Which is the nation's most hated supermarket?

supermarket_sweep_b According to some new research, Tesco is the UK's least favourite supermarket. Does that surprise you? They may well be the biggest, but that doesn't equate to people actively liking them, clearly.

The survey was conducted by Market Force Information through the Grocer mag, who interviewed 6,800 people, talking to them about where they shopped, and whether or not they'd recommend it to someone else.

Coming out on top, was teacher's pet Waitrose, followed by Marks & Spencer and Aldi. In fourth place was Sainsbury's, chased by Morrisons, Asda, and the Co-operative. Tesco, as we know, sat in last place.

This study looked at what is considered to be the six aspects of the shopping experience, and Tesco scored badly in all of them. They came last for cashier courtesy and store cleanliness, seventh for the availability of items and the ability to find them and sixth for speciality department service and checkout speed. Apart from checkout speed, which Aldi won, Waitrose came out in first place in all categories.

Tesco's problem, it seems, is that their stores are badly designed and, you can only assume that widespread poor service means that the staff are unhappy, thanks to woeful management. BW has spoken to staff from most retailers, and Tesco does seem to have a management problem.

Of course, Tesco are in the middle of one of the most difficult periods in their history, so there's time for it to turn itself around, but will consumers hang around and wait to see what they do? Current trends suggest that they'll just shop somewhere else.


  • Henry C.
    I can attest that Tesco management are absolutely terrible and treat their staff like sh1t. And decent middle managers/team leaders are hamstrung by the company management guidebook to treat their staff like dung even when they don't want to, for fear of losing their own jobs.
  • Luke
    I worked Dotcom for a year, and was never treated with anything but respect by my managers.
  • Me
    I work for Morrisons M Local. Our managment is terrible, they dont follow proceedures and then crack down on tit-for-tat stuff when the staff bring it to the attention of senior managment. Not only that HR cut the hours available to the store so that we are left with as little as three members of staff and are still expected to serve customers, clean the shop and make sure everything is to plan. Its so bad that customer service is now suffering....and there is no end in sight for this debacle.

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