Which!!! reveals the best and worst online stores- according to customers

In this day and age a retail internet presence is a must- even Sainsbury’s Tu Clothing joined the rest of us earlier this year. But your ecommerce website is yet another storefront and another potential opportunity to annoy your customers if you don’t get it right. So Which!!! set out to discover which retailers were enhancing their offering with their online shopping experience, and which were totally useless. The results are unlikely to surprise.

Nevertheless, Which!!! surveyed 10,505 members of the UK public in July 2015 about their experiences of shopping online over the previous six months. Shoppers rated retailers on factors including price, deliveries, quality and ease of finding products. Retailers were given two ratings- one to reflect customers’ satisfaction with the product/ service on offer and the other gauging how likely customers are to recommend this product/service to someone else. From these two ratings the “Customer Score” is calculated.

whichtopWhile the expected customer service stars such as John Lewis and Amazon do appear in the top ten, the actual joint winners were white-goods retailer AO.com and beauty specialist LizEarle.com with a score of 87%, with customers specifically praising their speed and efficiency.

As a surprise to no-one, telecoms firm EE came last with criticism for having a “hard to navigate” website and a lack of information and their customer score of just 58% tallies with EE’s performance on any customer service survey ever. Evans Cycles, Vodafone and Homebase joined EE in online retail remedial class.

The Which!!! survey also reiterated the fact that online shopping offers convenience, but also the opportunity to price check more easily- with price being the top factor cited when people decide which website to use, with nearly four in 10 people saying this is most important factor.

whichbottomWhich!!! Editor, Richard Headland said, ground breakingly:

“Online shopping is booming because it can be more convenient, better value and offers a greater choice of products. However there is a big difference between the brands at the top and the bottom of our table suggesting some sites need to be a lot more switched on to what their customers want.”

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  • tin
    What a friggin useless piece of research. Who gives a toss if the website is great if the customer service behind it is absolute shite? Ebuyer case in point.

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