Worst Company in Britain 2009 - Royal Mail v Barclays

worst-2009-roundonecomplete It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new light and we’re feeling like shining the spotlight on another pair of shabby contenders for the title of Bitterwallet’s Worst Company In Britain 2009.

The deeply troubled Royal Mail go up against the deeply troubling Barclays in today’s Clash Of The Bastards, with a place in the last eight awaiting whichever one of them amasses the most votes from you lot.

You’ve got until midnight to cast your vote and you can find out who triumphed between results so far can be found here. If it’s the sort of thing you’re into, you can see a picture of Santa Claus holding a gun to Jesus’ head here


  • Nick
    I take it this would be the wrong place to mention how I've received good service from both these companies this year? :p
  • mdcdeve
    Indeed both have been great to me, i dont understand all these worst company polls. They are all just the biggest companys, but the percentage of unhappy customers is tiny.
  • Wibble
    Royal Mail trade union representatives. They cause the problem. By the way, when are we going to get to compare Hotukdeals.com with a far better company???
  • Caffmando
    Royal Mail for the Big, Greedy, Slow, Outdated, Outmoded, Unionised, Thieving Win!
  • C
    Royal Mail for scrrewing up 4 mail redirections then cancelling after the 5th complaint saying "it's clear we can't get it right so there's no point in trying anymore. That sorting office just aren't good enough". Cheers for that!
  • givenup
    Lol @ C. That sums up how far behind the real world Royal Mail are, and I work for them! I've given up telling them to get real, because no fucker ever listens.
  • Richie
    Royal Mail are generally fine, or they were until a few years ago when they put some xmas presents from firebox in my wheelie bin on Christmas Eve... Yes, you're right...it was just before the bin men turned up. It's put me off xmas internet shopping for life. Richie.
  • Simon
    Barclays all the way - afaic they're making a conscious decision to be useless aholes, where Royal Mail are just inept. I still marvel that Royal Mail can get my post hundreds of miles across the country quicker than Barclays can process a cheque I place IN their hands. And Royal Mail charge me less for the priviledge. Jog on.
  • Spark
    I don't think it is fair to include the Royal Mail in this as they are, at the core, a public service and they do a pretty good job of it considering. Barclays on the other hand are absolute bastards, and I for one am growing extremely tired with their cost cutting measures and the fact that they will randomly reject transactions on my debit card as they see fit for their own fucking protection and then try to make it sound like they are doing me a favour when I call them up.
  • Ash
    Barclays, yet just another theiving bunch of cretins.
  • Rob
    Royal Mail. Absolute crap. Random strikes. They do a job a monkey could do better and expect good pay and conditions. Late deliveries, if you get any at all. Slow. Expensive for parcels. Having to collect your parcel from 5 miles away, even though there are 6 post offices between your house and the depot.
  • ScottC
    Royal Mail every time. Dirty strikers.
  • Mike R.
    Royal Mail. But... Barclays have pissed me off by making me carry around a stupid PINSentry that is bigger than my mobile phone. I can't log in to online banking without it and every time I whip it out people laugh.
  • Nobby
    @Spark, if you don't like Barclays, switch banks. It is not so easy for a member of the public to switch mail delivery service, whereas it is easy to switch bank. If your bank pisses you off, don't complain, just switch. Fortunately big businesses are starting to switch away from Royal Mail. The workers recent strike helped many decide to switch.
  • anon
    Has to be royal mail. (Before strikes) Parents tried sending me something using special delivery... after 2 weeks it ended up in dublin... i live in swansea. they lied saying it had been signed for, and then lied saying they had left 2 notes because i was not in, even though i had stayed in all day to recieve the parcel. also, my parents' postman folds EVERYTHING, even postcards - ruining them. idiots.
