Worst Company In Britain 2009 - the final!

21 December 2009

worst At long last, we bring you the final of Bitterwallet’s Worst Company In Britain 2009 competition, and not without a smattering of controversy. After studying our reports of voting patterns, we learned that the results of the second semi-final were tainted by multiple votes for DSGi, a stunt that was probably pulled by a bored paedophile or someone with an unfeasibly tiny penis, like a chipolata as viewed through the wrong end of a telescope.

As a result, the DSGi votes have been disregarded and Paypal and Orange have been put forward into the final, where they join eBay and Royal Mail. Bitterwallet’s decision is final but feel free to mewl on about it until 2010 if it'll make you feel better.

Voting will go on until midnight on Tuesday, offering you ample time to try and hack this poll as well. But we don’t care because we have SO many other methods of determining a winner, some of which involve a pin and a top hat. Bitterwallet’s decision is final so etc etc etc…

Thrill yourselves skinny with the results to date, which are here and back by popular demand for the final is the picture of the large toy giraffe lurking outside a Travelodge. Go on then, VOTE!


  • dunfyboy
    I still say it's T Mobile
  • Red
    Fix! This belongs to dsg. Nothing in the rules saying you can only vote once.
  • P T.
    we don’t care because we have SO many other methods of determining a winner, some of which involve a pin and a top hat. Bitterwallet’s decision is final so etc etc etc… so what's the point of voting Andy? You must have organised the vote in Afghanistan earlier this year you tool!
  • DSGI r.
    Just because votes were tainted does not mean DSGI would not still have made it to the final by their own merits of being such a rubbish company. It's quite a shamble to say x number of people tried to rig quite frankly an open online vote to then give DSGI a get out of jail card. Put them all in the mix, or re-do the semis. Cock up indeed.
  • charitynjw
    How about..............Instead of 'pressing' the button above, register your vote by naming your choice in your reply.
  • charitynjw
  • charitynjw
    Bugger! - the secrecy thingy ain't working!
  • Red
    hear hear. add dsg into this vote or redo the semis. can you also publish the so called details which have caused this?
  • Goon
    STFU, DSGi are wank, yes, but they were nowherer near the final 'til mardy fag boys started vote hacking.
  • Jimmy_Saville
    So then.....what's to stop the same thing happening again? Absolutely nothing I guess. Even if they noticed a steady stream of votes all someone would need to do is add in a bit of randomness, which is a piece of proverbial. Surely any voting should require you to be logged in, or at least have a captcha. I'm not sure DSGi was the first example of vote rigging either.
  • gidz
    spot on! these are truly the worst 4 companies in the uk
  • Me
    Next year can we have the best company of 2010 :) Y' know bit more positive :)
  • Jbarlow
    Not to be synical but could this be due to DSGI paying Hot UK Deals bills lol?
  • noodles
    how the heck is three mobile not in there?
  • James
    Orange need to win this. Come on people they deserve some recognition for all their hard work.
  • Zleet
    Ebay and Paypal are splitting the vote as a problem with one is generally a problem with both.
  • Josh
    Paypal need to win!! RM have stolen £60 they refuse to refund me. Paypal have lost me £405 from transactions on ebay!!! EVEN with Buyer Protection they refuse to acknowledge they owe me money!!!!
  • Junkyard
    I do hope you're planning to add together the Ebay and Paypal votes at the end, since they're the same company and all.
  • Ross
    Agreed. Why not re-do the semi ?? DSGi are wank and deserve to be in the final. Either that or re-name the competition "Worst Company In Britain 2009- according to Bitterwallet"
  • singhster
    "Worst run, Worst Company in Britain 2009" competition gets my vote.
  • TomT
    So Bitterwallet don't like the result - so they change it. I agree that DSGi are awful (and voted - just once- for them). However this kind of 'we don't like the result so, we'll change it.....' really annoys me too. Next year, I think I will suggest 'Bitterwallet' as Britain's worst company......
  • Spark
    No way do the royal mail deserve to win this it should be eBay or paypal, preferrably paypal.
  • Andy D.
