Wetherspoons trade Red Bull for cheaper brand - everyone falls out

Wetherspoons and Red Bull are at each others throats, scratching and clawing and yanking out hair extensions with Red Bull wailing "WHAT HAS SHE GOT THAT I HAVEN'T?!"

You see, Wetherspoon's pubs have replaced Red Bull with a very similar drink called Monster. Red Bull's national account manager, Gordon Yule is fuming and has apparently accused Wetherspoon of attempting to pass off Monster as his company's product.

To briefly touch upon the girl analogy again, you can only assume that Monster is dirtier than Red Bull and will pretty much do anything you suggest. Or something.

Anyway, Wetherspoon chairman Tim Martin is refuting the claim and getting personal. He sent a strongly worded letter to Red Bull managing director Nigel Trood saying that Yule's accusation is 'exceptionally difficult to believe', as Monster is heavily advertised in Wetherspoon pubs. I went in one last week... and he's telling the truth. It's bloody everywhere.

However, he hasn't stopped there. Martin alleges that the Red Bull team have not been playing fair and arranging 'childish stunts'. Like what?

Well, apparently Red Bull have been parking their ubiquitous branded motor heaps outside Wetherspoon pubs as well as sending their own staff into chains as customers and getting them to complain when they can't buy Red Bull. Not by complaining at the bar, but rather, (and this is from a Red Bull document as seen here) to get 'wing girls' to smuggle cans in and consume them on site because they 'hate' Monster so much.

Wetherspoon's Tim Martin added: "It really is time for Red Bull to grow up and stop behaving like a rejected teenager and accept that our relationship is over."

The real question is: does anyone even remotely care about which foul tasting energy drink they get mixed in with their cheapo booze? Would you accept Monster over Red Bull? Do you puke at the thought of either drink? Or is there any situation where the knock-off brand is an improvement than the real thing - Cresta lemonade versus Schweppes for example. Go on, leave a pithy comment - we thrive on them.



