Woolworths blog begins revealing plans for online revival

We told you last month about the online resurrection of Woolworths after the Barclay brothers, who own both Littlewoods and the Telegraph, bought the rights to the brand name, rather than the physical stores themselves.

While the new site remains under construction, a Woolworths blog has appeared to report on what's occurring behind the scenes.

The site won't confirm or deny exactly what it'll be selling, other than to say they will sell "the products Woolworths is famous for". So Transformers, handcloths and overpriced CDs, then? Probably not; so far they've confirmed the return of the Ladybird clothing range, although they're keeping schtum where the pick'n'mix is concerned (despite there being an image depicting as much in the right hand corner of the screen).

From the look and feel of the site and the scant few answers to customer's questions, it seems that woolworths.co.uk will be a leaner operation with a more focussed proposition - that may come as a disappointment to the loyal customers already filling the comments with love for their local store.


  • Bryan839
    I hope they dont just rebadge a littlewoods catalogue like marshall ward, kays, great universal etc. If they are going to stock entertainment products such as dvd's and games, I hope their prices are better than the littlewoods group.
  • LDR
    Why can't they just DIE DIE DIE MOTHERF'RS Zavvi & Woolies must be drinking from the same tripe cup of tea
  • Martin
    No doubt this is just going to be an existing venture like the Littlewoods website trading under the Woolworths name, claiming 100 years of customer service.
  • Amanda H.
    I think Littlewoods saw idiots paying £15k for some pick n mix (without even so much as a freedel voucher code), and thought they'd like a piece of woolworths ass.
  • scribbles
    I wonder how the people of Sark will feel about buying from this abomination of the Woolies brand?
  • -=Mike H.
    Personally, I can't wait to be able to buy my pic-'n'-mix 'on-line' as it is such a pain in the arse to leave the house to actually go to the shop.
  • fwiw
    I've just been reading some of the public comments on the "The Woolies Blog"- plenty of excited people, many of whom don't seem to have registered the thought, that there's basically nothing left of the previous Woolworths, other than a trading name.

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