What is the secret behind Boots' 'Hot Weather Refreshing Spray'?

Avid Bitterwallet reader, Steve Hogarty, spotted something in Boots and needed to share it with everyone. He'd spied their essential-for-summer product, called 'Boots' Hot Weather Refreshing Spray', which sounds magical, especially if you've been struggling in the heat.

He said: "The special formula in Boots' Hot Weather Refreshing Spray is a closely guarded secret. Only two scientists know— oh."



So as you can see, Boots are flogging plain ol' water in a spray can and saying that the 'Hot Weather Refreshing Spray' is good 'for sensitive skin' and is to be used by 'adults and children'.

You have to admire the brass balls on Boots for this.


  • Waveydavey69
    They'll be selling us 'Aqua' in bottles to drink for a quid next.........
  • Euan
    Arguably it's a bit cheeky of them to claim "made in the UK". "Bottled" in the UK, maybe, but I doubt they've "made" water...
  • Peter T.
    But according to Boots's website page for the product: "4.5% by mass of the contenets (sic) are flammable." So it's not just water. Is the propellant is flammable? http://www.boots.com/en/Boots-Hot-Weather-Refreshing-Spray-For-Sensitive-Skin-150ml_1125281/
  • Walter W.
    The 4.5% flammable content will be the propellant.
  • Euan
    I'd have expected the propellant to be pressurized gas, making up 4.5% by mass when the "active" content is water feels awfully high?
  • Martin
    I'd guess the can is made in the UK. You are paying for a pressurised product which gives you a different effect than just splashing your face with water out of a bottle which is a fair comparison of what you are comparing it with (ie out on the beach etc, not at home in your kitchen). It sounds like an itter rip off but we all know it feels nice to have a spray of something when it's hot, whatever it might be. And it's not like they are hiding it that much, if you don't know what Aqua is I suppose you are pretty screwed anyway.
  • DJ
    Wonder if they sell them in their airport branches...
  • Carlos
    The idea of hot water spray is actually absurd as your body perspires in heat to lose water. You replace that water by consuming it and it would the enter the bloodstream and exist in the body as blood plasma, mucus and interstitial fluid/intra cellular fluid. One could really take them to court as this would achieve almost nothing to "hydrate" you. You would pass out without consuming water so if the can doesn't say "one must also consume sufficient water in hot weather and/or per day, other things could occur including dizziness, unconsciousness or in extreme cases death". This can is pointless.
  • Mark
    I've used this on holiday. Ideal for cooling the kids down. Quick & easy to use, very fine mist and stays cooler a lot longer than a bottle of water. It's about convenience and they are not the first company to do it.
  • Marcus T.
    Gases cool as they expand (hydrogen, helium and neon are the only exceptions) hence the propellant actively cools the water as it propels it out of the canister in a way that using a manual pump action spray bottle would not, so the canister isn't completely pointless, it serves a cooling purpose. Whether it's good value for money or not is another matter...

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