Waitrose customers worried about riff raff coming for their soup

waitrose_shopping-bag_20-jpg Waitrose - the lifestyle section of a Sunday supplement of the supermarkets - has had an offer with their loyalty cards which doles out free hot soup to customers, which is nice isn't it? Not so if you're a Waitrose regular, as a number of them are worried that the deal is bringing in the wrong type of clientele.

Basically, if you have a myWaitrose card, you can claim some soup without needing to buy anything.

Over on Facebook, customers are crying onto their gilets.

"Please don’t turn into a “soup kitchen” handing out free drinks,’ wrote Waitrose shopper and braying ninny, Penny Clayden on Facebook, adding: "I think seeing people walking round the store holding on to takeaway cups of tea and coffee looks quite ridiculous and brings down the image of Waitrose until it is just like everywhere else – in which case I might as well shop anywhere else."

On Twitter, Carl Barron said: "Perhaps should Waitrose ensure only those who show today’s receipts for good get free drinks."

John Thompson, a business consultant from Hertfordshire tweeted: "Bit disconcerting seeing people carrying cups of hot coffee around Waitrose whilst they text and push trolleys with their bellies."

This comes on the back of a story where Waitrose airbrushed someone's tattoos out of a photo and of course, last year, they tried to do a social engagement campaign where they asked you to finish the sentence 'I shop at Waitrose because...', which saw replies like "...I don't like being surrounded by poor people' and "because Tesco doesn't stock unicorn food."

Waitrose have pooh-poohed the complaints and stated that the myWaitrose card rewarded loyal customers and the majority of people that used it for a free hot drinks also shopped there.

Everyone should, of course, get down to Waitrose, get a loyalty card and annoy all the Hooray Henry's that shop there.


  • andy y.
    So let's take some trolls posts and turn it into a piece...masterful
  • Coran
    Internet journalism has never been easier...
  • Paul V.
    "Basically, if you have a myWaitrose card, you can claim some soup without needing to buy anything." Someone's got the wrong end of the (bread) stick here! For soup, read tea or coffee!

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