What’s the best online shop?

Shopping online can be a minefield of late deliveries, broken promises, and photos that don’t load. In fact, in many ways it can be even worse than standing in TK Maxx wondering whether life is worth living.


Luckily, though, Which! have done their round up of the best and worst online shopping experiences, by polling a whopping 14,000 people and asking them for their favourites.

Cosmetics store Liz Earle came top for a fourth year running, thanks to its speedy delivery, personal touches and free gifts. But what happens if you don’t want hot cloth cleanser and a free thimble of rosewater skin tonic with triple AHAs? Well, new entrants Toolstation (TOOLSTATION) and Wex Photographic were highly praised.

However, there was a blow for Amazon, who dropped from third to 11th place. And the worst? B&Q, which one customer described as ‘a truly terrible experience.’ (but possibly not as bad as being hit by a tsunami, or living in a North Korean prison camp, or anything that is actually truly terrible.)

But in the world of online shopping, it seems that a well-designed, easy to navigate website is nothing without a good delivery service to back it up. A third of online shops still fall short when it comes to delivery. The main problem, it would seem, is with courier firms, with 56% cursing Citylink and preferring to receive goods by Royal Mail.

Where’s Richard Lloyd when you need him? Ah, here he is:

‘Online shopping has never been more popular with cash-strapped consumers looking for good value and customer service, but the industry falls down when it comes to the performance of its delivery partners.’

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