Worst Company In Britain 2009 - Ryanair v DSGi

worst-2009-roundonecomplete Now then, here’s a couple of companies who more than a few of you love to gripe about around these parts – Ryanair and the DSGi group.

What’s going to win the day here – the managerial incompetence of the electrical retail giant or the grotesque arrogance and stubbornness of the Irish airline and their Sky Captain Marshall?

It’s a tough one to call, but we’ll have to say goodbye to one of the deadly duo once the voting ends at midnight tonight. There’s a comments box below as well, but you already know that don’t you?

You can find out who sucks the hardest (according to you lot) between the results to date here. Someone’s going to get a golden turd for Christmas


  • speedski
    for god sake, this pool stage lark is just shit this year - these two are the worst of the category they work in yet you pitch a 'yes you will be able to play crysis on this Intel Integrated graphics equipped pc' company against a £2 for a piss company... Makes the whole thing a waste of time...
  • Craig
    Thank you Ryan Air: We've been to Paris, Dublin twice & Oslo this year for pennies. Flights on time, clean, friendly staff. Day out in Dublin for 5 - 10p. From a Ryanair user - well done!
  • Fight!Fight!Fight!
    Re:Speedski English Motherfucker .. Do you speak it ? £2 a flight or not, RyanAir still offer the cheapest flight deals around even with all the misleadfing shennanigans. DSgi however still have all the blatent lieing/miss-selling with te additional 300% markup for end of the line crap thats already well out of date.
  • shocking
    I had to vote for DSGI!!!!! Ryan Air is a low cost airline, and does not try to pass itself off for anything else. Where DSGI is also a bottom feeder but they try and pass to the public a false image of impartial advise.
  • scouse
    DSGi i hope anything with connected with them including their under educated retarded staff all die in a nice fire. A bit rough ? couldnt care less
  • Rob
    It's got to be DSGi for me, had to return a faulty microwave to Currys. The return policy is printed on the back of the receipt and the lady in customer services didn't even know what their returns policy was. She tried to argue that even though we had only bought the microwave only 5 days before we couldn't have a refund. This totally contradicted their printed returns policy.Complained to DSGi via the website several times and just ignored every time.
  • dunfyboy
    I fell out with The Link years ago. Sure, they were probably just trying to be pro-active, but they've overfilled their spaz quota.
  • Andy
    Ryanair cancelled me two flight this year in one I lost two days of hotel in another I lost £15, I stoped flying for a while a used Eurostar found it cheaper and more convenient only problem not too many places to go. I hate ryanair because they are arrogant and give a $hi% they costumers only care about money.
  • Ralph M.
    @ scouse from liverpool by any chance
  • Mr C.
    who the f**k doesn't hate ryanscum????
  • Stez
    DSGi by far, bunch of muppets
  • Spark
    Why are Jet2 not in this? They disgust me.
  • CompactDistance
    Ryanair's new prepaid card scam and online check in charges have drastically changed my opinion of them.
  • Phil
    DSGi - whats not to hate (with a passion) ? Also the great sky captain can be amusing...
  • Paul S.
    Andy, I thought we promoted O'Leary to Sky Marshall?
  • meely m.
    I suppose voting Ryan Air all eat out in McDonalds and expect a knife & fork & waiter service for their £1 meal deal.
  • vitek
    £5 charge for paying for your ticket and £40 charge for printing it out at the airport (in case you forgot to do it @home) make ryan a clear winner for me Currys/PC World staff are bunch of idiots, agree, but I only buy online - simple way not to deal with them
  • Peter
    Ryanair’s new prepaid card scam? what is that?
  • shocking
    reply to meely mouth - Atleast with McDonalds, the price they quote is the price you get. To do a like for like comparison would require you to get to the counter after ordering the item from the menu that looks perfect only to have them tell you. -- The bun is an extra 0.25 per slice -- to have you sandwich heated will cost 1.00 extra -- tomato sauce for the fries is 0.20 per pack -- there is a 0.50 charge for collecting payment Have a wonderful day!
  • Crisp
    Voted dsgi as a positive vote for ryanair. Dublin, Barcelona... £10 return all in. No brainer...
  • Lucky D.
