s cock-up which saw the voting scrapped shortly before noon after it was discovered that Barclays had mistakenly snuck into the draw instead of Royal Mail. Voting has been extended until noon today if you’d still like to join in.

So, with all mistakes behind us, we look forward to today’s juicy tear-up between the four other companies who have staggered through rounds one and two – namely Clarks shoe shops, Marlboro, Cheltenham Town FC and Echo & The Bunnymen.

Hang on – that’s not quite right. In actual fact, you can choose between Orange, DSGi, Sky and Paypal. A motley crew and no mistake, and, unless some kind of unseen screw-up is spotted, the voting will end at midnight tonight. Remember, the two highest-polling companies will reach the final.

The final will commence on Monday and voting will go on for the whole of 2010. Not really. You can check out all of the results so far here.

Well – what are you waiting for? START VOTING, YOU MAGNIFICENT BASTARDS!


  • Steve
    Paypal by a mile, money grabbing bar stewards!
  • Simon
    Orange by a mile, retarded, customer loyalty abusing, thieving bar stewards! (That's 3x worse don't y'know :) )
  • anti-paypal
    paypal are scum.3.8% flat rate fee for non-business sellars.govenment legislation needed NOW to put these cowboys into line.paypal should be separated from ebay and customer given a choice of what payment method they can use ie pppay,nochex,moneybookers etc.paypal and ebay are a mnopoly and should be separated into different companys and customer given more choice.also legislation needed for credit card companies to ensure people get a fair service if you pay by paypal via your credit card.
  • julie
    easily sky - how dare anyone charge an extreme amount of money per month to view tv and then charge you extra to buy their rubbish equipment so that you can view the expensive monthly service. Not to mention the naf equipment which fails after being used more than twice, the bad signal which fails if mild gale. Lets hope one day we will get a real competitor out there.
  • Spark
    Anybody who votes for any company other than PayPal in this race is a fucking judas.
  • Nobby
    @anti-paypal - paypal are scum.3.8% flat rate fee for non-business sellars.govenment legislation needed NOW to put these cowboys into line. Have a look at how much you need to pay as a small business to get a merchant account with a bank to accept credit card payments from online customers, in addition to how much you pay to accept a payment. 3.8% is actually cheap. Why do you think so many online companies (big and small) accept PayPal?
  • JJ
    but its the whole ebay + paypal partnership that's the problem. Here is an example of what happened to me recently wheni decided the sell on the very sub-par modern warfare 2 for the ps3, having completed it in 4 hours... I go to list the game at £30 with £2 P&P. ebay says i have to offer free p&p. I then have to up the price of the item to £32 (even though i realise ebay will take 10% out of the xtra £2 im charging as well -disgraceful) They then say i must accept paypal as a payment option, regardless of my flawless feedback -disgraceful. Listing Fee £0.20 10% Final Value Fee £3.20 Paypal 3.8% Charge: £1.22 Final cost: £4.62 + Postage Cost. Not to mention the the 5 days I have to wait for paypal to transfer the money over while they make their millions in interested from holding people's cash. Would have saved £6.50 listing it in the local paper for pickup.
  • JJ
    i meant interest - not interested ;)
  • Nobby
    So why didn't you list it in the local paper? You had a choice, go for a large audience and have a greater chance of finding a buyer and pay for it, or go local and have a much lower chance of selling it, but don't pay for it.
  • Big C.
    I just voted for the theiving staff at DSG and their incompent management who lie and cheat despite item being under warranty. However I forgot that it took paypal 31 emails to understand a simple problem that there had caused by lying on their website. If you have a UK credit card and live overseas you must still use a UK address which is great for frausters. Do not do as they recommend which in my case was to go to Paypal.es. Paypal.es will not reconize UK issued credit cards.
  • MusicRab
    Hmmm strange results. Ebay and Paypal are bad because they make lots of money? If they provide a bad service then fine, vote for them. If you hate them because they make loads of money then don't use them. Perhaps somebody should create a website:- www.screwebayandpaypal.com But WAIT. Please see:- www.screw-paypal.com www.screw-paypal.com/international_pages/united_kingdom.html
  • SmashingNicey
    Orange for me as my personal experience with them has been utterly abysmal. However, can understand that PayPal is probably the biggest thief in excessive fees and it's ebay monopoly bolstered with the suspicious and dubious 'we're the safest way to trade' moniker. Sky is expensive from the onset, so frankly you get what you deserve guys. DSGi are just dumb and and always have been. Teetered with Orange or Paypal for ooh, a minute, but on a personal level Orange gets my vote.
  • JJ
