What to do when caught short while shopping...

More barely-believable in-store CCTV footage for you. Normally we like to concentrate on fights or customer meltdowns, but this more of a customer squat-down.

Watch carefully and see if you can spot what this lady shopper does when she thinks nobody is watching her. You’ll need to have a very keen eye to be able to spot it...

Keen eye schmeen eye. She just took a big piss in the middle of the floor! And some geezer touched it. We’re off to recreate it in PC World to see if we can wangle £250 out of You’ve Been Framed...


  • Jo
    I piss myself in public on a regular basis...so, this isn't impressive at all.
  • not J.
    There is a difference between pissing yourself and pissing on the floor.
  • Idi A.
    Am it de convenience store?
  • oliverreed
    See, if this was in a Halfords or a Sports Soccer, there would be outrage, you should at least take a dump in those stores....
  • Mr C.
    I once worked in a department store where a man left a poo on the floor of "Corporate Gifts"; the poo was initially cordoned off with bubble-wrap.

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