Worst Company In Britain 2009 - Carphone Warehouse v T-Mobile

worst 2009 Our quest continues to whittle away at some of Britain’s shabbiest companies before holding one aloft like a wet turd and roaring: “There. There it is. There is the Worst Company In Britain 2009.” But we need your help, or to be more precise, votes.

Today’s clash of the bastards has a mobile phone flavour to it. Locking horns in the ball pool of shite customer service are Carphone Warehouse and T-Mobile. After being pelted by your barrage of hate-votes, one will emerge unscathed and slightly embarrassed, while the other will be sent scuttling into round two, where it will face further abuse for its disgusting crimes.

Start now!

You can find out who won yesterday’s skirmish between the results so far here. You can see a picture of a large stuffed giraffe outside a Travelodge here.


  • Dave F.
    This would be the same T-Mobile who refuse to allow customers to cancel contracts despite changing the T&Cs? How are they losing? I've been happy with the service from CPW thus far. I have my mobile contract with them at a low price, and they generally respond to my queries in good time. Not outstanding, but hardly awful either.
  • Late
    My only dealing with CpW has been the purchase of a laptop about six months ago. Good deal and no problems - everything was peachy. Haven't dealt with T-Mobile this year so I've got to vote for them - which seems a bit off, really.
  • Durka D.
    Can't say I have ever had problems with CPW - in fact as they seem to sell all phones (except the iPhone) unlocked and unbranded I am grateful for the money they have saved me over the years! Maybe it's because I haven't used talk talk? From my own experience, compared to Three, these guys are a model of efficiency and service.
  • Ash
    T-Mobile are just the cretinsa and vermins of the Mmobile world. Got the phone and contract through CPW but its on T-Mobile, They quote on their useless website that i should get 97% coverage both indoors and outdoors, but i actually get sweet FA!
  • ButterMan
    Don't worry, CPW as a brand doesn't have long to live.
  • Pizza_D_Action
    @ Late - "Haven’t dealt with T-Mobile this year so I’ve got to vote for them – which seems a bit off, really." You're right that does seem a bit off - surely if you have no feeling either way you don't vote...!??!? I am with TMobile at the moment and I got a cheap deal and service has been good so far. Only problem I did have in porting my number over and Vodafone mucked it up (not T-Mobile) but they still gave me a months free line rental = RESULT. Haven't been into a CPW store for years so can't comment but had loads of cashback deals from them and their other smaller websites and always come up trumps... So i'm not voting.... third day in a row and I love to bitch about shit companies....
  • BT C.
    BT in my experience are one of the worst companies when it comes to customer service. Haven't had the pleasure of dealing with Carphone Warehouse or T-Mobile so haven't cast my vote but interesting reading.
  • Late
    @Pizza - If I'm to pick the best of the two companies and I've had good experiences with CpW and no dealings with T-Mobile then I'd say Carphone Warehouse wins. Given that, the worst of the two companies is T-Mobile for me. If T-Mobile were to go through and go up against a company that I've had bad experiences with then I'd be voting the other company as worst. If it went through and were up against a company I've had good dealings with then I'd be voting it the worst of the two again. You don't have to agree - with either my choice or my methods/reasoning. I'm aware it doesn't seem completely fair, hence the "which seems a bit off, really" comment, but I stand by it 100%
  • Mike
    T-Mobile for the stupid 'Toms Band' adverts, oh and the Trafalgar square Karaoke adverts...
  • Greenshoots G.
    Carphone Warehouse sell mainly unlocked handsets - I always purchase my mobiles from them and have had no problem with them. T-mobile's coverage is either poor or non existent in the areas surrounding where I live. They have also my emails asking them when coverage will be improved. I therefore vote for T-mobile.
  • Wibble
    I can never forgive T-Mobile for their flashmob ads. It was funny once but then it just got boring and uncool.
  • Spoony
    Seems like alot of lame excuses. How about T-Mobile for selling customers personal data to other companies?? POW!!
  • Tim
    T-Mobile coz there signal BLOODY SUCKS! Virgin is the same network right? Orange, O2, Vodaphone FTW!
  • Decron
    CPW as a brand will be gone within two years which is probably a shame as they have done loads recently to improve their customer service
  • Worst B.
    [...] can catch up with the result of yesterday’s tête-à-tête between Carphone Warehouse and T-Mobile here, scroll idly through the story so far here, and as ever, there’s a picture of a large stuffed [...]
  • dunfyboy
    Damn, missed this one. Would've voted T Mobile - dispute with them is still ongoing so I'll catch up with them in the next round.
  • Andy
    Can I vote for them both ? CPW for thinking the DPA actually means "we can pass your details onto any of our shitty little subsidiaries we like and you won't find out unless you check your direct debits. hahaha" Or t-mobile for the unbelievably lame flash mob adverts. Note: flash mobs are for an elite group of twats. Therefore the same applies to t-mobile. Good luck getting a job with orange you spunk guzzlers
  • Andy
    @late You totally fail at logic.
  • Benjaman
    Kicked Out in the name of Fat Profits...... I think ptt design Ltd must be the worst company in uk. For the way in which it made several of its staff redundant all with less than 2 years service. * Just before they could reach 2 years service. * Just before being accepted into their pension scheme. * kicked out in less than 2 days. * No redundancy, No Pension, No Anything Unwanted
  • Lizz
    I am disgusted with T-mobile. I have been a good customer for years - rarely contacting the company and always paying bills on time by direct debit. Recently they called me to offer a new deal as I was coming to the end of my contract. I agreed to new price plans for 2 phones, with a loyalty discount on each line. Today I phoned cust service as this was 3 months ago and nothing has changed. They now inform me that I'm in a new 18 month contract which is a renewal of my existing deal (not what I agreed to!) and if I want to get out of it I have to pay....£713 !!!! I should mention that I didn't even receive a new phone for either line. They have offerred to honour the price and plan they quoted 3 months ago but I'm so unhappy that I don't want to deal with T mobile anymore. I have never signed anything and they didn't uphold their end of the deal so they can swing for their £713 and I will go legal on them! DON'T SIGN UP WITH T MOBILE!!!!!!!
  • activate 7.
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