Worst Company In Britain 2009 - Sky v Microsoft

worst 2009 Hello to you from the epicentre of consumer crappiness that is the Bitterwallet Worst Company In Britain 2009 competition, as we work our way towards finding out who will be new holders of the golden turd trophy.

By the way, if there’s anyone at all left at the HQ of 2008’s winner Setanta and you’re reading this and you know where the trophy is; erm, we’d like it back please – your year of shame is almost over.

Today’s crunch clash is a showdown between two modern media giants that have miffed a bunch of you over the past year – we’re talking Sky and we’re talking Microsoft. You have until midnight to vote for one or neither of them. Or, if you understand how such things work, both of them, or one of them loads and loads of times. Whatever. Just vote. Or don't.

Yesterday saw a major pow-wow between Comet and DSGi – the results to date here and, owing to immense public demand, you can ogle a picture of a large stuffed giraffe outside a Travelodge here. That is all.


    Microsoft have, for a change, had a good year. Sky... well I don't mind them either really, but gotta pick one HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA
  • charitynjw
    Eeny meeny miny...........................................
  • Nobby
    I have no beef with either.
  • MrRobin
    Hrmm... this is a difficult one... I don't mind either of them... how did they even get into the finals?! BSkyB has actually just been voted Britain's Most Admired Company and Microsoft are on to a winner with their new shiny OS so umm umm I'm not going to vote.
  • Matt
    It's gotta be Sky just for the fact that they actively disable the georaphical numbers listed on saynoto0870. Microsoft have released Windows 7 and the pre-order price made it actually worth going legal, especially if you're a student!
  • Jack T.
    I want to vote twice. But I use Vista so I can't use my fucking computer properly.
  • james d.
    sky actually have some very good products, it's just a shame their call centres are so terrible.
  • singhster
    The only reason we have Windows 7 is because Vista is so wank. Coupled with the adverts for Windows 7 which are just shite, this makes the winner Microsoft for me. Although Sky are also toss.
  • Inactive
    Sky because it is controlled by Murdoch.
  • Late
    I want to upgrade from Sky to Sky+HD and it'll cost me a lot more than new customers would pay. You don't get that problem with Microsoft - so my vote goes to Sky.
  • The B.
    "BSkyB has actually just been voted Britain’s Most Admired Company" By whom? Virgin users?
  • MrRobin
    By a managerial magazine by the looks of it.. http://www.managementtoday.co.uk/channel/StrategyOperations/news/970753/bskyb-britains-admired-company-2009/ Hmm, not really anything to do with consumers. Sod that then. Inactive just reminded me of Murdock which had put me off my museli. Sky gets the vote afterall.
  • Stez
    I have nothing against microsoft, and im sure most people dont but there seems to be a lot of bashers around. Loving my free copy of windows 7 they sent me for doing a product training quiz Sky however.... are just plain aweful, I work for a shopping centre and when i'm on break (clearly with my uniform on) get approached by their sales reps all the time, if i wanted sky i would buy it ffs, plus i wouldnt waist my break speaking to those cowboys. I was on sky a few years back and I had to threaten them to cancel my subscription though i had the right to
  • Sal
    Was left hanging on customer support line for 30 mins a few days ago only to be cut off. Another call and 25 mins later someone bothered to answer. Got promised I be phoned back by technical support the next day, that was 3 days ago. Issue still isn't sorted and I'm swiftly moving supplier. A common story. Skys customer service is just shite. Also whenever you want a box office event or to upgrade your package you can get through to someone in like 5 mins, as soon as you ask to be put through to downgrades or the cancellation dept suprise suprise it takes forever for someone to answer, that's if you don't get cut off in the mean time. Muppets.
  • Pizza_D_Action
