Worst Company in Britain 2009 - Comet v DSGi

worst 2009 Here’s an electrical retail showdown in the latest round of voting in our Worst Company In Britain 2009 saga – with the might of DSGi pitted against the relatively puny Comet.

‘But, but, but, but,’ some of you stumble to mumble, ‘DSGi is made up from loads of stores like Currys, PC World and Dixons. Comet is just a store all on its own. It’s not fair!’

Yeah, but DSGi’s stores may have different names but they’re all exactly the frigging same. With PC World possibly more ridiculous than the others.

But it won’t be a cakewalk, as anyone who has experienced the lottery that is Comet’s reserve and collect service will testify to.

So you lot have got until midnight tonight to register your disgust at the one you loathe the most. Don’t be shy – you know you want to.

You can catch up with the outcome of yesterday’s battle between the results so far here and stare in wonder at an exclusive picture of a huge stuffed giraffe outside a Travelodge here.


  • Stez
    Bought a printer from pc world last week, they tried to sell me a preowned printer as new. crafty sods. currys are just as bad. everytime you go in its 'what brings you to currys today' they're like bloody robots. DSG all the way
  • tryagain
    Has to be Dsgi !!. The staff are smegging and don't have a scoobie on any of he products they sell. The staff in Comet are generally older and show some intelligence & product knowledge, where as the DSgi staff jus come across as commission driven, no-nothing, bullshitting twats. I mean thats the point of buying from a shop rather than buying online is'nt it. To get some professional product advice ?
  • The B.
    I've voted for DSGi but just wanted to know if you'd like a 5 year extended warranty with my vote, it's only an extra £55 a month and will protect you from nothing.
  • Khalid R.
    DSGi all the way for me but then i did work for Comet for almost 11 years......dont get me wrong Comet aint much better its just that the dealings i have had since leaving them have been a shade better than DSGi stores
  • ian
    i used to work for dsgi when i was a student and its all about how much money they can get from you. they suck the big one
  • someone e.
    i work for DSGi, i would still vote for DSGi, cos of the management, and the system staff is brilliant, every store there are 4-5 really well knowledged staff, and the rest are not so good, commision??? lol, whatever. the "what brings you" is a selling and communication system we "have" to use or we will be discilplined or fired. the instant replacement for printers, cameras etc, for 3yrs is V. good, cos you just bring it in and swap it there and then,if your store is not doing that then you've got a crap store, our store will swap it no questions asked.
  • DerynHD
    They can both suck my Amazon receipt thanks very much, however I'm going with DSGi over comet simply because if I am going to throw a grenade I may as well take out a squadron and not just a sniper. Reasons? PC World are liars, the staff are often relics from the salesman age, usually charmless types who used to sell carpets.
  • Bored
    *Yawn* if you're going to slag a comapny off, at least get your facts right. The staff dont work on commision in DSGi and havent done for approx 4 years. Some of the newer staff have a limited knowledge on some of the products, but then I'm sure the people here slagging them off know every facet of the company they work for and never,ever have to ask a question of a colleague?! Its getting really boring now guys, find another horse to flog or shop somewhere else. Dont come in and tell us you're going to get our advice and then buy it online, dont come in and try to blag that "it was like that when I got it home" we 're really not that stupid, honestly. And when you quote the sale of goods act, at least have the decency to read it in the first place. Cue the haters, ready? set? go.......
  • singhster
    Every time I go into one of the DSGi stores I come out amazed. Several examples: 1. PCWorld - a single homeplug was on sale for £80. I asked the guy if there was much point to this, he said no they should come in pairs. I was looking for one to add to an existing network of homeplugs, so one would've sufficed but not a 80 quid. 2. PCWorld again. Tried to buy a digital camera which was in a glass display cabinet. Salesperson didn't even offer to remove it from the display to get a look at it. No sale. 3. PCWorld, network and usb cables seen at 10 times the price you can buy online. There's a price for convenience, but ten times? In general, the knowledge of DSGi staff is poor, but unfortunately some people don't know any better. I've never had a problem with Comet incidentally,
  • RC30
    Bravo to 'bored' too many twatting customers who think they know it all!
  • Nobby
    It's hard to choose. They are both excellent showrooms from the items sold at amazon or elsewhere. @Bored - Dont come in and tell us you’re going to get our advice and then buy it online ... find another horse to flog or shop somewhere else ... Cue the haters, ready? set? go I never come in asking for advice. I come in to look at the item, get a feel for it, then buy it online. I don't need advice from someone that doesn't know much about the item. I can find out all the information I need from the internet, but somethimes it is good to see the equipment working in front of your eyes before buying. I'm no hater of these chains. I think they are great as you can check products out before buying online from somewhere else cheaper.
  • Bored
    Nobby mate, if they were all like you, I wouldnt have a problem, people that know what they want and dont take up anyones time whilst they look for it. The ones that bother me are the ones that spend half an hour with you, asking loadsa questions then at the end tell you they are gonna look online...plonkers
  • F C.
    gotto say bravo to "bored" takes some nuts to stand up and correct the masses. There really are many that just need to vent and lets be thank full that they can all come online and do it completely anonymously with no risk of come back. it probably saves thier spouses from the annoyance. Hurrah for the internet. Father
  • HeyDoYouHaveACanoe
