Woman finds worm in chicken tikka slice, is surprised

If you’re eating, you may want to gaffer tape your mouth and eyes shut NOW.


Still here? Ok, well, you have been warned. First we had killer spiders in bananas - now a
woman who bought a chicken tikka slice from Iceland has found it contained a nice WORM FILLING.

Grandmother Kathy Thomson bought the already reprehensible snack at her local store in Barnstaple, and was violently sick when she saw the beast poking out of the pastry.

She described it thus: ‘I was chewing when I spotted this worm on my plate and I just spat out my food everywhere. I had cut the slices up and was sharing them with my young grandchildren and immediately snatched them away. It was just disgusting. I spent the night retching and it was like I could feel it crawling in my stomach whenever I thought about it.’

Iceland have confirmed they received the complaint and have promised a thorough investigation, while a nation vomits in disgust.

But really, the single most shocking thing about this story is that a human being would dare to eat a chicken tikka slice from Iceland – and then attempt to feed it to innocent children. In fact, the worm probably improved it.

Mmmm, delicious savoury worm tikka lattice...

Enjoy your lunch!


  • Tits M.
    Still more appetising than a Ginsters.
  • Han S.
    At least the worm would make sure there was some protein in it
  • Charley
    Would it have been too hard to name the brand?
  • Shiftyniftysshadow
    They probably will worm their way out of it...!

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