Woman calls 999 after trying on clothes for too long

30 January 2014

A lady, yesterday
A lady, yesterday

The folks over at M.E.N. have stumbled across a story where a woman called 999, trapped inside a Miss Selfridge store.

The lady in question called the emergency services after she was trying clothes on for so long that all the staff closed up and went home. She must take an age getting ready before going out, eh readers?

The paper said:

"The shopper rang police shortly before 8pm last night to say she was trapped inside the city centre shop and needed help."

"Around five minutes later police received another call from the woman to say staff had returned to the Market Street store and let her out."

A Greater Manchester Police spokesman indeed verified that a lady had called 999 at 7.57pm on Wednesday evening after getting locked inside the shop.


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    Hulk Hogan bubblebath know what I mean! long after it was dark in the valley you could still see

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