Who has the dirtiest chicken?

No, this is not a euphemism - who has the dirtiest chicken?

Well, turns out that it is Asda. Their chicken has the highest proportion of chickens contaminated with unpleasant bacteria that causes food poisoning, out of all the supermarkets. And that's according to the Food Standards Agency.

The other supermarkets shouldn't start crowing about it though because the FSA found, in a rather damning report, that 70% of chickens sold at supermarkets contained unacceptably high levels of campylobacteria.

Steve Wearne, director of policy at the FSA, said: "Wherever you buy chicken from you are at risk from this nasty bug."

He added that supermarkets aren't doing enough to protect chicken munchers and that tens of thousands of people are being made ill by them. So no-one comes out of this particularly well, with only Tesco managing to have overall contamination levels lower than the industry average.

Wearne continued: "What I would do is make sure I cook it properly. These results show that the food industry, especially retailers, need to do more to reduce the amount of campylobacter on fresh chickens."

So, if you like, you can now look at a table of dirty chickens and see who is best and who is going to make you able to poo through a lace curtain.

chicken table


  • twats
    Surely this is why you cook it, no?
  • kv
    ah but we can't let the truth get in the way of some good old-fashioned Daily Mail style scaremongering.

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