Where Woolies Was - photos of your local Woolworths

It's only September, but the whorish commercialisation of the season means Christmas is no longer a pleasingly distant proposition. It's just not going to be the same this year though, now we've no Woolworths on the high street to shuffle around. But what has become of our favourite childhood haunts since they hit the wall last Christmas? Folk have been discussing that topic in the HUKD forums. Some established brands have picked up large numbers of sites, others have been picked up by independent business while plenty remain deserted.

Photo by Mark Hillary on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

Mark Hillary took this photo of Woolies in Camden in July - but what about the rest of them? We fancy putting together a gallery of former stores in their various states of death and rebirth. Next time you're popping out, take a photo and email it to [email protected] - it'll be more fun than photographing yellow labels in Tesco. There might even be a prize for the best.


    Someone else has taken one for me: Woolworths Retford: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3303/3204224560_4248e754d6.jpg?v=0
  • me
    cant be assed to take photos but brighton ones now an H&M, worthing ones going to be an H&M in October, one in Portslade is becoming an Iceland (very slowly), one in Broadwater (in worthing) is deserted, as is the one in Beaconsfield, but the one in London road is now an independent rug/crappy furniture/so called 'factory outlet' shop!
  • Norks
    No prize for TVDBP...
  • Norks
    The one in Worsley has become a B&M Bargains
  • Jase
    Huddersfield one is still nothing. Wakefield one is like an Iceland or something.
  • Q
    last time i looked, watford was still an empty shell
  • monkeygirl
    Littlehampton is still empty, but some entrepreneurial vulture has opened a pick 'n' mix shop next door. Chichester was still a gappy High St tooth last time I looked too.
  • Wopster
    Pudsey is also now a B&M Bargains
  • chris c.
    Bishops stortford is still empty, i know felwistowe, as my mates wife worked there has become a peacock, harlow still empty, hoddesdon empty as well, hertford is a crap discount shop, and skegness is somethiung called yorkshire discount a cross between a crap wilkinson and pound land!
  • zaphod
    St Ives Woolworths still empty, but work is in progress so awaiting new owners soon. http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2504/3835166170_e43a3f8fd4.jpg
  • gav
    apparently the st ives woolworths is going into a pizza express.they are gutting the shop at present.
  • Gertrud S.
    Excellent blog post! I have to tell my mother about this site. Excellent job.
  • Clare M.
    Anyone know what the following are now? : Liverpool, Hanley, Rotherham, bexley heath, harrow, exeter and jersey??

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