Worst Company In Britain 2009 - Littlewoods v Sky

worst-2009-roundonecomplete Fess up then – how many of you stayed up until midnight on Friday to discover the outcome of the weekend’s REAL voting battle? We’re talking of course about the scuffle between Ryanair and DSGi in our Worst Company In Britain 2009 competition.

In the end, over 1200 votes were cast and by the end, the difference between the two companies was merely a dozen. You can find out the final result here.

Today’s showdown seems a little less glamorous, but could be just as tight. It’s between Littlewoods and Sky. Who do you hate more? Let us know and help send one of these two into the last eight.

All of the results to date can be found here and you’ve got until midnight before today’s vote closes.


    After this weekends debacle with SKY+ HD Party Harry Potter no show, Sky has edged it for me. How can you advertise a film in HD at a set time then not show it, not offer to give it free the next day and suggest why dont the kids that had been invited watch 18 rated The Hangover instead!!!!!!Yeah i know people will hate Littlewoods for voucher issues but nothing compares to trying to explain to youngsters that the film they were expecting to watch will not be shown and they have to watch Home Alone 2 AGAIN!!!!!
  • The B.
    Sky have a sign outside their head office it says: Welcome to Sky TV, you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.
  • Spark
    Isn't that the same as the sign welcoming people to Mos Eisley space port?
  • Spark
    I like how you have pitted PayPal against Vodafone tomorrow by the way. PayPal don't stand a chance and that's not to say that they weren't already a front runner in this competition anyway. They really need to win it last year, it was highly dubious when they were knocked out in last year's poll.
  • Late
    There aren't words to fully express my hatred and loathing of Littlewoods and it's related "Shop Direct" companies. I've never had to deal with such an incompetent company in my life. If it were a one off occurrence I'd be peeved but let it slide. But the vast majority of my orders from them have been screwed up. Most have been canceled (generally without me being informed), the others have turned up significantly later than the date I've been told. I've also been charged twice for an item - that I never received. Fortunately I've not (yet) been a victim of their voucher scam, though I detest them for ripping off tens of thousands with said scam. I know I should close the account - but these days it's only kept open to allow me to buy things they misprice. I don't receive them, naturally, but it's worth keeping the account active - partly to inconvenience them, partly on the off-chance I might receive something. Sky, I'm not terribly keen on. I've been a customer for about 15 years (and before that I was living with my parents who also had Sky), so they're doing something right, of course. I'm aggrieved that they won't upgrade me to HD with the same deal they would new customers; but there's no way they get my vote for worst company when they're head to head with the scum that is Shop Direct.
  • d
    Sky all the way! They treat their staff like shit, and their customers just as bad. They have stupid policies in their call centers, don't train new staff properly, and are just obsessed about figures and numbers.
  • Greenshoots G.
    Sky - for their customer services diddling me out of a months subscriotion when I cancelled.
  • dunfyboy
    The only problem I have with Littlewoods vouchers is when someone picks something at random from their site, applies a code to it and posts it on HUKD as a deal. Sky are just shit.
  • Jase
    How do they treat staff like shit? My brother got our house a free Sky+ box when he was still on his placement year. He finished uni, went back to them and we now have 1 Sky HD+ box and 2 Sky+ boxes (all on full packages, with free installation on a 2nd dish), free Sky Player on PC / Xbox 360 and we're going over to their internet for free at the end of our current contract. And there's 2 Xmas parties for him this year (pre-paid)! I can't really comment on the customer side though...never actually bought anything from sky.
  • Martin
    Course sky should win they have millions of customers and by facto will have far more p**sed off ones But it would be littlewoods for me with the whole voucher codes and vastly inflated pricing.
  • Worst B.
    [...] the last eight, and may the worst company win. You can catch up with the outcome of yesterday’s clash between Littlewoods and Sky here and swot up on all of the results since the competition began here. You know, just in case we test [...]
  • jane
    SKY, SKY, SKy. Had the misfortune to deal with the Bastards all week. They don't give a damn and they are the worst company I have come across in 20 years (make Ryanair look like your-new-best-friend). Sky have a monopoly and they are prepared to ruthlessly exploit it.
  • wotadisgrace
    Used to work for the Shop Direct Group in the UK. Luckily, I have a real job now. I'm a teacher. I'm not at all suprised they are in the doo doo. It sounds like I'm being bitter as it was the only time I got fired, but the place is run by muppets. I'm an easy going guy, but the bosses absolutely slave drive their staff. Calls are pushed constantly onto them with no break, sometimes for 3 or 4 hours. try talking for 4 hours non stop! It's exhausting. Around 45 calls per hour is the norm. Staff are also under pressure to sell extra items. For instance, someone buys a baby seat for the car and on the employees screen an item that the computer feels is relevant, must be pushed. Sometimes it's something daft like ladies knickers etc. If you don't sell around 30per cent on top you will lose your job. Warranties are also pushed in the same way. When I was there, if someone called to complain about a wrong or undelivered item(s), we COULD NOT SPEAK TO THE DELIVERY DEPOT TO FIND OUT! We were told to tell the customers ''IN 6 weeks'' or '' In 12 weeks''. You can imagine the anger from the customers who had promised little Tommy a PS2 for Christmas. The ''bosses'' were usually menopausal dragons who did nothing else but bully their staff. Few survived more than 6 months before either cracking up or quiting/getting fired. There seemed to be a 'clique' at most offices amongst some staff who had ''the easy ride'', e.g not answering a f.....ing call all day and fannying around with stats. They would usually be seen on each section eating cakes and telling stressed staff to ''No, I won't speak to the customer. It's your job to sort that out''. Or ''No delivery, just tell them 6 weeks'' etc. Again, I'm not suprised they have poblems. Too few staff are worked and stressed to death and too many are lounging around and bullying staff.
  • sweetcheeks
    to - wotadisgrace. I currently work at littlewoods now got a gap year before i go to uni. Your so overreacting lmao. The job is one of the worst i've had but only because it is a dead end job. I work orders, enquires, upholstery, multi and part items and i get my regular breaks on time. They dont make you skip breaks at all you cry baby, and anyone who worked there when it was optimum rather than shop direct group, said they treated their staff really well. Im regards to speakin to the depot you CAN if you ask your manager you retard. Or it would be a trace enquiry. I know i sound like a jobsworth but what you said up there was coming from a bullshitting cry baby. No wonder why you got sacked you can't do anything right. Teacher my ass mate. However i do agree with the bullying staff though alot of pricks work there
  • jenny
    littlewoods a useless, they give nooo help what so ever!!
  • wotadisgrace
    Sweetcheeks: Im regards to speakin to the depot you CAN if you ask your manager you retard. Or it would be a trace enquiry. I know i sound like a jobsworth but what you said up there was coming from a bullshitting cry baby. ============= Wow! That's not very sweet. Hopefully your education will help you learn some manners. With social skills like that you could end up being given a good hiding by someone(hopefully). Teacher my ass? I think you mean 'arse'. It may help you to realise it's a good few years since I was there and things may have changed a little. It was a shit place to work and what I said was FACT in my experience. End of story. Typical idiot internet tough guy. What happened? No bitty that day?

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