Whistl ends home delivery service

whistl-logo Royal Mail rival, Whistl, are going to end their home delivery service, which threatens around 1,800 jobs.

It goes without saying that Royal Mail will be pleased about this, after accusing Whistl of cherry-picking locations, but the warnings have been there for the delivery rival.

The Dutch-owned company lost funding after the private equity arm of Lloyds decided not to invest.

Parent group PostNL said in a statement: “Following the termination of the discussions on the proposed investment in Whistl UK to fund the further rollout of its current end to end (E2E) activities, we have assessed alternative scenarios for Whistl’s E2E operations."

"Further to this assessment, it has been decided to end Whistl’s E2E operations. Whistl remains committed to further developing its successful activities in the UK, including downstream access (DSA) service, door drop media, packets & parcels and logistics."

"Whistl is in ongoing consultation with the affected employees through their union and employee representatives to minimise the impact of this decision."

This is big news, as Whistl were the second largest postal operator in the United Kingdom.


  • oldgit
    Its about time the regulator levelled the playing field for all Mail delivery.
  • Topcaty
    If this is how they arrive in town, http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-kent-33087309. Then the public could be a lot safer without them.

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