Winner: 2008 Bitterwallet's Worst Company UK

You've cast your votes and followed the've cheered and jeered at the results...

Now, voting has been officially closed, and that leaves us with one last thing to do.

It's time to award the Bitterwallet 2008 WCUK prize- the lovely golden poo award to adorn one special CEO's desk at... (drumroll please).

Setanta Sports, congratulations!  While I've never personally had the pleasure of using your disservices, it appears that quite a few others who have had the pleasure have made sure to see you through the rounds.

Maybe you should pay attention when a tidal wave of disgruntled customers leads to a starring role on BBC Watchdog?  Maybe it's time to fix your crappy picture quality, and start responding to cancellation requests instead of ignoring them.  What's happened to motto of 'the customer always comes first'?

But that's not all.  By virtue of your unwavering complaints and their all-out display of utter customer dissatisfaction, PayPal and eBay get Bitterwallet's 2008's worst comments from disgruntled UK consumers award. Well, let's see how they do this year.

Big props, and thank you for all those who participated!


  • Gus
    never dealt with them and never will!
  • Adam
    LOL @ Paypalistheworstcompany. Never ever had a problem with them, users yes, but they sorted it. Can't say there the worst company based on me coming off top dog, but there customer support is crap. Setanta Sports deserves its place as the best change of excuses ever.
  • It'sFree A.
    Setana is free anyway, well it is on VM XL. Never watch the wank sports channels anyway
  • ^^^^^^^
    What a divot
  • David F.
    I had setanta, cancelled it, but I can still pick up a signal... nice.
  • scouse
    Load of bullshit , what happened did Ebay and Paypal put the thumbscrews on ?? never seen so much rubbish.
  • beef
    damm right, never had such a bad experience with a company as i did with setanta
  • Martin
    Scouse you are living up to your name...thick twat.
  • Bob
    Setanta are the pits and deserved to win, even though they have won this award it doesn't go anywhere near enough to describe how bad they are.
  • emma
    ha cant believe virgin media didnt win biggest bunch of twats ever
  • Paul
    Yep, Setanta truly are on of the worst companies imaginable. I had endless problems with them, particularly when I tried to cancel. Thankfully I had a Direct Debit set up with them, so I eventually cut them off at the source by cancelling it with my bank. They also, seemingly out of the blue, changed their terms and conditions last year - increasing the cancellation notice to 60 days and upping the monthly subscriptions price by a few quid. They announced this to their subscribers in small text at the bottom of an otherwise completely normal 'monthly Setanta spam' email. A very shady thing to do. Gah, horrid. They'll never get any of my money again.
  • gaz
    thr cameras are of a very poor quality..especially the ones they use for scottish football
  • Leeboy666
    Do the Scottish play football????????
  • scouse
    Who are you calling a thick twat ? carry on hiding behind your keyboard big man.
  • Bob
    That isn't me above by the way, I've never used Setanta as I have enough problems with Sky freezing up or whining at me. Paypal are shite but Pixmania should have won, what a bag of shite they are.
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  • Devils P.
    Yes the Setanta Customer serivce and cancellation policy were rubbish, they have however since cut cancellation to 30 days and are happy to hold their hand up over picture quality, which is actually due to Sky service engineers purposely orientating dishes to harm setanta pick up.......fact!!!
  • gaz
    leeboy666 the hearts do just ass well you have flood lights doon south
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  • Jim
    Setanta = arseholes
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