Where to buy a Next fireplace and save £300

Thanks to your emails, comments and tips, Bitterwallet has been able to expose how the big brands make their money at your expense. Keep them coming, folks. Meanwhile, thanks to Darren who told about his recent experiences with Next:

I bought a fireplace, but the delivery guy didn't come in a Next directory van. He said Next bought them from Internet Fires Direct (which were cheaper by £300) and they deliver them on behalf of Next. He asked me not to tell anyone. Stuff him. I called Next and explained the story - two days later, a letter of apology and a full refund!

Darren bought received a Nevada fireplace from Fireplace World in Huddersfield (Internet Fires Direct operates from the same premises) which had been sold as part of the Dakota range of furniture available from the Next Directory (although is no longer available). Full marks to Next for their customer service, but that's a pretty hefty mark-up.


  • Mike H.
    Next on Deathwatch list, NEXT
  • speedski
    they deserve to go down for such a horrific markup - I mean it doesn't even sound as if it comes in a box with Next printed on the front at least then they could say that actualyl made SOME effort.
  • andy
    sorry but if you shop at next for a fire then you deserve whats coming to you...
  • Bazzaric
    I tried to be clever and say the name of the picture was the difference, thus winning £300. But, it seems you have used the same picture twice.... Perhaps if I was sad enough I would say the postion on the page!! The position on the page?
  • Darren
    SPEEDSKI - no it doesnt come with any form of Next labeling or packaging, even the instruction manual doesnt come with next branding (not that I needed an Instruction manual to switch it on!)
  • speedski
    Darren, Thats just plain shocking. andy, you might be right, but then why does anyone shop at PC World :P
  • matthew
    I agree, if you shop at Next for a fire then you deserve this. I am wearing a Next shirt and have some Next boxers, that is what Next is for.
  • RT
    This doesnt surprise me. Next has gone ridiculous in the last few years. I remember going in there last year, and they has a jumper for £75. For a Next.....branded.....jumper. I mean, seriously. Next management need to realise what Next is. A high street store, with high-street fashions, charging high-street prices. They are not a designer clothes shop, set in exclusive locations, with designer price tags. Get a grip. Their prices have increased substantially over the last 3 years, but their quality has not. Rant over.
  • Paul N.
    dumb ass, do your homework first then bitch ????????
  • Copper F.
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  • David H.
    I needed a fire place for a renovation job that we were finishing off. After looking on the homepage of the website I noticed they offered NEXT DAY DELIVERY. After ordering and paying the the item I was told it would take up to 2 weeks before the fireplace would arrive. Our client was expecting us complete the work within a few days and now has to wait until Fireplace World pull their finger out. NOT RECOMMENDED.

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