    /agree with Bored! The staff of DSGi don't get paid enough to deal with angry customers, so most of the time they do actually try to help out as much as they can (please note the inclusion of the word "most"!). The main reason to vote for DSGi would be the company itself, not the staff surely? Tesco shelf-stacking pays better, targets that have no relation to a bonus thats barely achievable, lack of training (as product knowledge seems to be the main reason to slag staff off!), the script that is FIVES... I could go on. Yes DSGi gets my vote, but not because "The staff are smegging and don’t have a scoobie on any of he products they sell" or "PC World are liars, the staff are often relics from the salesman age"... But because DSGi head office have lost track of how to run a company, charge crazy prices on inks and cables (600%+ margin anyone?), demand a specific sales script be used or be fired, yadda yadda. TLDR: Slate the company all you want, but not all DSGi staff are retards... honest!
  • retail
    I have to agree with bored on this one...having worked in the retail electronics side for 4 years now am amazed about several things. In any given store you can have up to 500 products or more and customer expect you to know every single thing about every single item and then even products we dont even stock. So they are amazed when we ask for assistant or even god forbid say I dont know about that or even worse look on google for it in front of them. If I could remember the specs of that many products I wouldnt be working in retail and earning minimum wage now would I. I dont mind people coming in and just looking but at least have the courtesy to look at the person in front of you asking if you need any assistant and acknowledge them dont just mumble something and act as though we have personally abused you. If it was any other industry it would not be tolerated but since its retail I assume you must think its ok. Personally I cannot wait until the planet goes down due to global warming.
  • Tim
    Bored....sorry to be the one to point this out old chap, but that's kinda...your job. When you go to work in a customer facing environment, your job is to deal with customers. If they were all like Nobby, you'd be unemployed. Still, thanks for swaying my vote that little bit further by reinforcing the other comments about the attitude of the DSGi staff.
    I vote for Comet. I know they won't win, but compared to DSGi Comet are far worse. Nothing in stock, idiotic salespeople and prices even higher than DSGI. DSGI are absolutely awful, but comet are far far worse.
  • Inactive
    Calling potential customers " plonkers " kind of sums up the DSGi attitude, I think that it must be in their training manual, 'cos they all seem to share that kind of attitude.
  • Anon
    I work for Comet, and in my store we are very customer service oriented. Most sales advisors in the store have basic knowledge about everything on offer, and mostly everyone has they're own specialist area where they know quite a lot. I would say my overall knowledge is pretty good and I am confident selling any product - but if I don't know the answer to something - I'll ask someone. Customers obviously don't like it when you make stuff up and appreciate it when you ask someone else for help. If a customer is in to buy something and they know quite a lot about the product (via previous research), I'll sometimes ask *them* questions about it to help improve my understanding - which again, they seem to appreciate. It's impossible for every member of staff to know and remember detailed information on every product on offer! There is a lot of resources at hand for Comet staff to gain extra knowledge - such as eLearning which can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection, and also one-minute "WOW" videos where staff watch a one-minute video on the computer which highlights the main features of a new product. Working for Comet, it is clear they have invested a lot of money to improve the customer service aspect of things - but some customers are arrogant and all think we're after commission when in actual fact the business is not commission oriented any more at all - the business is oriented *entirely* on the customer. You would not believe how many times when I complete a sale with a customer that they say something to the effect of, "we came back to you so you get the commission". It is very flattering, but there is no commission! You'd be surprised by how many times when you welcome a customer in to the store with a simple, "Good morning" and a smile, they jump down your throat shouting, "I'm just looking". It is very unpleasant but I can see where those people are coming from - they think we're only after commission, but in actual fact we're only there to help.
  • lpw
    DSGi Biggest shittiest appalling company ever. Managers have extremely bad attitude. I think they recruit the manager on the basis of how ruthless they are. I know one manager at Tottenham Hale PC World branch always confront/ intimidate the customer to start the verbal abuse. He (the manager himself) told me he once squeezed the neck of the customer to suffocate him. It happened when he was arguing with the customer. When police came, he destroyed the CCTV footage and lied to police. It is the true story. He later got moved to another store for sexually harassing the under-age female staff. Too bad huh. Also there is the another Mgr at Tottenham Court Road PCW who always to interrogate the staff as if he is the detective. Again, he was transferred to another store for his overdoing his detective work.
  • Lies!!!
    lpw i assume when u say he was sexualy harassing an underage member of staff, u actualy mean she was just younger than him? as under age would be 15 .. and DSGI only hire people or 16 and over ...
  • Aman
    voted for comet...purely because of their ridiculous returns policy- '10% restocking fee' if the item purchased cost over £100. F*ck those scammers.
  • MickeyB
    Bored, you're a moron. That is all, Goodbye.
  • John
    @Bored - Have you read the Sale of Goods Act. I somehow think not. You are the perfect example of why DSGI are in this vote.
  • CompactDstrxion
