Woman gets dirty message from Tesco driver

Some people don't know how to chat someone up. It is always best to adopt a softly-softly approach initially, to work out what kind of person you're dealing with.

And so, to the delivery driver from Tesco who showed off an approach to a customer that had all the delicacy of Nicholas Cage. And amazingly unprofessional too.

The lady in question posted the messages she received to Facebook, which she says she received after a food delivery.

tesco message

The messages read: "Hie? I delivered shopping to you this evening my name is Joe. I think your sexy I want u to suck my c*** while I lick your p****."

Now, again, there's ways of making an approach to someone, even while you're doing a delivery for them. Probably isn't a good idea to get her phone number from the company database, text her, and then include some graphic language in the second message you send. If you're playing the dating game, this doesn't work for a number of reasons - the first being that, generally, women don't like it when people do this and some even feel a bit frightened by it.

Tesco have apologised about all this, and noted that the driver is not a Tesco employee, rather, it was an agency driver.

A Tesco spokesperson told Metro: "This behaviour is completely unacceptable. We took immediate action to ensure this agency driver will never work for Tesco again and are in contact with the customer. We are extremely sorry for any upset caused."


  • Mike
    What an illiterate moron - no wonder he drives for a living. Or, did. Also: Tesco, not Tescos.
  • DragonChris
    "...what I want to know is what I will get for this?" ^^^^^ Says it all really. Now, I have no problem with people angling to get something - I'll be the first to say I'd chance my arm too, but not quite in such a direct manner. It someone detracts the motive behind the share. Do I condone the driver? Of course not, he's a disgrace. Is this woman genuinely terrified? Maybe, but purely from the snippet included in the screenshot this stinks of "THIS HAPPENED I WANT FREE STUFF".
  • Young
    I love how she's instantly 'what will I get out of this?' - blatantly just wants an £100 gift card as an apology.

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