WH Smith's bizarre concept on drinking their booze

You'll know that retailers have to impose all manner of rules on customers that are buying booze. They advise you drink responsibly and ask you not to drink them on the premises and all that jazz.

However, at WH Smith, they have drinking rules that are, to say the least, conceptual.

WH Smith Weirdness

As you can see from the sign, they say: "Alcohol purchased in WH Smith cannot be consumed anywhere inside or outside these premises." It seems like, should you want to crack open a tin of bitter, you might have to open up an extra dimension that is neither inside or outside the shop, or something.

Of course, this isn't the most bizarre concept WH Smith has come up with - have you ever seen how they price things in train stations? Some of the basics are so expensive that it'll make you feel like you've had a brain injury.

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  • Trev
    It is actually against the law to drink alcohol on the premises of an Off-Licence, or directly in front of the premises, is what the notice should read.
  • Father J.
    Never mind that, those cans of John Smith's need to have a govermnent health warning on them. There's only one thing worse than shit beer, and that's shit beer in tins.
  • Joff
    The question no-one's asking... why are John Lewis selling alcohol?! They're a Newsagent and only good for magazines, books and being force-sold Wispas at the till.
  • Jessie J.
    @Joff It's W H Smith, not John Lewis.
  • brookstreetboyo
    John Lewis? Have you been drinking?

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