    @TomT - the DSGi vote was severely tampered with so I decided not to progress them to the final. Zero tolerance. If anyone thinks we have any kind of fondness for DSGi, you're either new here or haven't been paying attention. @everyone else. Some perspective might be nice. Happy Christmas xxxxx
  • Ross
    Why not re-do the semi final then Andy ?
  • James
    Yeah Three should be in this too, can we redo that semi-final as well please.
  • Michael
    I can't believe that Northern Rail didn't make the cut
  • Anthony
    This is rubbish, one of the earlier rounds even said you could vote multiple times for those companies you don't like, I highly doubt DSG were the only option that was voted for more than once by people so why not put the entire thing as void or remove everything and leave something like Disneyworld as the worst company because they are the only one nobody had even once voted for it. Who runs this poll, and what are their affiliations with DSG. Or how much of a backhander did they get for Christmas?
  • Ross
    Michael - They probably did but Bitterwallet get to choose who makes the final !!
  • Nobby
    Yeah, Royal Mail deserve this win. If someone fixes it so eBay, Orange and PayPal gets loads of votes, do they all get removed as in the semis?
  • Nobby
    @Anthony HUKD will get a backhander from DSG in the form of commission when anyone clicks through to their website and buys something - it's the same with any site set up to drive traffic to internet retailers. It's about 5% of the sale price. They don't get any commission from eBay or PayPal (and these two sites are banned from HUKD anyway), and none from Royal Mail.
  • scribbles
    How the fuck can paypal be beating ebay when it is ebay who owns paypal??? Ebay as owners are accountable for paypal being so shite.
  • Andrew
    Paypal are absolute criminals and need to be regulated.
  • Paul S.
    Nobby - sober up.
  • Caffmando
    Come on Royal Mail, Nail the Fail!
  • RealityTVFan
    I am surprised that Ebay aren't winning, I thought they would walk it! I suppose that unlike Royal Mail and Paypal you actually sometimes get something out of them but still!
  • Paul N.
    To reiterate what was said above. (1) dsgi was well behind in the poll before someone thought it would be amusing to put several thousand votes through. (2) Anyone who reads Bitterwallet knows we have no bias towards dsgi and in fact most readers would say we are biased *against* them. (3) As in anything, allegations of being bribed or commercially motivated are the easiest form of argument probably because a bribe is hidden by nature. In that case there is little we can do to argue except to refute it and stand behind the reputation we have built as a site.
  • Elsie
    Dsgi deserved to win as they screw customers and staff. this voting is rigged by bw and I am disgusted as are many of the people who visit this site.
  • kev
    DSGi should still be in this final, not orange, but they've still got nothing on the unholy trinity
  • Andrew
    Why would Royal Main win this?
  • Rogerwilco
    paypal/ebay easily deserve to win this
  • erick
    paypal IS shit for rippin goff BOTH customers and sellers. anyway why isn't northern f***in rail on this? people should checkout this blog set up by angry northern rail customers: http://northern-rail-fail.blogspot.com/
  • anti-paypal
    this is stupid,surely the companies with the top 2 highest vote should go against each other in another vote!i advise anyone who hates ebay to VOTE for PAYPAL now.otherwise this will let royal mail win!they are bad.but paypal are even worse no doupt about it!
  • epicfail
  • scribbles
    I agree with a-p. Strategic votes for paypal needed. Worst company ever, almost as bad as Setanda
  • faliuretolaunch
    I rigged it for Royal Mail...... easy - start them off with a lead and then just add votes through the day to match any paypal got. Actually I didn't....... but someone likely did. What a pile.
  • andy
    What a Joke This Pool, before this Ebay won Royal mail 702 vs 487. absolutely point less and stupid how the pool was made.
  • fella-tio
    RM gonna win despite EBAY/PAYPAL (the same company btw) having more votes as a total this is rigged just like last year another BW fail!
  • Warwick H.
    All four are shit companies, I paid £8 for special delivery from Amazon via R.M. - tracker said it was in depot to be delivered yesterday, it wasnt, today maybe ? - no, van has been and again no delivery. Anybody who believes E Bay & PAYPAL promises that your cash is safe with us policy must be simple minded. I agree that E BAY & PAYPAL should count as one.

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