Worst Company in Britain 2009 - T-Mobile v Orange

worst-2009-roundonecomplete Right then – we’ve just got one more match-up in the second round of our Worst Company In Britain 2009 contest, and we thought we’d save this one till last as it’s got added spice about it.

For you to choose between, we give you two mobile service providers who have both shafted their paying customers over the past few months. There’s Orange, who shipped a huge amount of customers after we helped readers to get out of their contracts early thanks to the arrogance and incompetence of Orange themselves.

Then there’s T-Mobile – they pulled a similar trick when they increased their international roaming charges but when customers tried to get out of their contarcts, T-Mobile stuck their head in the sand and went ‘la la la la la la la’ until most of them went away.

So which of them do you regard as the enemy of the consumer? You’ve got until midnight to cast your vote. You can catch up with the all of the results to date here.

The end is nigh – soon it will be time to choose the four companies who you’d like to see in the grand final….


  • Joe S.
    Well, it's a win-win or lose-lose depending on how you want to look at it, considering both are going to be merging in the not too distant future! Maybe that's why it's currently sitting at a 8-8 50%/50% draw!
  • PaulH
    Never had any dealings with these but the g/f has had lots of problems with Orange. They sold her a 24month contract at £22 a month but every month teh bill would read £30...plus they charged her for internet usage when they said it was free...
  • Spark
    T-Mobile are shit, Orange are still shit but slightly less shit so I am voting for T-Mobile.
  • James
    Has to be Orange or I will lose what little faith I still have in humanity.
  • Meno
    After falling victim to what Orange described as 'internal fraud' when a couple of new phones/contracts where added to my existing contract without my knowledge, I decided I shall never be using them again.
  • Eboy
    Used Orange on and off in Spain and they operate a fairly decent service here - by SPain standards anyway. When i lived in the UK, i had one brush with T-mobile. Went for a really keen free mob deal with a contract, they knocked me back saying i had a bad credit rating. I paind equifax for a copy of it and it came up perfect, so i sent them a long letter asking them to explain why they pull stunts like that. I got a one paragraph, standardised letter in reply asking me to reapply. Read afterwards, they do this as standard practice when they fulfill a quota on any hot deals they offer. Disgusting company in every way.
  • Matty
    None of the T-Mobile staff blamed their management culture this year when they committed suicide. Sadly, for Orange in France, they cannot say the same. Orange get my vote.
  • daveberry
    I too had the 'internal fraud' and was charged for someone else's number for 3 months without warning - took 9 months to sort out. Rude & unhelpful staff who say anything to get you off the phone, appalling complaints procedure, willy nilly removing 'extras' mid contract, oh and crap reception. Its ..Orange!
  • G
    Did u know orange don't have a returns policy? So if u bought a phone, opened it with the douché in the shop and it didn't work, they would refuse to give u another one! Imagine if that was a Sony Ericsson or nokia, or anything but an iPhone and it took you 3 weeks to get another one!!?!? Fucking hell I'd go mental
  • dunfyboy
    Not only are T Mobile shafting their customers with the roaming charges but I've got a phone that doesn't work and they want nothing to do with it. I can't express how much I hate them at the moment. they're so high on my shit list they occupy the top 3 slot. I really fucking hate them. In fact, I'm going to log into another PC so I can vote twice. Did I mention I hate them? Fuckers.
  • dunfyboy
    And do you know what T Mobile's returns policy is? "Send your phone to LG as they send them out to our customers. We don't have anything to do with the phones." I mean honestly, cunts or what?
  • dunfyboy
    C'mon people. Half an our to go and T Mobile are still trailing. Do the decent thing and vote for them. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!
  • dunfyboy
    Boo. 48% T Mobile, 52% Orange for the past 4 hours. it's a fix!!!
  • Britain’s B.
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  • daveberry
    Its not a fix, Orange are very shit
  • Rod M.
    Clearly these two businesses shits are an excellent fit with each other. Looking forward to the merger already :-)
  • paul
    Having been with Vodafone for 17 years then O2 for four years T-Mobile have manage to cock things up better then either of those two shit companies in only 7 days - thay have lost my mobile number of 21 years and they don't know what to do to retrive it or care! ( for the record the number ported accross on the 7th of April and then vanished on the morning of the 14th April)
  • Adrian
    Both these companies are pure evil. They force employees to work the impossible. If they have a nervous breakdown or die in service they dont care. Employees have commited suicide, but they dont care.
  • Adrian
    By the way since my last post they are still at it. MBNL, Ericsson and Everything Everywhere are trying to make their employees commit suicide. They just cannot stop. Just like a Nazi regime.

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