Women's dresses are a pain in the minge (help is at hand)

dressBuying clothes that fit is a pain in the hole at the best of times. Imagine for one second you're a woman (if you're a woman, you won't have to imagine too hard, unless you're Jeanette Krankie) - thanks to the layout of your bodies, buying clothes is even more problematic. There's all those boobs and hips to take into consideration.

Worse still, each shop you buy clothes from seems to have a complete disregard for the standard sizes they offer. A size 12 at one shop will be a size 16 somewhere else. What to do?

Well, mercifully for you ladies and cross-dressers, there's an online calculator called What Size Am I? which has been developed by a lady called Anna Powell-Smith.

Anna says: “You think you’re a certain size, like a 10, and you could end up with something that won’t zip up or that hangs off. It made me realise sizes vary so much. When you look at all the shops’ websites, they all list measurements, so I’ve put them all in one place."

“People might go to the same shops over and over again because they’re used to them, but knowing other places might flatter them more, this might encourage them to shop in different places. I couldn’t believe Next was the smallest.”

If you log on to sizes.darkgreener.com, enter your bust, waist and hip measurements, you'll be able to see calculations of what dress size you are at a variety of high street shops. Again, if you're a man with a lady-partner, you might want to be considerate for the first time in your life and send her a link to this article.


  • DIck
    And why has Mof kept this site a secret for so long?
  • Sawyer
    I'm not a woman, but for the purposes of this comment I'm going to assume their clothes shops suffer from the same problem as mens' clothing shops. Most companies source all their clothes - even own branded - from various manufacturers in different countries and with no standard sizing. Next are buggers for this, as are Debenhams who once sold me two apparently identical pairs of jeans - same brand, style, size printed on - only to find that one is clearly the next size up. So in short... what use is this?

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