Worst Company in Britain 2009 - HSBC v Paypal

worst 2009 Money money money money money. That’s what it’s all about with today’s clash in our Worst Company In Britain 2009 competition.

On one hand you’ve got giant mega-global bank HSBC and on the other is one of the hot favourites, nasty old Paypal.

If the nominations are anything to go by, there’ll be a lot of spite spilled in the comments section before voting closes at midnight.

You can find out who came off worst in all the results to date here and, for possibly the final time, enjoy a picture of a massive toy giraffe lurking outside a Travelodge here.


  • Pizza_D_Action
    Not sure what HSBC have done wrong, but Paypal are rip off mo-fo's...... killing off the competition and then when they are the only option (monopoly) they screw people with their stupid charges...
  • Spark
    Paypal are robbing bastards, it's as simple as that really.
  • Mark
    HSBC been my bank for years with no problems but paypal and e-bay together have put an end to my online selling through excessive charging so gotta say paypal by a mile
  • tom
    paypal are dirt!! charge me a fortune and then side with a seller when he blatantly rips me off!!!
  • Marvin
    HSBC have been brilliant to me in the 20 years I've been with them. Any charges I've had, pop into the bank and they remove them there and then, they even fill in the paying in slips if your too lazy to do them yourselves! Plus they have free business banking for life...
  • me
    HSBC have been good to me also - saved me £50 when my card was cloned and a few other bits and bobs, plus you can pay in hundreds of coin bags at a time when most limit it to 3. Paypal on the otherhand have cost me £70 by refunding a buyer after they returned an ebay item to me that THEY had broken!
  • Jeffrey A.
    I'm with everyone else. If Paypal aren't one of the favourites to win (or lose, depending on how you look at it) then I'll eat my hat. Thieving useless pikey bastards.
  • Mark M.
    I only vote on these because of that Giraffe.... next year, that giraffe needs to go "on tour"
  • kev
    ebay are worse then paypal imo
  • Nobby
    PayPal charges are actually quite cheap compared to a merchant account so that a seller can take credit cards with a bank such as HSBC. And protection against chargebacks with banks like HBSC is just as bad.
  • Danny1982
    I bought a product which never arrived through Paypal. raised a dispute which I won but they couldn't refund me the money as he had withdrawn the money, surprise surprise there. Rang them spoke to someone in a far off land who eventually put me through to someone else who told me as I hadn't bought through Ebay I was not covered and no money could be returned. I than asked the representative why not and what actually the benefits are of using Paypal as if I had used my credit card I could have raised a chargeback. Anyway they are useless and I personally feel they are bordering on legitimate trading.
  • Steve M.
    Paypal should definately be in the run in to win it this year! I had a nitemare experience with them about 5 years ago and still shudder when I hear there name mentioned. I would suggest anyone that has to use them tread VERY carefully when doing so. Horrible customer service! If anyone of us was to go out and rob some blind in the street we would be put in a cell. Paypal get away with it every second!
  • BingoB
    to me this should be the final! i can't choose between them
  • Graham
    I've gotta say, I've actually never had a problem with paypal and I've been using them quite heavily for nearly 6 years.
  • TFEB
    Im surprised to see all the negative comments towards PayPal. I have been using them for a number of years through ebay and they have helped resolve a couple of issues ive had with buyers. I do agree though that the prices are quite high but they are clearly listed and documented. So while i dont have a problem with them as such i do also agree that more competition in this area would be good.
  • Spark
    Well that's the problem really isn't it. Ebay and PayPal currently have a massive monopoly on what they do and until that monopoly is removed from them, they will continue to exploit it.
  • ToeR
    Paypal really are the lowest of the low. Avoid using them at all costs. In addition to the pi$$ poor service, I have also had money stolen from me by paypal employees (later returned by the company after I kicked up a fuss).
  • Caligari
    Pay Pal *spit*. I've also been stung quite a few times with their hilariously bad 'dispute' bullsh*t. You're guilty as soon as a buyer files a complaint against you - and any 'proof' that you supply to Pay Pal will usually be ignored. Actually - I'm off to close my account. I keep hearing about people getting their accounts hacked, and Pay Pal being less than helpful in their attempt to recover their funds.
  • Worst B.
    [...] can find out who came out on bottom between HSBC and Paypal here and catch up with the rest of the round one results here. Plus, owing to popular demand, there’s [...]
  • I P.
    Paypal are SCUM. They are nothing but common crooks. THEY NEED TO BE STOPPED.
  • Albert B.
    The big problem is you are forced to give them a "Direct Debit" permission to take whatever they fancy out of your nominated bank account. Whilst the DD guarantee says dispute is easily resolved , I doubt it , with this bunch of shysters. If you use PP , set up a seperate account , and olny leave a few££ there. Possibly your bank may hit you with charges , but easily resolved and limited.
  • Steve
    Paypal are the modern day high street Robbers – Why the Fxxx are they not regulated? When they came under the Umbrella of the FSA they moved office to another country to get out of it. You have to ask why do this when the FSA wants to protect consumers – They don’t want you protected against their theft and rip offs is the answer. They want you to join them and let them take thhe pi$$ out of you by holding your payments, limiting your account and sending stupid automated emails without reading your replies. PAYPAL are crooks and so are Ebay – don’t get me started about Ebay!!! When I started on Ebay fees were around 2.5% now they are 10% – Do you want to know why? They are in Shite basically all the sellers are abandoning the site so the smugs left behind cover the losses with over inflated fees, but as they leave this just creates higher fees and so the snowball rolls. Ebay is dying and that is FACT ……..The sooner we (the sellers that make Ebay what it is) leave Ebay and say Fxxx You to Paypal , Don’t forget Ebay is just a platforn they do nothing other than provide some software – YOU MAKE EBAY and YOU can bring to heel and teach the greedy twats there a lesson. It’s not RIP Ebay as far as I’m convcerned it’s Good Fxxxing riddance – we need a better more trustworthy platform which certainly does not include The mafia team at PAYPAL.
  • bof
    PAYPAL i thought they were ok a rip granted but did a service. wrong. i have been using them as a verified account for 4 years but this week they stopped my account saying i was not verified and i had to send in photo id proof of address etc. i am over £100 in CREDIT but i cannot get it out. they will not let me close my account even. After numerous pjhotocopying of the approved documents i recieved a mail saying my passport number was covered by my finger (correct) and they could not accept this. I have told them they never asked for my passport number just a photo with a name attached! It seems very odd and sounds illegal , but there not here are they. I am waiting for the latest reply and then i will have to seek legal advice. watch this space
  • ian
    hsbc are c**ts they think its fair to charge people who are ill up to 70£ amonth in charges.i typed in to google, 'hsbc are twats and loads came up. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=20796578878&v=wall

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