Worst Company In Britain 2009 - British Gas v BT

worst-2009-roundonecomplete It’s day two of the second round of Bitterwallet’s Worst Company In Britain 2009 marathon, and today sees a veritable Battle Of Britain as British Gas and BT go toe to toe in a bid to hoover up your votes of hate.

Which of them have bothered you the most over the past year? Tell us, and the shabbier of the lousy pair will make it through to the quarter finals of the competition that is directly responsible for The X Factor being axed before this weekend’s grand final owing to lack of interest.

As usual, you’ve got until midnight tonight to decide who you hate the most. While you’re pondering that, find out who made it through all of the results so far or print out this small, free poster, which will give you an easy guide to who’s made it through to round two.


  • scouse
    They are both shit , id rather piss my money up a wall than hand it to them. Many thanks BT for cutting my phone off while my wife was in hospital with a pulmonary embolism and many thanks BG for being complete arseholes for threatening us daily while i was looking after her in recovery. I hope your buisinesses and your retarded staff all burn in hell. Complete fucking scum.
  • Tony
    Bit of a hard one to call today - both companies are complete dog shite. Just in the process of moving my phone away from BT - and wouldn't touch BG with someone elses. From (BAD) experience though - BT gets my vote.
  • MrJ
    Love the comment from scouse. Any company with the word 'British'... coincidence? I deal with BT every day as my company outsourced all IT to them (big mistake), the contract is up next year, do you think BT are in the shorlist for the new contract? I can honestly say I have never dealt with a company so , behind the times with their copper wires, clueless staff randomly picked up off the street (not all but most of them) and poor organisation of the simplest things. As for BG, they pretty much stick there finger in the air then into your bum when they decide you have spent £400 worth of gas in 3 months. Where does all that money go? Honestly? These 2 companies should be in the final but I hope BT wins, I really do!
  • Monty
    Agree with both previous comments. British Gas get my vote, but only because they failed to connect our gas when we moved house having promised to send an engineer about 5 times. We moved into our lovely house and had no central heating for 3 weeks...sufficit to say we were freezing...I told a recent BG salesman who turned up on my door, that I'd rather travel to Afghanistan and wonder round Helmand with no clothes on than EVER go back to BG....even if they offered me £1,000. Strangely enough he left with complete understanding in his eyes! I've had previous experience of BT and they were crap. I'd also never go back to them because not only is their customer service rubbish but the company itself is stuck in the dark ages when it had a bit of a monopoly on all things telecomms. It still hasn't realised this is the real world and that other companies offer much better products at much cheaper prices than they do. Their arrogance is really quite astounding. What annoys me is that both companies have 'British' in their titles.....personally I think they should be stripped of this as we do not want to be associated with them.
  • dank
    Hmm, can't decide. Where's Harry Hill when you need him?
  • Has c.
    [...] Worst Company In Britain 2009 – British Gas v BT | BitterWallet [...]
  • Mark M.
    British Gas, only because they have condemned every boiler on the etsate where I live as they believe them to be wrongly installed. The boiler manufacturers say other wise, but BG put their fingers in their ears and go "lalalalalala". Coincidentally, they will sell me a new boiler though - at £3.5K
  • omglol
    Any one of these thieving scoundrels will do. Although I think BT will win because the ppl using BT broadbands won't be able to view this page without it cutting out halfway with a 404 page error.. lol Either that or they are still trying to get through to customer services to get answers to why they cannot connect to the internet and why they have been charged 2x for their last bill. Come back to BT.. Get f*cked.
  • Debt W.
    [...] Worst Company In Britain 2009 – British Gas v BT | BitterWallet [...]
  • Akthar C.
    BT win hands down. I love the way an engineer screws up your line whilst on a job in the exchange. They then do a line test which only really tests the line to the exchange, not the house. They then warn you of the charge for an engineer visit if the problem is not with the line. The engineer then goes to the exchange and punches back in the 2 wires and then conveniently turns up and says that there's nothing wrong with your line in the house so it will cost you £100. Does this sound familiar to anyone else?
  • rune
    BT. Hands down. They'll tell you your address doesnt exist despite there being an existing bt line in there just to fleece you for the connection charge. They never set up direct debits properly then when you call them they demand a interim payment before they'll set it up (if they'd done it the first time it would never have gotten this expensive), who talk about unlimited broadband and superfast connection speeds and its all a load of bull. I can guarantee i'll have an outage at least twice during the day, sometimes more and i get lovely emails charging me for going over my limit even though i'm on their unlimited package now. Their customer service only extends to setting up money spinning services like broadband and bt sodding vision. All their sales staff are on commission to ensure that they sell the expensive packages and their troubleshooting tech lines are rubbish. If only I
  • geani
    BT all the way.We just moved house and because we moved our bt line to the new house bt made us to have a new contract for another 12 months and to be onest I think we been tricked,I am not sure if this is correct.If anyone had same experience and knows something we shoul know pls get in touch.
  • singhster
    British Gash is bad, however BT always get my vote. Expensive, and those adverts are truly wank. Goofy bloke rings his mother. "Where are you, in the pub?" "No mum" "Out shopping?" "No mum" etc, etc. A more realistic response would be: "No mum, I'm at fucking home as usual. I'm still advertising for BT and they don't do mobiles, where the fuck do you think I'd be?" True shit.
  • Chris
    Another great comparison between a company that covers the whole uk verses a company that covers a smaller part of the uk. I wonder who will win....
  • Hi O.
    Mr Carter doesn't seem to think much of BT... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8i_XcXJkk2o
  • Worst B.
    [...] can vote yourselves right up until midnight and catch up with the result of yesterday’s British Gas v BT tussle here. There’s a full rundown of the story so far here. Oh, and don’t expect too much from us for [...]
  • D'Underhead
    BT. without a doubt At least British Gas have not yet tried to illegaly intercept your web browsing without your permission. See https://nodpi.org/ https://www.dephormation.org.uk/ http://www.inphormationdesk.org/ http://www.donottrustwebwise.org/ http://www.phonecallsuk.co.uk/bt-webwise.html
  • D
    Go Chris. I must say, too, that not having heating and hot water is far worse than having to use/buy a mobile phone. Warm without internet/tv/phone? Or freezing with the prospect of having to replace your boiler for an extortionate amount? Tough choice.
  • Caffmando
    In the one corner we have a poorly run company with years off bad customer service and high charges, and in the other corner we have.... oh.
  • Tommy
    If this comes down to eBay v Paypal, which it really should, will the world explode?
  • chris
    british gas is the worst company i have ever dealt with. It honestly makes me sick in the stomach even hearing their name. i wasn't even a british gas customer when they out of the blue decided to start sending me bills even though my gas was provided by someone else! i think i must have spent 50 hours on the phone on hold /being transferred / hung up on/ no members of staff take any authority for anything and just pass you round continually. 'sorted' the issue only for it to resume a year later, demands from debt collection agencies followed for money i didnt owe. It took 2 years for issue to be sorted when an engineer had to come round to the house (to do nothing!) to end it all. worst company in the world
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