Worst Company In Britain 2009 - Paypal v Vodafone

worst-2009-roundonecomplete Dig, if you will, a picture, of two huge grizzlies embroiled in hideous bear-on-bear conflict. It’s horrendous – you can scarcely bring yourself to look. But peer a little closer at the skinny fit t-shirts that they’re both simultaneously sporting and clawing at.

One of them is wearing a t-shirt with the Paypal logo on while the other one has Vodafone’s badge of shame emblazoned across his furry chest. How horrendous is it all now? And which bear would you like to see triumph, holding the severed head of its rival high in the air and roaring “Adrian!” in bear language?

That’s the dilemma you have as avid Bitterwallet readers today as the second round of our Worst Company In Britain 2009 crawls closer to its end with the horrible brawl we’ve just described.

You’ve got until midnight tonight to decide who will make it into the last eight, and may the worst company win. You can catch up with the outcome of yesterday’s results since the competition began here. You know, just in case we test you later.


  • Gareth
    Vodafone cs is crap.... had endless trouble getting through to them Never had a problem with paypal, but you hear so many stories ...
  • James
    Both are crap companies but Paypal and their terrible high fees and unhelpful resolution process for ebay disputes secures my vote for them.
  • dunfyboy
    Unfortunately, Paypal (and their charges) are a necessary evil for anyone that uses the not-as-good-as-it-used-to-be Ebay, but Vodafone's firmware (like all mobile company's firmwares for that matter) can make a good phone mediocre so they get my vote. The weird thing is, despite bitching about them all last year, I do hold them in higher regard than the arseholes at T-Mobile.
  • anti-paypal
    paypal with their unfair fees for non-business sellars via ebay.3.8% flat rate come on!this out of order.also going through a chargeback through paypal due to non-receipt of goods,sellar has item back but won't refund,paypal taking ages to sort it out even though the evidence is there to suggest the sellar has physically received item back.good job i paid by credit card i may have to do a charge-back through them if things don't work out with paypal.also parcel force curiers are waste of space as well can't beleive there not on here to vote for?
  • Dazzy P.
    Paypal suck! I had £85 took out for Skype and don't even have the service!! No explanation ever offered. Now I cannot place a new card on because says used this card before, Unable to use and cmr service is baba :(
  • d
    Oh toughie. They're both really unhelpful, both con artists, both happy to take your money for a service that is a bunch of rubbish, they both fob you off with a bunch of lies, hmm.
  • Mark M.
    No problems with Vodafone here. However, PayPal are shite. We sue them a lot for our villa and they keot charging me the $20 monthly fee for taking cards even when they hadn't enabled it on the account. It took 6 months to get sorted. Hats off to them, they did eventually refund the 6 months they had charged me, but only after a couple of phone calls
  • Craig
    Vodafone are terrible and get my vote. I've had 8 months of hell from them this year with them claiming I owe them between £540-£680 for an early contract termination fee. After many calls to several different customer services reps, being told on all but one of those occasions that they had wiped the bill for me (when they didn't), I eventually decided to take matter into my own hands and launched a legal dispute with them (via the Ombudsman organisation known as "Otelo"). I (within the past fortnight) won my case and Vodafone are still being arsey about it. Refusing to co-operate with the Ombudsman, not doing all they have been instructed to do by them etc. The case goes on until Vodafone cough up all the demands from Ombudsman. Shockingly bad company...
  • PaulH
    @Mark Nice Villa but not so keen on the website. As for Paypal or Vodafone, I've had no dealings with Vodafone and nor have I heard any bad rep from friends, family etc. But Paypal are as useful as a condom mahcine in the vatican and less reliable than a plumbers estimate - When I last used ebay I sold Pro Evo 2008 for something like £3 - minus the ebay fees then minus the paypal fees plus P+P I might as well have just kept it and carried on playing the god awfull game...failing that eaten it
  • Guybrush T.
    Buying through paypal gives less protection than with a credit card, even when you use a credit card the protection is then void!
  • charitynjw
    @PaulH What's this about plumbers - don't see any plumbers on this 'Worst Company' malerky! (Right, that'll be a hundred sovs for advice, plus the old 'Vodka & Tonic', oh yeah, wear & tear on the lappy, that's extra....................)
  • Spark
    Down with PayPal.
  • Nobby
    Try getting a merchant account so that you can take credit cards. Then compare the fees to what PayPal charges. Then decide whether they are a rip off.
  • Justin A.
    Paypal, for high charges, having their service forced onto all eBay sellers and helping their sister act put the balance of power firmly in the grasp of buyers after it was previously too far in the direction of sellers. How about an even balance? After the early years when sellers could easily rip buyers off, now we have a situation where sellers are always in the wrong, for example if a buyer receives their item but gets greedy and wants the money back as well, so Paypal do a refund without any proper investigation and the seller has lost the item and the money. Either that or postal services lose/steal an item and the seller loses out again. Recorded delivery is the solution, but how many buyers choose to pay the extra when offered?
  • Caffmando
    Got some love for Vodafone, after my renewal they accidentaly gave me 1/2 price line rental for life (mine or the contract), rather than just for 3 months. Been 3 years and 3 more renewals at the same rates, bargain. There is a fiery pit in hell reserved for Paypal!
  • anti-paypal
    the law needs changing ref to ebay like in australia where ebay tried to force sellars to include paypal as one of the sellars options.they were promply given a big kick by their version of the financial services authority and were not able to force sellars to include paypal one of the payment options.we need to do this over here.they operate in luxenburg out of the jurisdiction of the f.s.a this needs to change ASAP govenment legislation needed NOW,to force these cowboys into line!
  • anti-paypal
    surely this has got to be a paypal vs ebay final.i wouldn't know who to vote for?
  • linda k.
    just signed up with paypal ,havent used them yet,now dont know what to do,i was told it was safe,do i stay or do i go ?
  • Worst B.
    [...] the enemy of the consumer? You’ve got until midnight to cast your vote. You can catch up with the outcome of Paypal v Vodafone from yesterday here, and while away some quality time checking out all of the results to date [...]
  • Spark
    @anti-paypal In that instance, I would go for PayPal, only just though.
  • Spark
    I would like to know which 277 idiots felt the need to vote for Vodafone and why.
  • Philip C.
    Why is ‘Noise’ Donahoe trying to destroy eBay? http://www.auctionbytes.com/forum/phpBB/viewtopic.php?p=6502877
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