Who are the worst at delivering parcels?

parcel delivery Many consumers have had bother when receiving their online deliveries. Parcels can be late, go missing entirely, contain damaged goods or in some cases, thrown on a roof for you to fetch.

According to Which!!!, 60% of us prefer to shop online for the convenience, even though 26% of us have had trouble with the delivery process. Seems like a gamble we're willing to take because we're all fantastically bone idle.

The biggest problem is late deliveries and not being able to choose a delivery time.

However, not all companies are bad. Some are in fact, rather good. According to a Which!!! poll, the best in the business are WexPhotographic.com, JohnLewis.com, LizEarle.com and RicherSounds.com.

Which!!!'s Richard Lloyd, said: "One of the attractions of shopping online is the convenience of having your items delivered but we've found the experience can be anything but convenient. We want shops to do more to ensure that the service is first class, first time. Retailers need to respond to consumers' demands and stamp out dodgy deliveries."

So with that, let us look at the best and worst companies when it comes to delivering your purchases.

Ten Best Online Shops

1. WexPhotographic.com
2. JohnLewis.com
3. LizEarle.com
5. AO.com
8. ChainReactionCycles.com
10. AbeBooks.co.uk

The Worst Online Shops

90. Shop.BT.com (BT Shop )
= Halfords.com
= Isme.com
93. ToysRUs.co.uk
94. HMV.com
95. PCWorld.co.uk
= TomTom.com
97. Homebase.co.uk
98. WHSmith.co.uk
99. DIY.com (B&Q)


  • Nathan
    How on earth is Screwfix in the top ten when B&Q is at the very bottom? They're both part of the same company!
  • ImRight
    Didnt think HMV.com delivered anything to anyone anymore since almost 2 years ago.
  • Rob
    HMV.co.uk is a pretty rubbish shop on basis you cant buy alt
  • jim
    not sure this company still exist but CityLink were the worst ever
  • Cec
    Actually had to look at four websites in the top ten as had never heard of them, anyhow funny Abebooks got there when they actually don't ship anything themselves, just a marketplace where you buy books from sellers.
  • Stuart
    It comes down to which carriers they are using, don't think the retailer should buck the blame
  • Slacker
    That just shows how bad most of these companies are when a shower of shite like Toolstation can come 5th. They are incapable of packing orders properly, and when you complain they say things like 'we will have a word with the courier' as if it's their fault. Someone should explain to them that a box containing several aerosol cans and bottles of white spirit WITH NO PACKAGING WHATSOEVER has absolutely fuck all chance of reaching its destination unscathed.

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