Why won't Piers Morgan just GO AWAY? And take Burger King's marketing fools with him?

Here’s a sight that could easily knock your day right out of whack before it’s even really got going – a buffed Piers Morgan posing seductively in front of a roaring fire.

He’s doing it obviously for money and to feed his gargantuan ego, but also to promote Flame, the new meat-flavoured scent from Burger King. We reported on Flame a while ago when it was launched in the States,  but that campaign featured a similar but infinitely more agreeable image of the Burger King himself.

Who is any of this supposed to appeal to? Firstly, you’ve got a scent that smells of burgers, and secondly it’s being plugged by the man with the most smash-inable face in Britain. With his fucking clothes off (although whether it's actually his body is highly debatable in the extreme.)

It’s about as welcome as a new flavour of crisps that taste of hospital dustbins, with the Yorkshire Ripper munching away on a bag of them in the ad. Could Burger King have just not bothered and donated the cash they’ve shelled out on this campaign to some burning orphans or something. The fucking idiots.


  • V L.
    Piers Morgan is great. What's your problem?
  • Weiner
    Asking Piers to go away is like asking bitterwallet to go away. It just aint gonna happen no matter how shite they are.
  • Dave
    because he's a prize prat. How old are you two? He used to be the editor of a tabloid newspaper that printed fake pictures of British troops abusing Iraqi prisoners for one. Oh and he's a condescending, patronising, smug maggot of a man.
  • kungfu
    how ironic, i was recently thinking about how i rank bitterwallet alongside piers as the most useless things in britain today lol
  • Toasted E.
    Mmm... the smell of Piers Moron's flesh roasting... the whiff of cannibalism... pompous tossers selling dead cow in a bun is a monumental FAIL Which brain-dead bunch of ad execs thought this might be even REMOTELY appealing? Why don't they turn their attention to a "save the chav" or "knives are cool" campaigns so we know they too will disappear in a fireball of anally-emitted gas...
  • kungfu
    oh and it is his body...strong jealousy there andy son....maybe time to hit the gym if even piers looks better than you naked haha!!
  • Mike U.
    A clear case of a Photoshop picture doctored with the head of a twat!!
  • Francis R.
    Actually, Toasted Ego, a "Knives are cool" campaign would work better than an ammnesty. You see, if 'kids' think that old folk think knives are cool, they'll dump their collection of knives quicker than their girlfriend 'Tracy' for a sluttier model with 5 kids.
  • Mr S.
    The ad on the BK website makes it seem like the body is photoshopped. As if you didn't already know.
  • Goatse
    Save yourself time writing these posts in future, simply cut and paste the following. "I don't like , so can't comprehend why would use them to advertise their product". This would also have the added benefit of wasting less of your readers time on something boring and meaningless. The irony of wondering why he won't go away but adding to the publicity makes my head spin. Bitter Wallet is like a grumpy old man trying to be clever.
  • Andy D.
    @Goatse - Save yourself time reading these posts by just fucking off. You're proving to be even more pointless than Piers Morgan. There's a good boy.
  • Tom P.
    @Andy Dawson , you've got Goatse for life now LOL
  • acecatcher3
    @ andy dawson why did u remove my post but keep the fella hating on u, poor show....brb photoshopping morgans body to ur face

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