    I have just sat for 3 minutes quietly rocking back and forth, and now find myself amazed at my inability to choose between two harbingers of hellish customer service. To copy from speedski, Ryanair's "if they fly for a quid, what the f*ck to they expect" mentality versus DSGi so-bad-it's-just-baaaaaaaaad-no-wait-it's worse misdirection antics is another way to view this. I've had to plump for DSGi's almost pathological hatred of the truth, fair pricing and honesty. This is on the basis that the need and choice to use Ryanair is often a 'luxury' (cheap flights to the continent, for instance), whereas to use DSGi is just akin to knowing that putting one's hand in a moving blender is stupidity, but to do so with both hands, face and todger. Again, again and again. The sheer breathtaking incompetence of the staff from central management's setting of mental targets (I should know, I work in mental health...) to the lowliest salesfloor grunt's total indifference to timeliness, truth, honesty, hygiene, honesty again, dress code, customer needs, honesty a third time, grooming, knowledge and honesty. Again. And it is all capped off by their superbly-financed marketing department, that somehow seems to polish a turd in a way not seen outside of Cine reels in the late 1930s/early 1940s Germany. Cinema-goers are often asked to provide a temporary suspension of disbelief when dealing with the fanciful, but Transformers 2 (a film that is to plot, dialogue and character progression what DSGi is to electronics retail) has more chance of being passed off as a reality than a DSGi advert has. The people are bright, honest, articulate, well presented, helpful, *THERE*, approachable, smiling-from-the-heart... just nice. The reality is just diametrically opposed to this. Anyway, I know Ryanair is *bad*. Really BAAAD. But vote with your heart, vote with you head. Vote from experience. VOTE DSGi. Please note, what was just written was opinion. OPINION, hear me? Not fact, just my own personal opinion and experience of dealing with DSGi in its many forms. It may even bear no relation to the truth. But it just as well may do. (Disclaimer: I once applied to DSGi when desperate many moons ago. Nothing came of it. That isn't so much dodging a bullet as narrowly avoiding a battlefield-sized nuclear munition warhead.)
  • Andy D.
    @Paul Smith. Sorry, sorted. I'm still upset from the time you vetoed my suggestion to promote him again to Sky Commodore.
  • james d.
    Many Mcdonalds DO charge extra for sauce now. I find younger people are much more tolerant of Ryanair. The older generation are used to BA level of inflight service and the prestige associated with air travel. Ryanair is a coach in the sky, I like most of the Ryanair lovers understand this and are willing to accept this. The fact is ryan air flights are very cheap and almost never late.
  • Crisp
    ^ Dead on. Im 20 and I fly RyanAir expecting it to be a bit crap... but the fact is I am happy enough for that if it's cheap. After all, if you want to fly under nicer circumstances... just take a different airline.
  • meely m.
    Re Shocking.. Mcdonald's is misleading as it tries to promote itself as healthy fun food for all sorts when its seriously just salt laden crap. Eat as part of of a calorie controlled diet. Yeh why not skoop a dog turd off the floor fry it and add a tonne of salt and eat that instead. Also on what planet can you get on a jet plane (wth the fuel prices as they are) and seriously fly for £1. If you seriously go into any deal like that thinking there is no caveat for extra charges then you may be interested in a £2 deal I have to buy Buckingham Palace. I'll even throw in Prince Phillip for free. All I need is your credit card details....
  • Rich
  • charitynjw
    What have you done with the giraffe, BW?
  • Crisp
    ^ I've flown with RyanAir for less than £1 all in before. Dublin return for 6p last year!
  • fullmoon
    damn. The poll is closed by the time I saw this post. I could have voted DSGi. They are the worst company ever..I mean EVER..
  • Worst B.
    [...] In the end, over 1200 votes were cast and by the end, the difference between the two companies was merely a dozen. You can find out the final result here. [...]
  • Michael O.
    We are very disapointed not to win such a well known prestigious competition, we will try harder next year, in the meantime next week i will be offering £1 flights accross europe for 3 days, check www.ryanair.com for details, Happy christmas to all our loyal customers and best wishes for 2010. Michael O'Leary Ryanair

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