    @nobby. i was happy to use ebay because i was completely oblivious to the fact that they had increased the fees to 10% -i wont be using them again or i will continue to fiddle things.. i,e, i sold a ps3 this week for 99p and charged £199 for postage... :)
  • the r.
    Big Ego Useless CEO if you have a valid receipt or proof of purchase, which is within the 12 of the purchase date, go into any DSGi and ask them to look up the warrantee procedure for the faulty item you have. Probably a repair, unless you paid under £100 for the item you have. If the item cannot be repaired within 28 days you are entitled to ask for a replacement which they must provide.
  • Boris J.
    PayPal by a mile, they are total garbage and I hate the fact when you sell on eBay you have to use paypal for certain items. Its ok for buyers but terrible for sellers.
  • kev
    either someone is voting hundred of times for DSGi, or the totals have been fiddled so that it won't be ebay vs paypal
  • anti-paypal
    what a fix no way dsgi is worse than paypal.nobby 3.8% in not cheap there are other money providers like pppay,nochex etc,which charge less than paypal and you have NO CHOICE you have to use them.atleast with dsgi you can choose NOT to shop with them.the same can't be said about paypal.it is a pure monopoly plain and simple.
  • Pete
    Either someone is trying to prevent Paypal from taking their rightful place at the top of the shit pile or DSGi have pissed off an awful lot of people since about 7pm this evening !.
  • Chris
    Look at this thread on HUKD http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/560809/come-on-guys-paypay-need-to-lose-th There must be cheating going on, at around 6pm Paypal had more votes then all the rest put together, in the last hour DSGi have got 80% of there votes and Paypal has gone up about 2%. I dont see how DSGI got about 50% of there votes over 20 hours and thn another 50% in less then 1 hour??? Paypal has hardly moved in the last hour, who is cheating this vote??? Has Payl/Ebay got a load of accounts made up so they dont come 1st and 2nd??? Disgrace
  • Paypal
    Dsgi are crap.....so vote for them, you have been warned.
  • Red
    guess the dsg staff may think this is an award for best customer service - perhaps thats why their voting furiously.
  • Joe S.
    I've noticed the DSGi vote shooting up as well. Come on BW, explain what is going on! Delete and ban the voting spammers!
  • anti-paypal
    no way dsgi gone up 500 in 2 hours.something is wrong.someone has a computer program to get round the voting system.
  • Anon
    The vote's been fiddled with i reckon. You know how much this site has a vendetta against DSGi.
  • Jack
    Whole thing is rigged, not to mention completely pointless as a whole anyway.. What a way to support our economy by pitting hard working staff/companies against each other, spreading hate and making sweeping generalizations. Drivel.
  • thepearce
    Sorry, but this is so easily rigged....... to prove it (not rig it) I've just spent a few minutes knocking a macro up. For starters I took the URL of page on BW with the poll on. Stuck it in google and voila - it's just a godaddy poll. I put firefox into private mode (though I think it's unnecessary) and turned off coookies. Went to the page on godaddy and voted for paypal.....hit the back button and whaddya know you can vote (and get counted) again. Once that's sorted it was a simple matter of ironing a few kinks in the macro to just keep repeating the vote & back....... While doing this I noticed the Barclays vote going up by the same........ obviously I'm not the only one to figure it out.
  • thepearce
    make that polldaddy, not godaddy
  • Boris J.
    I think the PayPal employees have been voting for DSGI, no way the vote would have changed so much in a few hours unless there was some cheating. PayPal should be put through or at least void the vote. Also you can keep voting just by opening an incognito window up in Google Chrome
  • jobby
    @thepearce I knew it was a polldaddy poll just by lookin at the poll itself where it says polldaddy.com thick cnut! anyway, its a con Posted by the voice of reason | December 18th, 2009 at 5:49 pm Big Ego Useless CEO if you have a valid receipt or proof of purchase, which is within the 12 of the purchase date, go into any DSGi and ask them to look up the warrantee procedure for the faulty item you have. within the 12 of the purchase day, what the fcuk, another thick cnut!!
  • Andrew
    You're having a fucking laugh here right?... PAYPAL ARE THE WORST COMPANY IN THE WORLD!!!!! THE COMBINATION OF PAYPAL AND EBAY IS HORRENDOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Andrew
    And also - How has the vote swayed so much to DSGi all of a sudden? That is absolute bullshit. They are a golden company in comparison to the dispicable Paypal Paypal empire!!!!
  • Josh
    Rigged. MusicRab - "Ebay and Paypal are bad because they make lots of money?" No, it's because their a dirty monopoly who overcharge, those thieving...
  • Philip C.
    PayPal is only a gouger; eBay is a criminal organisation. Why is ‘Noise’ Donahoe trying to destroy eBay? http://www.auctionbytes.com/forum/phpBB/viewtopic.php?p=6502877
  • Blo J.
    This poll's as crooked as an Afghani election.
  • thepearce