    Had a problem with my sky box the other day.... fan was constantly on and quite noisey... rang the helpline and explained the sour faced cow that answered the phone..... she gives me some BS about "its meant to be like that, the box is constantly downloading updates and the fan keeps the HD cool". I ask her why its only been like that for the last 3 days and was fine for 5 months before this..... in a rude tone she tells me "LOOK, theres nothing wrong with this box". I ask to speak to someone who knows what they are talking about and so she puts me on hold for the next 40 minutes after which I hang up. Call straight back and speak to a really helpful bloke who says "no problem we'll help you troubleshoot that".... one planner rebuild later and the problem is fixed..... This type of huge variance in customer service from Sky makes me vote for them....
  • Mandy B.
    Both shit companies, but I think sky are a tiny little bit worse (microsoft put out shit products, sky put out shit neo-con "news"/lies).
  • del
    Sky - They provide a sub standard service.
  • tryagain
    Sky for taken advantage of a nation of ignorants and making them dumber.
  • Wodlde1000
    I would say PAYPAL or BRITISH TELECOM would be more suited here, anyone that has tried to phone these two companies will know how frustrating these really are!!!! GRRRRR lol
  • Jack
    Oh yes, lets click Miscrosoft because its fashionable.... Sky is obviously the worst this year - bad service, and high prices and annoying promotions for new customers only.
  • dunfyboy
    Microsoft might rip you off every 3 or 4 years when they bring out a new OS but Sky rip you off on a monthly basis. £40 for football, the same channels you get on freeview and 400 channels of absolute shite. And their Sky+ boxes are just as bad. I'm on my 3rd one in 4 years. They keep replacing them with recons and as they're made by Amstrad they're held together with hope and cellotape.
  • Ed
    How in the fuck are Microsoft not winning this by a +90% margin?
  • Hi O.
    Microsoft. Their OS is a pile of smelly dogshit.
  • Nonce-Sense
    Microsoft aren't winning because no matter how shit they are, sky will always be worse. In fact, sky could be put up against almost any company and be worse!
  • dee
    "BSkyB has actually just been voted Britain’s Most Admired Company" That's the funniest thing i've heard all week. My partner works for them and the things he tells me about them is unbelievable. Like how they sacked some guy after his wife got rushed into hospital ill, and he took a few days off without contacting them, or when they wouldn't give another guy time off to go see his dad after he had a triple bypass! A horrible heartless company who are just obsessed about figures and nothing else!
  • Tinker
    I think Sky should be voted the worst company this year. I've always dreading ringing their customer service its just appalling, its been terrible for years. Customer service waiting times are ridiculous (unless you wish to buy something then you can get through in 20 secs!) considering how much money they charge for their services. Its beyond a joke. They just don't have the number of telephone support needed. Say you pay them for broadband, phone and a full package, in the region of £80+ a month, then have to wait an hr to be put through to some senseless half wit, who then hasn't a clue so puts you through to another dept and another hrs wait. Then the promised call backs never materialise. £80+ quid for that level of service, what a crock of sh*t. Just an absolute farce and always will be. They should be fined for how poor their customer service is. Its the worst I have ever experienced. This is before I've mentioned how they often replace/install equipment which is second hand or refurbished goods without telling the customer first. Its a crying shame they have such a stranglehold/monolopy on the tv content, if I could get the same level of content elsewhere I would in a heartbeat.
  • Surfing N.
    SKY ARE THE WORST - END OF STORY!,....................well I cannot end it there without qualifying my experience. Living out with a bundled exchange we were unable to receive the bundled package (tv, telephone, broadband) However, and to be fair to SKY they offered us FREE line rental with a 4 month reduction to TV subscription and broadband - the cost of the line rental effectively made the broadband free. So for dramatic effect, from this point forward Ishall say the broadband was free. SKYs FREE broadband was so terrible I cancelled it immediately (within 14 days you can cancle) and opted to pay £24.99 to ZEN Internet. Money well spent. As soon as FreeView is available from my TV Transmitter in 2010 - YES SOME PEOPLE STILL DO NOT RECIEVE FREE VIEW - I will be terminating ALL SERVCIES WITH SKY! A real shame having been with them for 8 years and I enjoy the banter of the Scottish Helpdesk, etc.

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