Worst Company In Britain 2009 - Tesco v Ryanair

worst 2009 Let’s kick off the week with another showdown between a pair of right old Marmites when it comes to providing customer satisfaction – Tesco and Ryanair.

They’re both the type of company that will divide opinion among you lot – for every punter who is repulsed by Sky Captain Michael ‘David’ O’Leary’s ‘business practices,’ another one will claim that they get you from A to B on time and with no frills, which is exactly what you want.

Likewise with Tesco – they claim that ‘every little helps’ but there was nothing little about the number of nominations they received and they were easily the most reviled supermarket according to the Bitterwallet readers.

So you’ve got until midnight tonight to decide which of the gruesome twosome will be let off the hook and which will progress to the second round.

You’ve also got until midday today to vote on all of the round one results so far are here. For contractual reasons that we don’t quite understand, there’s a picture of a giant stuffed giraffe lurking outside a Travelodge here.


  • peter
    Im sorry but Ryanair vs Tesco, Ryanair probably the worst company in Britain with the stupid charges, I know who is going to win or is it lose?
  • charitynjw
    Ryanair 'planes keep crashing into our house. My fault though - I keep leaving the landing light on.
  • Adrian
    Ryanair vs Tesco... well no contest really. I don't know of a single person that has anything positive to say about Ryanair!
  • james d.
    Lets see, Ryan air, they took me on a wonderful holiday to Alicante spain for £10 return and have flown me to Stockholm about 15 times sometimes for as little as 2p never being more than 15 mins late. Or Tesco who advertised left 4 dead 2 all weekend for £15, took peoples money and now it appears they are not going to send them out.
  • Starbollocks
    Simply put, Ryanair is a no-frills business model that you either love or hate. I dislike them so I dont use their airline so I havent really earned the right to criticsise it. But if I did use them I would be ultra careful to ensure I didnt get caught out with charges. Almost everyone has experience of Tesco on the other hand, they are quite literally trying to take over the world, they sell mediocre quality food, bombard customers with useless products as soon as you enter the storethat you have to negotiate your way through rows and rows of crap, multiple types Tesco of shop with different pricing to catch out shoppers (Metro/express etc). Tesco all the way! But I think BW has a Ryanair agenda....
  • The B.
    I can't believe you found the word crunt offensive and removed my post?
  • Thomas F.
    Ryanair push the market to it's limits. I'm at University abroad this year and with my new Visa Electron I can come home for just £4 return if you hit the website at the right time. Tesco on the other hand simply have their informal cartel with Sainsbury's, Morrisons and ASDA, each with their weekly golden crumbs (BOGOF's etc.) to mobilise the entire population from one to another (except in my town where we have three Tesco's and no other 'competitors'). I say to you all think on a larger scale and process about which company is better!
  • Michael O.
    Ryanair FTW!!!
  • dirtyrider
    Ryanair are great!! if you use there special offers, book with visa electron and only take hand lugage you will not get any charges. Ive had loads and loads of 1p flights!!
  • kev
    without ryanair, all flights would still be stupidly expensive, they revolutionised the industry tescos get my vote, largely due to their "Change For Good" campaign over here in Ireland, where they dropped the price of almost everything by 20%, and since have been sneekily edging the prices back up
  • Inactive
    Ryanair should not even be in this survey, they are not a " British " company. I voted for Tesco, I agree about the " cartel " with other large supermarkets, it's a good job that we have Lidl,Aldi and Netto to break their hold.
  • Brian
    Hello my name is Brain and Inactive you are a fucking idiot. Its Worst Company In British, not Worst British Company you cretinous fuckwit.
  • Hi O.
    Has anyone read this: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/8384034.stm
  • Nobby
    @Inactive. It is the Worst Company In Britain, not the Worst British Owned Company. @Starbollocks. You could say Ryanair have tried to do the same with the airline industry. They pay poor wages, they are trying to take over the world of aviation, sell mediocre services and bombard you with extra charges if you want to travel with more than a small bag, etc. Some people say it is a good business model (me included) if you travel light and without kids, some people say they hate them for it. Exactly the same words could be applied to Tesco.
  • adam
    Why do so many people hate Ryan Air? I understand they can be accused of being crafty bastards with the extra charges. People don't seem to understand that you get what you pay for, If you don't pay a lot , you cant expect a lot. If you know the system you can get flights for less than 10 pounds and travel a couple of thousand miles for next to nothing.
  • del
    I always think when you choose to fly Ryanair you all become chav-like.
  • del
    Tesco Value Beans are a staple (and in most cases the only) part of the diet for all chavs in the UK today.
  • Steve M.
    Ryanair are a horrible company in my opinion. They are in the news every other week introducing shockig charges here there and everywhere. Misadvertising prices all the time. Its about time the regulators clamped down on them imo.
  • Spoiled b.
    Can't vote for either of them - both of these deliver a service people want, at a low price. My experience of Tesco has been good. My experience of Ryanair has been good. So far.
  • Thomas F.
    @ Hi Glad I got mine then. Ryanair plan to phase out the Electron exception at some point too. £5 is excessive and perhaps some form of regulation should limit the entire market to a £2 minimum or % of total whichever is greater in order to ensure companies do not 'sneak' (Ryanair have no hidden charges, all are fully explained in booking process) in costs. What is clear is that Ryanair does is make a dishonest profit on card transactions. This is something I dare say would not happen clean market, but since when has any market ever been clean?
  • del
    I prefer Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and Waitrose.
  • Worst B.
    [...] can catch up with the outcome of yesterday’s battle between Tesco and Ryanair here, swot up on the results so far here and stare in wonder at an exclusive picture of a huge stuffed [...]
  • Andrew S.
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