Waitrose Voted UK's Top Store - More DSGi Negativity Here

Members of Which? have voted Waitrose as Britain’s favourite store in the consumer gurus’ high street shops survey, the supermarket retaining the crown it snaffled in the same poll last year.

Although Waitrose’s prices are higher than those of its rivals, the survey showed that excellent customer service is the key to a rewarding shopping experience. Personally, any supermarket where grown-ups let their kids push the frigging trolley around gets a thumbs-down from us and we’ve probably seen less of this in Waitrose than anywhere else.

Waitrose’s sister company John Lewis bagged second spot in the poll and both stores scored highly on environment, helpful staff and quality of products from the 14,000 Which? members that took part in the survey.

We’re almost embarrassed to report this because it’s starting to look as though we’ve got a vendetta against DSGi (we don’t) but Currys, Currys Digital and PC World all found themselves in the bottom ten.

Sports chains JJB and JD Sports were the bottom two stores in the poll, which is fitting as we’ve got absolutely no idea what the difference is between the pair of them.

Thanks to Daniel Austin.


  • Anon
    Just a little comment on your statement that there is little difference between JJB and JD. I'm assuming you've not visited these stores recently? Otherwise you'd notice a difference between the 'pile it high, sell it cheap' jumble sale approach in the JJB stores and the new style shop fits in the JD's that are aimed at a more fashion conscious shopper. Also a small bit of research regarding current performance would tell you that you are comparing a company on the verge of administration versus one outperforming the retail sector. I also doubt that the 45 year old shopper used by Which? has ever visited one of these new JD stores, so they probably have the same flawed idea of what JD is.
  • Reg
    JD & JJB are both for chavs tho innit
  • The B.
    Is anyone else suprised that a JJB/JD/etc have never gone up in flames? Put that many cheap man made fibres together in one place and surely the static electricity alone would be enough to start the towering inferno?
  • mark
    when I used to work at JD about 10 years back, the senior staff ie managers were picked from some of the hardest families in Manchester. Presumably this was to ensure nothing was ever nicked, apart from the vanloads the managers took every Sunday morning on the early shift ;) Always thought that company was run in an odd way. Don't be surprised to see Zara wind down their UK operations in the next twelve months, Sports Direct to finally have that 'everything must go' sale they've been advertising for years, Comet to seriously struggle, and obviously, Blockbusters to go under in the next month or so.
  • Fred C.
    John Lewis Partnership is the cream of the British spirit, its service excels by a long mile better than any supermarket chain, only M&S comes close, even its products are superior in general. The prices are a lot higher but value for money in terms of what you get back as value. The staff are visibly happier and relaxed. Compared with some other supermarkets where they sell battery chickens and employ battery and battered workers the staff in John Lewis Partnership are organic and free range like their free spirited free range organic chickens. Even the selling space per staff is higher than any other supermarket. The density of shoppers is also lower which makes grazers like me feel relaxed and well serviced. They have clean loos and also free parking. The staffs are really well looked after. This should be how the leaders of UK lead all men and women in Britannia.
  • Ralston P.
    yeh, can't afford to shop in john lewis or waitrose.... funnily enough, can't afford to waste money on a subcription to which magazine either. Who cares a toss what a bunch of rich elderly couples care?
  • mc
    you got to be kidding its the most expensive and its full of volvo driving middle class who think its posh to shop there its not a supermarket in theyre eyes bloddy snobs
  • Mike
    Then again there are less chavs in Waitrose, if all supermarkets were Waitrose there wouldn't be anywhere for chavs to buy cola and crisps for their 1 year old children, with no teeth, to eat all day.
  • Iain M.
    You can tell the people who don't shop in John Lewis or Waitrose or subscribe to Which by their grammar! The Which magazine can save you money and has unbiased reviews on products. Funnily enough John Lewis sell many of the recommended products because they are the best. By the way MC and RP: Sentences start with a capital letter (that's a big one!). MC: Both your its should be it's (for it is) and what the hell does "they are eyes" mean? Lastly, I do subscribe to Which but I'm not old or rich
  • matt
    When was the survey conducted? because a few days a go Waitrose were on the national news about employees using networking sites such as facebook to abuse there "loyal" customers.
  • Ryan
    Iain Martin: Pedant. I don't particularly agree with mc or RP but there's no need to belittle them. They made fairly accurate comments about typical customers, not personally slating individuals as you are trying to do. Keep it to your opinions, would ya[sic]?!
  • Ultra
    You say you haven't got a vendetta against DSGi, yet you are constantly reporting any bad news about this company. You do not mention anything about the other five companies in the bottom ten, so in in my opinion you do have a vendetta against DSGi
  • Bob
    I'll tell you something about Waitrose: Someone i know works in the food industry at a company that produces food for them. They always use the cheapest, lowest quality ingredients they can get and their food almost always comes last in food tasting sessions. So there you go.
  • The B.
    I used to work in Waitrose when I was a student (they pay very badly), I have to say that the shops are internally fairly badly run, the staff are the same old mongs that you get working in any supermarket and service wise it's nothing special, it's just that it isn't crammed to the rafters with mannerless chavs so the shopping experience is nicer. Having said that I still shop there, and other Bob, that's a load of cobblers, the Times reviews a type of food every weekend (pork pies, bread sauce, etc), and 50% of the time Waitrose come out on top.
  • Bob
    Admittedly it only applies to their (limited) field and only for internal taste tests, but it's most certainly true. I totally agree with your comment about a nicer shopping experience - and i wonder how many Which? readers voted it high simply for its reputation i.e it makes them feel 'posh' by voting for it?
  • ben
    What a load of nonsense from some people. We are a young couple who frequently shop in Waitrose and JL precisely because of the excellent service and the fact that you don't have to fight your way through chavs, single teenage moms, and that spotty teenager at the checkout counter who couldn't care less. The idiot who said that only elderly types shop there should check out the Waitrose in Canary Wharf which is filled almost exclusively with bankers. Shops with better service will always command a premium and will attract people who are willing to pay extra for less hassle.

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