Wetherspoons launches 99p tea and coffee

Wetherspoon 99p tea and coffee

Wetherspoon's have seen the money you can make on coffee, and have kicked off a price-war with Starbucks, Costa, and the like, with the launch of takeaway tea and coffee for just 99p.

They'll be offering takeaway tea and coffee at their 950 branches, but the coffee chains on the High Street don't need to be too worried.

See, Wetherspoon's are keeping it simple by only offering filter coffee (Lavazza, if you're interested) and Tetley tea. So if you can't function without a latte or a flat white, 'Spoons is probably not the best place for you.

For those who aren't bothered about all that, 99p is a very good price for a brew, compared to the big coffee shops.

Of course, your local coffee shop might have better coffee, and your local church might pour you a cup of tea for 50p - so if that's your bag, you carry on.

For those who make themselves a flask - you're doing god's work.

John Hutson, the Wetherspoons chief executive, said: “Our coffee is extremely popular with our customers. We sell more than 1 million cups a week in our pubs across the UK and believe that our customers will welcome the opportunity to enjoy a takeaway cup too, at just 99p."

A good number of Wetherspoons pubs are open at 8am, which means you'll be able to pop-in on the way to work.

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