Worst Company in Britain 2009 - Orange v Dell

worst 2009 Now then – there shouldn’t be any doubt about today’s first round showdown… or should there?

In it, one of the top seeds, Orange, go head to head with Dell, one of the lesser lights of crappy customer service.

Where will it end? Will we see our first 100% victory? Doubtful, but the bookies are keeping their heads down on this one. Could be because it’s the weekend like…

Speaking of which, the voting deadline has been extended until noon on Monday in order to give the Monday to Friday crew a go on the voting.

You can catch up with the result of yesterday’s tête-à-tête the story so far here, and as ever, there’s a picture of a large stuffed giraffe outside a Travelodge here.


  • Barry
    I'm tipping Orange to be in the final 3, they have worked hard & have bags of talent at being crap, they can go all the way.
  • Late
    I've been with Orange for about 10 years and never had a problem. Very nice new phone every year (or 18 months, lately), fantastically low tariff, faultless customer support - and 2 for 1 films is a nice bonus. Great reception everywhere I go. (Prior to that I was on O2 and T-Moblie, and whilst I had good service from both the network coverage wasn't as comprehensive - but that's probably changed in the last decade.)
  • tvdbp
    Difficult one.... Orange are indeed shite, but technically they did give up and let the consumers win (no doubt due to OFCOM waving its finger). However, on the few times I've been forced to buy from Dell, I have never been able to talk to anyone there who I could understand. I do well with accents - I can generally understand most folk, but Dell don't just appear to have outsourced to India, but to a small India Village in the middle of absolutely no where, with an accent I can't work out at all. For that reason - Dell get my vote.
  • Aidan
    Orange???? What's wrong with them? I've been with Orange for years and never had a problem. Never even heard of others having a problem with them.
  • Orange m.
    Orange are indeed crap,i expect to see orange winning this competition as they have been very consistent over the years at being crap,please vote orange, that is all
  • Jamie
    Bought a notebook from Dell 2 years ago and had no problems. When I needed support to replace a hard drive, they let me diagnose the problem myself and sent out a new one without any requirement of a confirmation from one of their techies. As for Orange, I've been with them years but I'm not really a phone junkie. No problems, though.
  • Terry G.
    Orange are (in my experience) utter scumbags. My only consolation is that the way they messed up my account has cost them much much more over the years. Scum.
  • jonny
    Havent had a problem with either of these, both great companies. I often haggle dell for a bargain and its the indian call centres that give the great deals, and been with orange for a number of years, they let me cancel my contract in the saga a few months ago with hardly any hassle
  • Simon
    "Never heard of anyone having problems with Orange"?!! I am LITERALLY completely astonished. In what part of the British empire has this miracle occurred? Having said that, all mobile SP's are much of a muchness. I left Orange this year after 12 years, sick of being treated like dirt every 12-18-24 months whilst new customer have the red carpet, pin the £20 note on the new customer treatment. No wonder so many people are leaving them.
  • smashingnicey
    orange get's my vote - had the misfortune of them taking over wanadoo and when problems arose (firstly moving house, then later for no reason whatsoever) they took ages to rectify the issues, promised me rebates which never happened so I complained only to be told that whoever promised me a month's broadband for free as a goodwill gesture was lying and then went on to charge me double and suggested that it was my fault. Finally I get a letter saying that the monthly subscription was about to go up 50%. When I complained they said there was nothing they could do about it. Suffice to say after all that I changed provider on both my broadband and mobile. Nice one orange. Would never use them again!
  • dee
    Orange all the way. Had trouble with them last year after i purchased a new sim card with free credit, of which they refused to give me. Phoned them up twice about it and both times was promised the credit would be applied within 2 hrs, but both times nothing, sent them numerous emails which just got ignored, so in the end i decided to cut my losses, buy a new phone (mine was unfortunately locked to orange) and swore never to use them again!
  • all e.
    Orange is the WORST company I've ever had to deal with BY FAR. Utterly awful company, terrible. Regularly I package up dogshit I find on the street and send it to them as a token of my disgust of them.
  • all e.
    I know this is a re-post but seriously Orange are shite. Just can't stress this enough. Woeful customer service really shouldn't be tolerated.
  • all e.
    Another re-post I know, but honestly Orange really are quite bad at everything.
  • all e.
    I KNOW! Another post. Orange = Bad. Very very bad.
  • Lyn A.
