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8 January 2013

Because we like to reward good behaviour as well as highlight bad, here’s our poll that will help us determine Britain’s Best Company of 2012.

Naturally the nomination process wasn’t as fevered as it gets for the Worst Company equivalent but it’s easier to be nasty than nice.

Four companies garnered more plaudits than any others First Direct, John Lewis, DPD and last year’s winner, Amazon. So let’s see which of those you all like the best. Voting commences NOW and will go on until 11.53pm on Wednesday. For no real particular reason.

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  • amazon s.
    John Lewis? First Direct? Fuck off! The company who make anal itch cream rank higher up than them.
  • bah h.
    First Direct best company my arse.....are they not a division of HSBC? which only recently paid 2 billion to settle a charge of mexican drug money laundering.
  • kv
  • Ian
    Pfft. Given that abject mediocrity would be an improvement to the majority of the couldn't-care-less shithouse companies in this country, being Best Company In The UK would be like me saying I've got the biggest dick in my house. There's no competition.
  • Mark
    DPD get my vote. For several years now they have been giving 1 hour delivery slots and yet the other couriers still don't seem to be catching on to this revolutionary system ! I even try to pick suppliers who use DPD as it saves many wasted hours waiting in for deliveries that don't then arrive. I have had loads of deliveries from DPD over the last few years and they have delivered on time - every time, without fail !
  • Captain W.
    DPD, because they show the worst company of the year how it's done. Definitely not Amazon, because they use Yodel with no option to use DPD, even for a delivery premium.
  • Joaquín G.
    First Direct without question
  • Dick
    Amazon. They don't pay much corporation tax, which keeps prices down for me.
  • Euan
    Having lost a wallet of cards over the Xmas break, First Direct definitely rate above several other financial providers for the simplicity of phone-two rings-answered by human being in the UK who can help me, as opposed to phone, navigate through menu system, wait on hold, twiddle thumbs, yadda yadda. DPD are definitely ace on the delivery side of things though, agree with Mark about the fact that they give you a one hour delivery slot and then stick to it - so much better than their competitors...
  • PlatinumPlatypus
    Dick, it also stops fair competition from British businesses. Good to know that's what you support.
  • john
    Anyone voting for DPD is having a laugh. They might give you a 1 hr slot, but if that slot isn't suitable they'll keep coming at the same time again and again and again. Great if you're in, but if not then they'll kick your delivery ( a ceramic sink) back to the depot. 10 times. I got it the 11th, in 3000 bits. They might tell you when they'll deliver, but it's no use if you don't have a choice when that is...
  • Tom
    @john You must be a fucktard then because the DPD email and text allow you to designate another day and time.
  • Mark
    John, are you sure it was DPD ???? Every delivery I have had they text me on the morning of delivery with options of sending it to a neighbor, arranging another time or another day. Only used this service once to re-arrange and it worked perfectly.

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