What do you think of the new Morrisons logo?

Our struggling pals over at Morrisons are looking at using a new logo, because that'll sort out all their problems won't it? While they ditch their price match scheme (thanks to it being confusing and neither use, nor ornament), they think a rebranding could be the way forward.

The supermarket have registered their new logo with the government’s Intellectual Property Office and are testing out at a store in Leeds. Have a look.

new morrisons logo

Now, to Bitterwallet, this either looks like it has a lit match in the middle of it, or an avant garde representation of Donald Trump's head. We just can't decide. You'll notice it incorporates 'since 1899', as they try and remind us that they've been doing our groceries for a long time. Marketing teams will refer to this as 'heritage awareness' or something.

Either way, looks like there's a major rebranding going on, as new gaffer David Potts rolls out his “transformation plan”. There's seven versions of this new branding, all featuring the Morrisons 'tree'.

At least they won't have to rebrand their M stores, as they've sold them all off.


  • czechy
    Clearly, I have a dirty mind.
  • bonoborama
    I wish I could be like David Potts.

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