    Dell gets my vote. Dell are a terrible company to deal with. I had a problem with the hard drive on my laptop and spoke to an outsource worker who seemed to think that fixing the problem meant reading from the same computer manual provided with the computer that I had already used. When that didn't work, she told me that it had to be a software problem and that it would cost me £700 to have it repaired. This on a 3 month old machine. The British company of Dell did damn all and politely told me to shut up and stop complaining or buy another machine, so I wrote to the Director of Dell in America and complained about their attitude and service. Big surprise. As soon as my letter arrived I had Dell on the phone apologising to me and sending me a new machine. I'd never buy a Dell again, but if you have a problem and can't get any service, write to the Head company in America. They actually listen to your complaints.
  • singhster
    Orange are utter jizz. They stored my name incorrectly against my credit card details, so when I tried to top-up the payment failed. They then told me to fax my bank statement to them to prove how I spelled my name. I told them I would never do that, and they said they could not update my account. I was left with a phone that I couldn't use as they refused to back down. This was several years ago, but I'd rather nail my nob to a burning building than use their services again. Total wankers.
  • dunfyboy
    I've never dealt with Orange as I've read on too many forums that their branded firmware is cack, practically crippling some phones. I know Dells used to only be upgraded with Dell parts. Am I right in thinking yhis is no longer the case? If so, Orange will get my vote.
  • Pau S.
    @ Lyn A You are a twat! you got yourself a new machine and still brands them crap?
  • Andy
    @Pau is Smith I appreciate Lyn's post was lengthy - and had some longs words; but you could have tried reading it before starting with the personal insults. Apologies if you really are as dim as you sound and can't help yourself.
  • Tim
    I personally feel that Orange, has gotten better lol...
  • Brian
    I abstain.
  • Gareth
    I have an orange phone and had 2 dell's, a laptop and a pc. Never had any problems with either company. Dell delivered before the "due" date and never had probs. Only had to ring dell once and apart from the twit reading a script, it was sorted quickly. Never had ro ring orange, but reception is always 3.5G here, where my 02 contract wouldn't get 2G. So on par, i don't find any of the above companies bad at all, so a no vote....
  • Hi O.
    Orange. Because of the dishonourable way they tried to change the T & C of the contract I had with them to my detriment and would not allow me to terminate said contract, under their own terms and conditions.... They did cave in and did not implement the new T & C's, but as a result, I canot wait to leave this operator and never come back. They disgust me. They are without honour. Dell laptop I got for my wife is just fine, my only gripe with them is that they would not sell me a laptop without windows (yuk, boo hiss) preinstalled, or withoput a hard drive (So we could buy a blank one). Rubbish windows recovery DVD and all Dell software got posted back to them, along with licence sticker. Laptop is happily running linux now :) Faster, more efficient, and no viruses/malware to worry about :)
  • Chris N.
    Well, I have dealt with Orange mobile for 15 years and Dell for six. I have never had a problem with either company both privately or commercially. With Orange I have always found the call centre to be knowledgeable, and helpful and I have enjoyed a new mobile phone every 12/18 months. With Dell I have both purchased PCs for personal and business use and always found the people I was dealing with courteous and helpful. When occasionally items were not delivered or the wrong item was delivered I have always found the customer service staff to be efficient in dealing with the complaint and rectifying the mistake. Now don't get me started on Vodafone who have the worst customer service of any that I have ever had the misfortune to have to deal with. They tell you to take some action, which always involves waiting 30 minutes, as they know you will hand up, and when the action inevitably does not solve the issue, they know that one of their colleagues will be lumbered with the issue when you have to call back. I have had this occur many times, once I was messed around in this way with five different call centre staff telling me lies to get me off the phone.
  • Worst B.
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  • Anthony C.
    Dell. What a bunch of cnuts. I tried to order an XPS laptop and they sent me a Studio instead. Then claimed I had never asked for an XPS. They then refused to take it back until I quoted the distance selling regulations at them. I'll never deal with them again.
  • Worst B.
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  • TommyGunAdam
    Dell has to take it for me, with it's ultra confusing website with lots of useless information. Their aim seems to be to cram as much keek as possible on their webpages. Tried to cancel my order after having to buy one to get info on the credit terms ,only to be popped onto the Greensleeves channel by some chap in a far flung land, never to hear a human voice again. Still awaiting to find out if my e-mail will ever be dealt with ..........
  • all e.
    Had a few probs with Dell products but always found their warranty support great ..... although I have to admit they do try and read the manual to you, but what do you expect? Given over half the people that call them probably haven't connected the power cables correctly they do kinda have to ask the obvious questions. Orange, again sorry for going on about this, are terrible. Not their products, just their service is an epic failure from start to finish. It's about the only company I wish to see go bust asap.

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