Worst Company In Britain 2009 - Phones4U v npower

9 December 2009

worst-2009-roundonecomplete Here’s how dedicated we are – a few hours ago, your Bitterwallet team were carousing their fat faces off, having gatecrashed the HotUKDeals Christmas party in a vibrant London nitespot.

Now, at an obscenely early hour, we’re up and at it, bringing you the latest showdown in our Worst Company In Britain 2009 voting bonanza. Today sees a clash between Phones4U and npower, two companies who seem to think it’s acceptable to fuck about with the conventions of the English language in their names. God, we want to vote for both of them already.

You can vote yourselves right up until midnight and catch up with the result of the story so far here. Oh, and don’t expect too much from us for the remainder of the day – we’re all feeling somewhat hot around the skull.

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  • Worst B.
    [...] got until midnight to cast your vote and you can find out who triumphed between Phones4U and npower in yesterday’s contest here. All of the results so far can be found here. If it’s the sort of thing you’re into, you can [...]

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