Where to buy Tom Daley's frying pan

Olympic diver and trunk-botherer, Tom Daley, set the internet muttering with a photo of his magic frying pan. Now, these frying pans aren't new and they're not universally loved either, but it seems that this celebrity endorsement has worked, with people wanting in on the action.

So, here's the shot of Daley and his pan.

frying pan

As you can see, the pan is divided up into sections, which drew the expected responses of 'OMG' and 'epic'. However, this particular pan is very pricey for what it is - they're going for £70. Since Daley showed his off, some cheeky sods are trying to flog them for over £100.

Some people were not fans though, with one person tweeting: "Actually haunted by Tom Daley's frying pan. Actual thing of nightmares. It made me v uncomfortable. Bin it Tom, for the good of the world." Someone else added: "OK, also, think about cleaning Tom Daley's stupid frying pan. It's not going to fit in a dishwasher."

If you fancy getting in on this, you can buy them cheaper.

You can buy the Master Pan, which has five sections for you, for the price of £59.99. Or you can buy the Master Pan 5-in-1 affair from eBay for £49.95 with free delivery. There's a smaller, 3-section circular Pendeford pan which you can get for £13.99. Or you can just carry on as normal, and do some cooking in non-partitioned pans - we're not the boss of you.

We're more concerned about what that yellow stuff is in Tom Daley's pan. It looks like bile.


  • Ugh
    Ugh, why are you publishing this? why am I reading it? What a waste of time.
  • Fagin
    Always thought Tom Daley might be a bit dim, seeing this purchase only serves to reinforce that view (to be fair ir may have been a present from an idiot for him though) ..so i'll reserve judgement. Nothing cooks evenly in these, nothing therfore is ready when everything else is. Bitch to wash & store away. Overpriced pointless crap, get yourselves a decent selection of pans you can use every day of the week. & to really use this he need to learn to make a decent omlette / scramble mix, considering it's the only thing on there not ripped ready to cook from a packet his culinary skill is clearly shite! I do better scrambles for my dogs (12 eggs) his looks like baby sick with the solids strained out.

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