  • peter c.
    royal mail service in my area is appalling before privitasation post regular as clockwork before 8 oclock now whenever they decide to arrive at the time of writing this , postgirl strolling up the road ( 11 oclock ) have been informed that if no one is in to receive say a small parcel postie doesnt have to return to sorting office but takes mail home! so you ve no chance of getting it the same day if you return home .i think these head honcos seem to forget it is a service for the people and they have legal obligations to fullfill !its not just about making money personally i dont blame the staff just collared post girl she s very nice pleasant )told me THERE IS A BAN ON OVERTIME at this time of year !!! so parcels just get left what is going on in this country i own my own business and my customers us me of the service i offer them .royal mail should not be about making a profit it is a public service thatchers britain money money money
  • DerynHD
    Barclays are shocking. Staff in every branch I visit seem to be on a ratio of 5:1 of Personal Bankers to Counter Staff, hence the constantly long queues, especially in my local branch. When you finally get to the counter service is consistent. They don't employ interesting people with life experience, they employ people who aren't quite smarmy enough to work in Currys or Comet. So after waiting 10 minutes for the simplest of transactions to be completed, they then have the gaul to keep you waiting as they access your personal account details in front of you, find out what kind of account you have, what insurance, etc, and then try and sell you whatever they can with the promise of "added account security". Hilarious. Is my money safe in your bank or not? Did someone leave the back door open again? When as a customer you take advantage of the opportunity to give feedback, it is ignored, because let's face it, it's only their to make you THINK they'd listen. Then again you couldn't make up a company like Royal Mail, Don't believe for one second that the chance of receiving poor service isn't in fact reasonably high. It seems to have been for me anyway. There's clearly no communication in the company, no commonsense, and most of the people who work there seem to hate it. I mean they've only failed to deliver 4 letters and parcels for me this year, thats not bad is it? Oh, yes, yes it is. I was told once by a postman if I wanted something to arrive that I should get on the train and take it myself. Great advice of course. Then again what do you expect from a service that costs 32p?
  • No
    Where do I click "ROYAL MAIL IS A GREAT SERVICE" I only see buttons for negative votes ?. It's a farce when you can only vote in a negative way, so if you don't agree that Royal mail is bad you don't vote, RIDICULOUS.
  • DerynHD
    Typo: *there.
  • Nobby
    > Where do I click “ROYAL MAIL IS A GREAT SERVICE” Anyone that thinks that is too busy stealing cash out of the Christmas cards in his postbag.
  • Bob
    In reply to someone who says they have to carry a device bigger than a mobile phone to do their banking.......you can ask them to switch you to the traditional method.
  • Fight!Fight!Fight!
    There was a time you could put money in Birthday card and send it through the post. Not any more those pikeys they employ at the post office wil rifle through anything they think is valuable and nick it. Yes, Yes I know you should'nt send cash or valuables through the post, however the sentiment still remains and is extended to internet purchases. Once had a postwoman who would drive up in her own car in the afternoon and just deliver "Sorry you were out" cards. I actually caught her doing it and gave her a fucking earful . She had'nt even taken my parcel out the car the bitch. Barclay's on the other hand are mischievous little shits who like all banks r just there to extort as much money from punters as humanly possible whilst offering the mininum of service or customer care. I hate them, I hate the smug people they have in their adverts and hate their branches. So all in all thats a vote each or may 2 or 3 votes each as you can come back n vote numerous times.
  • givenup
    @peterc, what do you mean before privatisation? When was Royal Mail privatised. Are you sure you're not an extra in Sliders, and you're jumping between alternative realities. I must have missed it, and I bloody work for them. Come on Royal mail, give me my free shares!
  • g
    yesterday we had a 'Sorry you were out card', and a singed for Special Delivery piece of mail come through the letterbox. complaining falls on deaf ears so we're gonna pretend we never got the signed for mail. hopefully they'll sack the useless prick postman who never knocks. cunt
  • Worst B.
    [...] can find out who sucks the hardest (according to you lot) between the Royal Mail and Barclays here and check out all of the results to date here. Someone’s going to get a golden turd for [...]
  • Christopher
    Having just started working for RM, it's easy to see why they suck. They have an uncanny ability to turn one job in to five, and how even more stuff isn't damaged / lost is beyond me. Still, the end user service is the cheapest around, and isn't too bad...
  • Spark
    @Nobby In all honesty, I almost have completely switched banks now and am primarily using another one. Sacking Barclays off completely may just have to be something added to my to do list for 2010.
