What has happened to Wauwaa?!

wauwaaWell, this is quite strange. The browse and discover site for parents Wauwaa seems to have just disappeared. Site not found, Twitter and Facebook account deleted and there is currently a proposal to strike off the WAU Holdings Limited company.

The most unfortunate part of all this is that there will no doubt be many of you currently waiting for orders to be fulfilled or refunds issued and and now you've got no way of contacting the company to find out exactly what is happening.

So, what can you do? Well, you could just sit and wait. If the company is going to go into liquidation there should be a formal announcement shortly with details of the administrators appointed. If there is a company sale then again, an announcement should follow too.

Made payment on card? Contact your card issuer - it will depend on how you made payment to Wauwaa but you could have some recourse through your card issuer. There are primarily two schemes in place and these are Chargeback or Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. In a little more detail...


If you've paid using a debit card for goods you can ask your card issuer to reverse the transaction if the goods have not arrived or if they are different from the description. You can also use Chargeback if the company has ceased trading. The procedure might vary between Visa, Maestro and American Express so check with your issuer for full details such as time limits and the nature of your purchase (e.g. flight purchases are different in that the breach is from the date the flight is due to depart).

Section 75

Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act covers purchases on credit cards and over £100 (and not more than £30,000). What many do not realise is that you are covered for the full cost of the item even if you only used your credit card to pay the deposit. So if you bought a kitchen appliance for £50 deposit using your credit card and paid £300 by cheque, you'd be covered for £350. If you've made your payment to Wauwaa by credit card and you wish to make a claim, make sure you get in touch with your credit company and get your claim lodged.

Have you placed an order through Wauwaa and are concerned? Let us know!


  • Anonymous
    WauWaa have gone bust All show, no profit Funding run out
  • Shaunna
    What a shambles of a company!! I bought an item in the shopping Black Friday 28th of November waited until middle of Jan for the item to arrive. The wrong item came. 2 weeks later the correct item finally arrived and it was useless so I sent it back. I've been waiting for a refund ever since and now they are un contactable and still have my £80. What likelyhood have I got of getting my money back? Quite unlikely I expect! I'm so annoyed!
  • Mum 3.
    Absolute Rubbish no wonder it wasn't funded further. The founders obviously turned their business brains off! Would love to know if everyone got their refunds?!
  • Wauwaa s.
    The directors are in Finland and seem to have broken several UK company trading laws. The company has not been wound up, administrators have not been appointed, it has simply been abandoned.
  • Wauwaa E.
    Hi, I can confirm that the company has not been wound up, yet. All former employees (minus the directors) are owed a huge amount of money in unpaid wages. This is currently being fought through the courts and we're expecting to have the company wound up by January, an official receiver will then be called in. The books are clear a mess so any wrong doing will be made evident. We're not sure what that means for customers owed money. Quite frankly, the directors didn't have a clue how to run a business and there seems to have been a huge amount of mistakes in it's operation.
  • Unhappy M.
    So strange! I was discussing this monstrosity with a friend today, as we used the site so we started googling! Found the below info on another website!! Why couldn't the "founders" who are named and shamed below let any of the public know this?! People like me and my friend that trusted and used the website! We discovered them at the baby show last year...how were they allowed to be there? Absolute joke! Also we'd love to know what they did with all that funding money!!?? Wauwaa has been closed Total Equity Funding: $1.63M in 3 Rounds from 4 Investors Headquarters: London Description: Wauwaa is an online browse and discover experience for parents, combining written & video content with online shopping and community Founders: Ivan Lopez Sam Laakkonen

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