Waitrose going toe-to-toe with Tesco in new price pledge

waitrose_shopping-bag_20-jpg Ask the average man/woman in the street what they think of Waitrose and you’ll get the same stock answer – “Weeuurgh, it’s so posh and pricey and the meat comes from unicorns and the custard is made from angel milk and you need a masters degree in feng shui before they let you in the door and the security guards all talk like Tony Blair and weeuurgh….”

But absolutely none of that is true, and Waitrose are at pains to prove that with a new branded price-match campaign, which they might have announced from inside a yurt. Or might not have. Anyway, the upshot is that they’re vowing to price-match Tesco on 7,000 branded grocery items and will make the supermarket chain one per cent cheaper than Sainsbury’s. Take THAT, Waitrose-haterz.

The John Lewis-owned offering has been the fastest-growing supermarket of the past three years, and launched an ‘Essentials’ range back in 2009 in an attempt to ‘reposition’ itself or something. Looks like you don’t need to be a personal friend of a peer of the realm now if you want to nip in and buy some organic artisan bread….


  • Mike H.
    fuck you bitterwallet.
  • Mike H.
    And that doesn't get moderated? For fucks sake, what a lame site.
  • Mike H.
    A comment without profanity and you moderate a perfectly decent comment? Dicks.
  • The B.
    Please Waitrose no. Don't try and encourage chavs to shop in Waitrose, part of the pleasure of shopping in Waitrose is not having to fight your way past feckwits who've left their trolley sideways across an aisle whilst having a conversation on their iPhone whilst shouting at little Britney to "come ere and put dat choclat dahn".
  • LanceVance
    If Waitrose started selling weed they would make some real fat profits.
  • Dick
    Yeah, it will be like M&S when they have their £10 dine-in offers.
  • JonB
    @The Real Bob: "Don’t try and encourage chavs to shop in Waitrose" I didn't think chavs shopped in Tescos since the credit crunch? They seem to be hanging out in Poundland, Iceland, Aldi, Netto and Lidl. Maybe a few in Asda too...
  • The C.
    Nahhhh mate! We has plenty of money mate, more dan you does! We shop in waitrose now. Buy loads of stuff to eat whilst Shanaze, Romeo, Shanequua and Chardonay runs round openin' shit up and eatin' some ov it. We av to use money up buying shit so it looks like we got non so we can go Butlins innit!
  • The B.
    @Dick, but surely Waitrose have the very same "Dine in for £10" offers?
  • confused c.
    @ the Real Bob, shouldn't that be 'One and Ones Wife Dine at Home for 10 Guineas' ?
  • dvdj10
    I'd shag 80% of the women in Waitrose on any given day, fact. That's why it's better than Tesco. I should work in marketing.
  • Mary H.
    You'd stand a better chance at shagging the whores in TESCO though, dvdj10
  • dvdj10
    True, get clubcard points off them too.
  • The B.
    @dvdj10 - Amongst other less salubrious things, yes.
  • shoplifter
    And double the difference!
  • William's s.
    "I’d shag 80% of the women in Waitrose on any given day, fact. That’s why it’s better than Tesco. I should work in marketing." Even on a Wednesday when its full of pensioners?
  • Waitrose S.
    confused dot com - Actually, if one shopped in Waitrose, one would know that it is 9.5 guineas...

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