Woolworths' 807 stores to Close on January 5 If No Buyer Is Found

It was announced today by the BBC that all 807 of Woolworths stores will close on January 5, should no last minute buyer be found.

Not good news for the 27,000 employees, who will all lose their jobs on December 27 if administrators fail to find a buyer for the firm. According to The BBC:

Staff - who will be entitled to compensation under the statutory redundancy payment scheme - will be retained for a few days following store closures.

And considering what an appalling job they've managed so far with finding a proper buyer, this might very well happen. But some retailers have offered to take over the leases of 300 stores, in which case, the soon to be unemployed staff will be referred to these potential employers.

In the mean time, should we give The Woolies another chance for some last minute christmas bargaining?  Perhaps the 200,000 copies of X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke's 'Hallelujah' available for sale?  Will make up for that crappy "half price sale" last week will make up for it?  Let's hope so, people!



  • Craig
    To the hideous trout at woolworths accrington that would not take my air compressor back even though it was incapable of blowing up a balloon never mind a car tyre - what goes around.......
  • Mike H.
    tut tut Craig, you should have known better than to buy shite from WOOLIES, http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/299001/silverline-6-litre-1-5-horsepower-o/
  • Mike H.
    And buying Jeff Buckleys' version of Hallelujah, won't piss Mr Cowell off , oh no, SONY/BMG (You know, the one Simon Cowell works for) own the rights to both versions, so all you, ill-informed socio-political types, are doing is lining Simons pockets anyways, very clever Mr Cowell, well engineered that one, make money out of the people who think they're being clever. Vote with your wallet, as they say, and don't buy either.
  • ann
    i was very dissappointed as the prices are not all 50% off i saw mostly 10% off only what a let down
  • nomdeplume
    To be complaining about the not deep enough discounts of a national institution that's closing down when tens of thousands will be losing their jobs is sad. In small towns this is the biggest store in town, and the nearest thing to a department store. Our children buy their toys and chocolates there, and they're always reliable for household basics. I for one am sad to see them go and to read the disparaging comments about them even now. Have a heart, you vultures.
  • Sam
    possibly just the idea I took from the campaigns to get Jeff Buckley to no.1 rather than the x-factor winner was that its supposed to be about trying to make people aware of Mr Buckley's stunning & inimitable rendition and celebrating what is generally regarded as one of the highlights of a great musicians short career, rather than having an unaware nation of youngsters and uninformed saturday night telly addicts thinking that the x-factor winners take on the song, which however you look at it stands as something 'manufactured' in one way or another, is an original version. The idea that people were doing it to try to stop Simon Cowell getting to number 1 (which you correctly point out, he likely will, either way) hadn't even occurred to me. But at the end of the day, they've been given an excuse to play Jeff Buckley (and Leonard Cohen) on the radio again, so i'm not complaining!
  • Mark
    Another piss poor load of complete shite from Mike Hock I see, stating the obvious again, but completely missing the point yet yet again. Mike Hock - you are a cunt, go and kill yourself. Being on your own at christmas is sad - its the only way.
  • Martin
    > To be complaining about the not deep enough discounts of a national institution that’s closing down when tens of thousands will be losing their jobs is sad. I agree. If Woolies had given some proper discounts it would not need to happen. If they had given people some decent prices in the first place, they would still be in business. Losing Woolworths might be a good thing for you. You might get a decent store like Wilkinsons in it's place - basics at good prices. I'm not any more bothered about Woolies staff losing their jobs than anyone else losing their job. It seems everyone is going on about how sad it is for Woolies staff. But there are loads of people losing their jobs, but it seems sympathy should be reserved for Woolies staff, just because there are loads of them.
  • A M.
    Who did Woolworths honestly expect to win sympathy from by blatantly misleading the public on a 50% sale which was in actual fact a 10% sale on decent stuff, 50% on crap stuff that nobody wants? Maybe such managerial lunacy is what got them to this point in the first place
  • anon
    Woolworths did not mislead the public on a 50% off sale, the media did.
  • Mike H.
    Mark - You have touched Mike Hock Did you feel the warmth from Mike Hock? It is a shame you can only produce piss poor load of complete shite from yours. (You love the word 'complete' don't you? Did you learn that one this week?) Is it sad being alone at Chrimbo? Good job I've got a bottle of drambuie your mum and a peekaboo pole dancing kit for company innit?
  • Matt S.
    So the question is, which would you rather get for Christmas. Woolworths gift certificates, or woolworths stock certificates?
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