What's the future for PC World Business?

Where in the world? PC World! Oh. Here at Bitterwallet, we’ve got a bit of history with whistleblowers from within DSGi’s pleasuredome. Last year, news of store restructuring and redundancies made its way here before many of the staff were aware of what was going on.

We’ve had another whisper from within DSGi’s pleasuredome, and if it’s true, then more job cuts could be on the way.

We’re told that Equanet, the parent company of PC World Business will shortly be sold to Misco, meaning the end of PC World Business; in future, business customers will only be able to purchase from the retail selection of goods instore.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out what this will mean for the dedicated business staff within the company’s stores. The closure of Equanet’s Surbiton office was announced in December, with 18 staff told they had a month's consultation period in which to find other posts in the group.

If our source is on the money, that could also be the case for scores of PC World Business account developers in the not-too-distant future.

DSGi have categorically denied the allegations and told Bitterwallet: “There have been no conversations with Misco.”


  • Bill G.
    I think that they might have denied the claims but I doubt they have refuted them.
  • Andy D.
    *looks up 'refute' in dictionary* Goddamn it, you're right.
  • Nobby
    Don't most businesses use better companies anyway?
  • noodles
    the future is skynet
  • Darryl.
    Du du du, du du.
  • Ichi
    I only hope they vanish completely. I fix pcs from time to time and I've heard so many ridiculous quotes and claims from people that PC World have tried to screw over. They prey on the vulnerable computer users who do not know much about them, throwing extortionate repair prices at people and trying to get them to buy things they don't need.
  • BB
    Seeing as they've just announced a new MD for DSGi Business it seems unlikely to be about to shut it's doors.
  • Ivor S.
    Bear in mind its the second 'interim' MD in 12 months, and that he's just been parachuted in from DSGi H/O. I guess that his remit is to sell as going concern as they have been costing the company money for 18 months.
  • Matt
    DSGi have categorically denied the allegations and told Bitterwallet: “There have been no conversations with Misco.” No but how about Systemax, Misco's overlords?
  • hush
    Isn't the new MD Phil Birbeck ...the very same guy who closed down the PC City stores?
  • jsoap
    Without question the most incompetent company I have ever ordered from. All of their internal processes seem to be broken beyond repair.
  • CSR D.
    I suppose all the business inquiries will be sorted by the normal store staff now, Yet another way to get MORE FOR LESS from the people who work for a once great company. Glad i'm out of it :)
  • CW
    Large business sales are probably a thing of the past so I would imagine that the business section of PCW has been failing for some time. I would have thought they would have disbanded it a long time ago.
  • Ex-pcwb d.
    Working for the business until very recently I can confirm that we know nothing on the ground. I will sugest that the Business Centres will stay but they will only be peddling the retail rubbish available in stores; so say goodbye to HP pro series, lenovo, toshiba tectra and portege and anything else you DONT get off the shelf. There main business drive is not product but service; smartplan leasing is the money spinner and main point of focus in stores. Also concentrating heavilly on other "great Value" services to fleece the unsuspecting newbie of thier cash. Wouldn't be so bad if they actually delivered on the service they sell. Glad to be out....
    having also left there very recently i can tell you that they are in trouble. although they don't say a lot down the ladder, you can tell that the people higher up are sweating. without proper organisation (3 MDs in less than 2 years) they are inevitably going to go under. good luck to them!
  • ex-pcwb c.
    PC World business is a joke anyway, In the 14 months I've had a business card not once have I been able to use it for a transaction (and I use it a fair bit) Today I went in for a heatsink and fan (£18) I spent 2 hours sitting in the business cubby hole, the business manager just stonewalled me saying he can't do anything the cards have been withdrawn. Eventually the manager found out that the business team had reduced my credit limit from £1,600 to £0 but no one could see why. made me raise and have emailed a purchase order, went off to cash up some tills and deal with other people then came back and said "ok they've agreed to put £500 back on your account but it will take 1-2 hours and we are closing in 20mins" -this is now nearly 2:20 since I walked into the store. So paying your bills on time and shopping regularly means nothing, less than nothing, as despite thousands of pounds spent I can't get £18 credit on my £1,600 business credit account. -All I can say is the reason I shopped there was the convienience of the credit account. Now I never have to walk into that overpriced ignoramous nest again.
  • PCWB G.
    Same as anywhere if you get the right people in the job the Business Centre's can be an absolute blessing for the customer, a nice escape from the the less knowledgeable Customer Advisors and the lack of store stock available. Next day delivery, cheaper prices, more variety and pay in 30 days. What's wrong with that? Yes the Business Manager will have to fight the team at Bury and the procedures from time to time due to their shocking ETA on everything the staff communicate to them through store but as long as they know what they are doing, they can keep if looking smooth from a customer's eyes. Like I said, it just takes a committed Business Manager. If they're not, then it's the same as if any person wasn't arsed with their job, you'd get poor service. They are good Business Centre's out there believe me. Let's hope they do enough to keep it going. On another note. Even if DSGi Business are losing money, they wouldn't give up the millions they're still taking and hand it over to competitors would they? Rather take money at a loss and ride it out then just give the whole market up.

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