  • zacspeed
    It's all bulls jizz anyway isn't it?
  • Stez
    the annoying thing is though, monster tastes gash. red bull is much nicer
  • Danny
    Monster tastes like p*ss, I actually complained about it when they first got rid of Red Bull, although I don't think the manager was particularly interested!
  • Graham
    Personally, I love Monster! Double size cans means double the amount of energy as Red Bull! It tastes great and it's fantastic for keeping you awake on long haul drives! Few months ago I drove from Plymouth to Wolverhampton and then back the same night, filled the car up with fuel and filled me up with Monster. Not a tired eye in sight!
  • Mark C.
    It all tastes the same anyway. Sugar and caffeine and bull's winky extract.
  • Mike H.
    If you drink in a Wetherspoons you deserve to drink piss... stale piss in fact, a pint of stale piss with a used tampon bobbing in it. Can't stand the places, full of unemployed scumbags and old pissheads, they're the equivalent of drinking in the bins round the back of the offie. Support the smaller pubs, pay a bit more but get a better pint in a better atmosphere.
  • Sam
    Red Bull is a license from a thai drink called Krating Daeng whose literal translation is "red male water buffalo". They also took all the good stuff out it and replaced it with taurine. The real stuff is an "energy" drink.
  • dunfyboy
    They all taste shit. That's why you have to dilute them with vodka. I take it if monster costs witherspoon's less to buy they'll be dropping their prices? Hmm, didn't think so.
  • Brian H.
    Brian here. Not sure i give a shit. Its only 15-20yr olds who drink this crap (religiously, and with vodka)isnt it.
  • Nobby
    It's amazing to see how low some companies (like Red Bull here) will go when their supply contracts are not renewed.
  • Kevin
    More Red bull and energy drink crap.. Get yourself a proper drink...You can't beat an ice cold glass of MILK!!!!!!!
  • Bob
    They are both piss water really.
  • Tim
    I do prefer Red Bull, but I don't usually buy it myself because it costs a fortune. However, in a pub I'll generally opt for Red Bull given the choice, for the simple reason that you get charged over the odds anyway, and Red Bull seems almost reasonable when compared to its retail price. If they're selling Monster at the same price as Red Bull, I won't be amused - Monster does come in a can twice the size of Red Bull, but I guarantee JDW will have smaller, Red Bull-sized cans/bottles, so I would expect to be paying half the price for the energy drink portion of my drink.
  • TFEB
    I cant find a decent pub where i live so im forced to go to a spoons. i actually prefer Monster to Redbull anyways. Overall though i dont really care much
  • Dazz B.
    Chav fuel in chav pubs .... is it possible to want both sides to fail. Acually wetherspoons have some redeeming features. Red Bull have great advertising selling sugary water as an "energy drink". Oh and Taurine. The closest the taurine found in red bull actually gets to bulls is the bullshit propogated about it.
  • Warwick H.
    Wetherspoons standards have been slipping for a while now, the pub grub most certainly has so we have moved to that other culinary haven Yate's, its cheaper and the food is tastier. A bottle of Echo Falls £4.95 while in "spoons" a bottle of Fetzer fizzy pop £6.95. To the other Mr Hunt - as a pensioner I cant afford to subsidise smaller pubs at the prices they charge thats why they are empty and will remain so while they charge £3.25 for a pint of McEwans piss and an arm and a leg for real ale and wont serve you a bottle of wine as they prefer to screw you by the glass at around £3.20, works out at about £12 - £14 a bottle. Pure economics and why pubs are closing.
  • Mandy B.
    They are both bull piss, I wouldn't pollute my vodka with either. Nor would I drink in wetherspoons, nazi supporting cunts that they are. All high street pubs charge the same price - wetherspoons aren't any cheaper. 'spoons also stink of "food" (absolute gash that has been microwaved - there isn't any real food in sight!) and completely lack atmosphere/music.
  • DGK
    Personally I've found Monster to be more expensive than Red Bull in most places. All said and done when it comes to a nice refreshing can of fake-energy, Relentless (made by the CokaCola folks) has the nicest taste in my opinion. @Graham - Don't be inept. Red Bull also comes in 500ml cans. As does relentless, rockstar, and all the other shite brands of energy piss. Most also now offer 'shots' for condensed energy, size of the portion means sod all really. @Mike Hunt - Yes, yes and yes with f--king cherries on top. Small pubs are far and away better than the gargantuan shite pile that is Wetherspoons or any of the other wanky bar/pub/dives that grace most towns these days. In conclusion though, everyone should stop arsing about with drinks, if you like Vodka, drink it. If you pretend to like it, but only ever drink it with Coke, Pepsi, RedBull or any other form of ArseGravy in it, then I'm afraid you are a total c-ntbiscuit. Enjoy your evening folks.
  • Joff
    I much prefer Monster to Red Bull - I've been a convert since my first taste back in April and struggled to find anywhere local that stocked it. Now it's everywhere! I can imagine Red Bull and more specifically Gordon Yule are a bit pissed at losing the Wetherspoon's account, just think of the commission! Monster's PR team have really pulled their finger out whilst Red Bull have been pissing about with stuntplanes and racing cars, so good on them.
  • Mittenkrust
    Monster is popular at my uni with the students so I can see why it is used, that being said the replies on here show peoples snobbery, though I agree with the fact that most of the people in there are drunk old men or the ones that dont care, dont equate the unemployed with those pissheads even when I was unemployed also some of my friends have been at times we never liked Wetherspoons as a real pub and just went there when bored or wanted somewhere to sit without hearing music or watching sports. Nowadays I only ever go there to get free wi fi.
    Red Bull is perfectly acceptable Relentless is also perfectly acceptable. Monster is fucking disgusting. I tells you no lies.
  • carlingking
    Hate how wetherspoons got rid off there carling and coors light for carlsberg and tuborg But this a don't really mind not tried the monster with vodka yet so can't really comment but alot of clubs you go into give you the crap energy drinks like shark instead of red bull and to be honest most of the energy drinks just taste like red bull anyway. Also I like the taste of monster on its own. When I go into a shop and see a 500ml can of monster or relentless then see a 250 ml can of red bull and they are the same price then I would go for the moster or relentless
  • Joe H.
    I love the stuff, any brand. Although not rockstar actually. It does give you "energy" (about the same as a cup of coffee would) and if you don't drink booze I mean what's the choice in a pub? Coke (uhh) or J20 (double uhh) or similar bottled wee. Best brand of energy drink is Morrison's own brand - four for a quid. Oh yeh and energy drinks including red bull do come in diet/low-calorie versions but just try getting one in a pub. What I really want on night out with pisshead friends is a cup of tea but not likely either is it.
  • Guybrush T.
    I hate brands. It is all just advertising and brainwashing.
  • Brad
    Bah! Same piss, Different label.
  • OFI
    Monster is very sweet and syrupy compared to Red Bull. In my opinion Red Bull is nicer. But then at Wetherspoons prices i'm not going to argue. Wetherspoons sell the cheapest drinks by buying the cheapest. If Red Bull can't offer that then it's tough really.. Tescos 'Kick' is a good cheap alternative ;-)
  • Rt S.
    # Posted by Joe Harrison | December 8th, 2009 at 8:34 pm "What I really want on a night out with pisshead friends is a cup of tea but [that's] not likely either is it?" Hear! Hear!
  • Pete
    You need to read how pubs are tied to high prices, low wages http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/business/industry_sectors/leisure/article6276394.ece http://www.dailystar.co.uk/forum/view/1496/A-fair-Pint/ Often the land is more valuable for housing etc. At least Wetherspoons can keep their prices relatively low and when the majority of people are out on a friday and Saturday night they would drink petrol if it was niceley coloured and tasted of fruit.
  • oz
    Ahhh! let them kiss and make up, mix it up and call it monster wings, to compliment the many bingo wings you will see in there this chrimbo
  • Smakry
    Hmm Weatherspoons have been sellign Monster for ages and I am glad about that fact! Monster is by far the best Energy drink out there, that is why Weatherspoons are doing it. Not because it is a 'Cheaper' brand. Biit pisssed they are only doing the small cans for that price though!
  • Taylor
    The most annoying thing about it is having to constantly tell the pissed up customers that its monster not redbull in there double vodka redbull!! Monster is sweeter but its just a matter of preference like coca cola vs pepsi its the big companies own fault for demanding exclusivity that the customer cant choose.
  • When A.
    [...] drink. When the plot was uncovered Red Bull blamed it on ‘overzealous junior employees’ whilst JDW accused it of ‘behaving like a rejected teenager.’ Not the best [...]
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  • spoonie
    i work for a wetherspoon pub. at the induction they told us that monster costs the half and they can sell it at the same price of redbull. that's all. "but don't tell this to our customers"

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