Voluptuous Debenhams come up with new 'spot the body shape' game

It's that time of year again, when women across the country start thinking about finding swimwear for the summer. And as a responsible retailer of the people, Debenhams recently surveyed 14,000 of their own customers to find out what women were aiming for on the beach stakes.

The results revealed Raquel Welch and Kim Kardashian to be top of the beach bods. Sasha Nagalingam, Swimwear Buyer at Debenhams, said “Despite a forty year age gap between Raquel and Kim, the voluptuous shape they have in common is clearly coveted by women across the country."

British TV newcomer, Amy Childs from The Only Way is Essex also made the list, further confirming the trend for ample bosoms and curvy hips. Sasha continued, “Looking great in a bikini is not about being a stick-thin teenager. Our results show women appreciate womanly bodies of all ages.”

Which makes it all the more surprising that their swimwear body shape guide is, well, less about about curves and more about stick-thin teenagers.

body4Take this lovely lady. Is she the quintessential pear shape- narrow of shoulder and coy of breast yet ample of buttock? Actually no, this lady is classic hourglass, boobs, bum and tiny waist. Apparently.


Or how about this one? She surely can't be apple shaped- reasonable boobs, smaller bum but big fat tum with that tiny waist, so she must be athletic (slim built, in need of boob padding), right? Er, no. Clearly, with that  unnoteworthy chest and humungous arse she is pear shaped. Sigh.

In fact, if you look at all four Debenhams swimwear models side by side, you'd be hard pushed to know which was supposed to be any particular body shape, with the titles cunningly removed. And none of these girls could really be described as voluptuous or ample.

Come on Debenhams- at least pretend you mean what you say...



  • Stu
    I have closely looked at each image and can confirm that in fact... erm why was i looking at them again?
  • Late
    I want your job.
  • Boris
    Why is there no pole (!) for this article like there was for the Law one? I vote for girl number three.
  • Boris
    Why is there no pole for this article like there was for the law one? I vote for number 3.
  • Boris
    Ooops; looks like I spoilt my balot paper by positing too quikly. (If you know what I mean)
  • zeddy
    I wouldn't thank you for a diddy-ride from any of them.
  • erm
    yeah right..Pete&Dudley
  • jo
    Site is down for maintinence, apparently...

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