We all love Greggs. Oh, wait…

pastyRemember the pasty tax furore? When the Chief Executive of Greggs marched into Downing Street brandishing a petition signed by 300,000 people protesting at the thought of paying extra for warm bread products from their favourite baker? Greggs was so loved and adored by the British public (or at least those of us who weren’t privately-educated cabinet members) that the campaign couldn’t fail.

And indeed it didn’t. Greggs fortunes turned- the company’s share price had fallen after the tax was announced, and it bounced back up again when the tax was scrapped. We all love Greggs.

Or not. Even after all the free publicity Greggs gained from the pasty tax campaign, the latest sales figues show a fall in sales of 3.5% for the last quarter, down on the previous quarter’s drop of 1.8%. It seems we actually don’t all love Greggs quite that much.

So why are sales down? Either we don’t all love our pasties as much as we claimed, or something else is going on. Greggs are blaming the weather, because apparently we eat more pasties when it’s really sunny than when it’s persisting down with rain, but their recent marketing campaigns like Lunch for Less, with baguettes for £1 may also have had an effect.

However, Greggs are still planning to open 28 more shops at motorway service stations, and although the half year profits to 30 June were down 4.6% on the previous year, at £16.5 million we think there is still room for promotional pasty prices to entice us back through their non-doors.


  • Russ
    It's because their products are shit (well from what I have tasted anyway)
  • Tom
    Russ, stop buying the shit flavoured sausage rolls then
  • Bob
    Maybe it's because their food costs a fortune and gets smaller every other month? Just a thought.
  • BaceFook
    Maybe its because all the fat twats who buy it are dying of poverty?
  • dvdj10
    @BaceFook - If only, if only...
  • BaceFook
    We can live in hope eh. Nought wrong with a decent pasty but the monstrosities that Greggs sell are just shitty parcels of fat and hate.
  • RU4Real
    I find them cheap and nasty, if i'm honest. Great for a quick bite when i am in a rush, but if you had a choice between there fatty crap and a locally produced snack, then its no competition. Or maybe its because we keep getting told that we are all fat cunts who will die of heart disease and cancer from eating this type of food..?
  • qwertyuiop
    I'd much rather this tax existed. I personally appreciate a finer dining than the experience Greggs and their ilk offer. The ability to fuel my car is far more important to me, as I would assume a shit load more than 300k. Tax other stuff so that the duty on petrol can be less.
  • Mr P.
    @qwertyuiop What, you reckon if the government puts the tax up on one thing they'll put it down on something else? Have you been drinking?
  • badger
    I cant stand the 'Oh, wait.....' ending headlines. I also cant stand the 'All hail the.....' headlines either.
  • Nick T.
    @badger Perhaps you be happier visiting the mumsnet site, or some other shit like that?
  • badger
    @Nick T And why would that be? To witness a variation in writing style instead of constant 'copy/paste' headlines? Or because you saw the ever repeated 'better off at mumsnet' line a few articles back so you thought you would jump in before someone else wrote it?
  • badger
    @Nick T You also forgot to mention the words 'fox' and 'is dis real'
  • GuyInaTux
    @Badger Feeding Trolls since 2012
  • casey
    Absolutely bloody awful pies and pasties. Sandwiches aren't that much better either. Having said that, the tax was scrapped pretty damn quick. This government always give us something to fight over when they're trying to slip something in through the back door. Wonder what they got away with when everyone was involved with the pastie tax? It was expenses when we were all going to die of bird flu.

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