  • eldendir_crowfoot
    Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to make people aware of my plight with the Royal Mail. It appears that what they are doing to me is tantamount to theft. They are taking money off people for services, in my case mail redirection, and not providing the service. They have told me that they are under no obligation to provide the service paid for and that no refunds can be given. They have since corrected themselves and changed that to 'No obligation to give refunds.' I put it to them that if I charged them £30 to clean their windows and did not do it wouldn't they think that to be theft? They said ''No.'' They have since corrected themselves and now say yes but unfortunately 'we' have to pay in advance for their services. I then asked if they would give me £30 to clean their windows and they, smartly, answered that they didn't need cleaning. I put it to them that I did need their service though and they did not supply it after taking my payment. They have have had a week to 'look into' the problem and said I would start to receive mail which I did but it is from unknown address in Cheltenham. I know that my mail is not lost, nor late, nor stuck in some sorting office as I have contacted my old landlord and collect the mail myself from him, via my partners' parents in North Leach. The mail that they did not manage to handle, for the fee, was a CRB, police check, and reminders for my cars' MOT, tax and insurance. All of these were of vital importance to the start of a new job. You can imagine the problems that this caused. I could have lost my job, that I had not even started, and lost my licence. I have had to arrange my post/mail myself and grovel to keep my job. I have had to have numerous arguments over numerous phone calls which of course I have to pay for. I did not get around to changing addresses on my business matters due to our move, Christmas and the death of my 95 year old Grandmother and her subsequent funeral in South Wales, and my sisters' visit from Canada to be at the funeral and also trying to prepare to start my new employment. They have, as compensation, offered a free months extension on my redirection which I find laughable. Why would I want to extend nothing? I have also now changed my to people of importance. I am determined to do everything in my power to get a full refund but I think it is more important that other people are aware of what is going on. People are being ripped off. Services paid for are not being up held and all sort of traumatic, or not, problems are occurring because of it. I was wondering what advice or help you could offer in my quest to have my money returned to my credit card? It may be a mere £30-something, to some people but it is quite substantial to me at present. Yours sincerely,
  • summer
    Well I see lot of people giving their views on the internet, as if they are think tank how the company should be run. Now days it has become a fashion to comment on anything and everything you wish and soon you are joined by some others who don't have anything to do. Anyways, I only look forward for people who have problems with Barclays as I work with Barclays. First let me tell you in every organization there is a separate department that handles customer's grievance and before commenting anything kindly get in touch. I agree in Barclays there maybe delay but nothing goes unnoticed. System works. Secondly, writing up a jazzy note without giving details that whom you contacted or what were you told is never mentioned and mainly people never tell why the bank is refusing their request. We are a profit making company and not a social service provider. And if Barclays decide that the way people come online to write things hoping to become famous I can assure everyone, if Barclays starts giving out the list of defaulters then I don't think anyone of you would be in comfortable position. I don't have anything against anyone at all I request that if you have any problem with Barclays kindly get in touch with the right department, ask if you are not sure and we would be more then happy to help you. Thank you....
  • Tim T.
    I run an eccomerce business selling mainly digital memory cards. The Royal Mail in my opinion is full of theiving scumbags. They lose approx 2 parcles of mine each day so over 700 each year. This costs me personally around £10000 a year which is huge % of my income. When i say they lose these items i don't think things can just disappear into thin air, i prefer to use the term steal nowaday because i'm 100% sure that these items are being stolen from me. 700 items per year from 1 customer is too much. It's the most demorilising thing in the world as there is nothing at all that i can do about it. Even if i send things by recorded delivery they still go missing. My business is based in Jersey so i can't claim for these items under Royal Mails insurance which makes things much worse. I work extremely hard to make a living and work up to 15 hours per day and this theft by the Royal Mail is kiiling me. I firmly believe that there are thousands of thieve working for this company who probably make a tidy second income from selling on the items that belong to me. I also have to bear the brunt of all of the unhappy customers who often for some reason feel that i am to blame as to why their item hasn't arrived while the true culprit is happily selling on my items for profit. The Royal Mail are definitely the worst company in the world not just the UK, they steal ALOT of money from me daily.
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