Vote NOW for the Best Company in Britain 2011

best-company-2011-medal Now that the dust has settled from our Worst Company In Britain 2011 vote and the anger against winners TalkTalk has subsided, it’s time to think happy thoughts and decide who the Best Company In Britain was in 2011.

During the nomination period, one company gained about 1,00,000,000,000,000,000 times more support than any of the others, but we’re not going to tell you which one they are in case it influences your votes. Either way, we can’t find any bookies that are willing to give us any odds on this one.

We’ll give you until the end of Wednesday to vote and then we’ll tell you who won. Bet you can’t bleedin’ wait.


  • Reser
    Who on earth nominated Sky? If I was nominating Sky for anything it would have been the worst compony award. Sky are FAAR from stellar customer service.
  • amazon s.
    ammmmaaaazooooon goooooooooooooood.
  • amazon s.
    amazon wins, yeaaaaay /end poll amazon continue to have a crap search function (nearly as crap as wilkinsons), crap item description layout and they willingly use Yodel. oooo, banged my head and went all dizzy there amazon wins yeeeeeaaaay!
  • SysOP
    Amazon. /thread
  • Dan
    Certainly not John Lewis, we ordered a dishwasher from them through work and it was marked as dispatched... 3 weeks later they say it can take anywhere up to 6 weeks for delivery. Nobody seemed too fussed about this. In fact, they seemed a little perturbed that we had the audacity to question it. And never knowingly undersold... My arse. They must know ;)
  • Touchwood
    Sky, SKY!!! Shurely shome mishtake. Does Sky appear simply to make the others look fan-bleedin-tastic?
  • pete
    Omfg why is sky on the list,the shittest company ever!!
  • kv
    we're still waiting for a full investigation into the vote rigging that meant Yodel wasnt voted the worst
  • Sicknote
    Amazon just pipped it over John Lewis for me; they're both very good but JL did deliver my thousand pound fridge with a ruddy dent on the side and a duff door....
  • Loz
    hermes one of the best..? i'll admit they're no yodel, however this is still a tricky concept for me :-S
  • Mike H.
    Where is the 'Non of the above' radio button?
  • Richard
    Hermes? Are you having a laugh...everyone I know say that hey make Yodel look like a premier service! The worst company I have every dealt with....think Sky and them must be a joke!
  • LeMax
    I'd like to echo some of the other comments on here. SKY!!??
  • Jocky W.
    Where the fuck is Mr Patel's? He has Tennett's Super on at four cans for four quid at the moment.
  • MDC
    Amazon don't deserve to win they took my touchpad order and then cancelled it :(
  • Phil
    I think you meant to put Hermes on the worst company list ?!!? I have never received ANY goods that have been dispatched by these chumps! At least Yodel attempt to deliver and a calling card gets through the door.
  • Frank
    Have no beef with Hermes at all, probably would have been the best if Amazon and Giff Gaff weren't on the list. Had like 30 parcel collections with them and countless deliveries, every one has been on time and undamaged! Much better than Yodel's and City Link's record with me! DPD should have been in the list too.

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