    Bored, explain how when we get a tablet-PC home, and the wifi doesn't work properly, and we come back the very same day, the PC World store manager does his level best not to adhere to his legal obligations? No, I don't need to give it to you for a few weeks so you can 'independently' test it. No, the wifi should not disconnect when a tablet PC is in the folded position. I could go on... I had to set up a freaking ad-hoc network test environment in the store before he'd consider an exchange! I've used Reserve & Collect at Comet a few times with no problems and no ridiculous upselling involved, once it was obvious I knew about what I was buying.
  • verved
    To anon the E-learning that comet offer its staff is a tax dodge, partly to do with the uniform change some years back.Having worked for them lot for a decade they things i seen would make your eyes water.
  • tryagain
    @Bored, Verying interesting I was unaware that DSgi & Comet Stores don't work for commission anymore. Someone should tell the DSgi staff at my local Dixons who are smeggin and don't have a scoobie doo. Can't be bothered to give examples but suffice to say I avoid your stores more than i do Comets. kisses
  • Sam
    DSGI for the following. Wanted a cheap 22" TV for the kids bedroom. Tried Currys where a moron harangued me for half an hour about a stand I didn't want, a warranty that would cost me the price of the TV again by 5 years and a £65 HDMI cable that would give a better picture. Surely you mean It would give less of an error rate as its a digital signal I tried to say. No it will actually improve the quality of the 1's and 0's it replied. For that sort of money I would expect it to make me a cup of tea as well. I gave up and went to Tesco, brought the same TV branded as Teknica rather than Logik for £10 quid cheaper. A £2.97 HDMI cable appears to have saved me a few quid. After a week the TV stopped working, so I returned to Tesco and they surprisingly gave me another one just because I said it didn't work. No more Currys EVER!
  • Milf
    Stopped bying stuff from DSGI a couple of years ago (lying wankers) so will vote Comet. DSGI gonna win this anyway.
  • BuyMoreBod
    I'm voting for Best Buy because I don't think either of the companies above are better than each other. Both will try and sell you extended warranties, Monster or Belkin cables, and have a large workforce many of whom are undertrained and overburdened with unrealistic targets. That said, I've had more bad experiences with Comet than I have Currys (but probably because I have to travel further to get to Comet, so maybe I remember them more...)
  • del
    I'd like to vote for PC World, Dixons, Currys and Comet. It would be great to see the end of these chav magnets.
  • Worst B.
    [...] saw a major pow-wow between Comet and DSGi – find out who emerged in tatters here. Also, you can bring yourself up to speed with the results to date here and, owing to immense public [...]
  • Paul
    Bored, most people are going elsewhere, which is why DSGi in so much trouble. Probably by next year it will have gone the same way as woolworths
  • Ralph M.
    ^^^ Isn't that what everyone was saying last year? Maybe if you say it every year then it may come true eventually.
  • A.Non
    reply to aman- would u be prepared to pay full price for a product that the seal has been been broken? probably not which is why the restocking fee is there so we can offer 10% off a pre-opened product. i work for comet and my work ethic is to help as many customers leave satisfied as i can. which is why it bugs the hell out of me when people jump down your throat when u say good morning, cant even make eye contact when i approach u (which is my job) and waste loads of ur time and then go and buy it online. we are not a glorified showroom, we are a shop where the whole point is to sell products. saying that i dont actually have a problem with dsgi in general, just my local currys whos staff take great pride in slagging off myself and my colleagues when their info is entirely untrue, which is why 9 out of 10 customers who leave to go to currys, come back to comet. rant over!
  • shocking
    reply to A.Non - I could understand the restocking fee if like you say there was such a discount passed on to customers... This is by and large not the case though and if you are willing to pay full retail for an opened item at least DSGI is more than willing to sell it to you. Additionally, even those "guests" who refuse to pay full retail for opened items are often shown the door especially if the stores discount rate is up for that day.
  • anti-paypal
    a.non.why should comet loose money just because some idiot has bought something and wants to return it because he/she doesn't want it/like it etc.it then has to be re-sold at a loss to the company.there not a free rental service!this bugs the hell out of me.too many spammers/con men about who take advantage of the situation which is why they have had to tighten their return poilcies and intruduce this charge.same applies to the price match policy,which is match price only!not beat by 10% of the difference because of smammers who go round every single shop in town to find out who is the cheapest for you to match the price then do 10% of the difference.usually people who buy small appliances do this,plus with internet etc makes it easy for them.so again agree with the price match policy as well.
  • Liam
    I work for dixons retail. And I understand that it is my job but when you get paid minimum wage and told you have to sell 60% of add-ons with each product other wise you will be disciplined. And yea people saying its our job well shut up moaning and just say no thank you instead of moaning about questions we have to ask to keep our jobs.
  • RJC
    I used to work for Currys 25 years ago and they were just as bad then if not worse. We had to push the store cards and extended warranties to the point where the customers would end up paying almost double the ticket price after the credit term was up. I got fed up of being told to hit targets at all costs and told the manager to stuff it. Funny thing is, he got found out for having a go on one of the juniors and got the shove.

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