    @jobby...... How about F you you prick...... I originally googled the URL to see if it was listed on some other forum.... another Mouthy anon.
  • It I.
    What a load of shite. Are we gonna get our money back like on Strictly? I've got nothing for or against DSG (I worship at the altar of Apple Store, and Currys can sell me a washing machine every five years or so), but I wanted to nail Paypal (and the majority seemed to agree), until somebody plugged in 'shaft-the-vote.com' or whatever and DSG shifted from last to first in 60 minutes. Same thing happened earlier when I was plugging Ryanair... (Thanks Sky Captain for no hotel or carhire refund when you cancelled my flight.) DSG was behind all day and by 70 votes when I looked in the evening. Next day, vote closed and DSG had got every vote that evening... No point in a vote that can be run by a piece of software. BW, you need to find a tighter system or write some alternative articles in December...
  • Goon
    Vote hacking scum.
  • charitynjw
    If the voting was rigged, why was it all DSGi? Why not be more subtle? (I guess lots of someones don't like DSGi.................hang on a sec - isn't that the whole point? Now I'm confused.......... )
  • charitynjw
    "& the winner for 'conducting the most cocked-up poll of 2009' goes to........................"
  • noodles
    Bitterwallet could not run a bath!
  • charitynjw
    Don't diss the BW, man!
  • Ashe
    So if only DSGi's votes have been disregarded, why have Orange gone into the final, since Paypal had three times as many votes as they did?
  • Ashe
    My mistake, doh!
  • Mucous M.
    DSGi - ooohhh brown envelope, non consecutive notes please ;)
  • charitynjw
    MM, you're not suggesting the morally upright people at BW are susceptible to bribery & corruption, are you? (lol - only joking, you nice BW guys, you!)
  • anti-paypal
    common sense has prevailed!to a certain degree,voting should have been backdated too certain point of the day before the obvious scam then should have been then frozen,then result declared.
  • Goon
    Come on. Make a statement bitterwallet losers.
  • Guybrush T.
    paypal still go in- we still have time to anti-vote rig so that paypal its true represented. (Maybe it is being set up as a surprise for the next round!)
  • Jay
    This is fixed, the language used in the edit above and the fact DSGi have been removed from the final indicate to me bitterwallet don't want DSGi in the final. The excuse they have given is lame. Why not start the semi final again? Tell the truth bitterwallet, how much did DSGi pay you to remove them from the final??
  • Darren
    I'm sure that DSGi were in second place with four hundred and something votes before the votes started shooting up. So DSGi and Paypal should still be in the final, not Orange.
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. How do i vote? The button will not work?
    I find it funny that this vote has been fixed, and yet when BW were alerted to that fact that LIttlewoods had, in the space of 30 mins added 100 votes, they chose to ignore it. I'm happy to live in this BW world, but at least come out and admit you didn't care! (I'm aware Littlewoods is completely shit, but the vote was 50/50 until the rather obvious fix.
  • Mucous M.
    BW has been shaken by allegations of vote rigging, bribery and corruption on a epic scale.
  • dunfyboy
    Shit!!! Why didn't I think of that when T-Mofo were trailing to Orange earlier in the week.
  • charitynjw
    Bribery? I simply will not have it! (Well, I would, given half a chance, but none is being bunged my way.......)
  • charitynjw
    "Bitterwallet’s decision is final so don’t even bother not shutting the fuck up about it" Discuss
  • PHil K.
    “Bitterwallet’s decision is final so don’t even bother not shutting the fuck up about it” Discuss It should really say: “Bitterwallet’s decision is final so don’t even bother not shutting the fuck up about it... because we fuckd up big time and are too afraid to admit to it. Instead we'll blame someone else apart from us. Amateurs!"
  • Codify
    Paedophile jokes, eh? Classy.
  • Rick
    Bitterwallet really should enter the competition for worst blog in the world. What a way to address their readers! They are just a bunch of rude, abusive, dishonest and vote-rigging ASSHOLES. FUCK you Andy Dawson. No wonder your surname sounds like Downs Syndrome. IDIOT!
  • Pete
    'Downs Syndrome' ?,that is pretty lame and besides its doesn't sound anything like it !.Now come on guys,think positive Paypal for the win !.
  • Worst B.
    [...] a smattering of controversy. After studying our reports of voting patterns, we learned that the results of the second semi-final were tainted by multiple votes for DSGi, a stunt that was probably pulled by a bored paedophile or [...]
  • charitynjw
    I take exception to these tiny appendage comments & I demand a recount. Signed.... Little Richard
  • Danny
    How about instead of fixing the results as BW see fit, design a decent system to stop people skewing the results. As for the pathetic name calling Andy, it's nothing short of sad and immature.
  • phil k.
    real phil kapur here never said the above and to busy to even bother

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