Vodafone to open 150 more stores

3 April 2014

Everyone’s favourite tax dodging mobile provider, Vodafone, is planning a £100m expansion - opening 140 new stores, which will in turn create 1400 jobs.


It’s all part of the sinister sounding ‘Project Spring’ [ironic, given their part in the Arab Spring - Ed], which sees the company trying to move away from their reliance on third party provider Carphone Warehouse, and strike out on its own. Vodafone UK’s CEO Jeroen Hoencamp said: ‘We want to take this company back to growth.’

And where are the first buds of this Vodafone spring? Well, erm they’ve just opened a new store in… Ilford. It’s already worked out where the other new stores will be, but it’s also looking for retail space in other areas where it thinks existing customers are currently poorly served. Everywhere, then.

Vodafone’s presence on the high street has not been that impressive in the past, with fewer stores than its rivals. EE has 600 stores, while Three, who have 8 million customers to Vodafone’s 19 million, boasts 345 stores. This expansion will take them to over 500, and says Hoencamp, will create ‘a seamless customer experience.’


So now the next thing they’ve got to sort out is their rubbish 4G. And that (ahem) 'seamless' customer service. But at least now you’ll be able to go into a store near you and shout at them face to face.

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  • LD
    their rubbish 4G. Eh? R U B B I S H 3G here! 75k tops, while Three is 5.53Mbps
  • Ivor S.
    They should forget the stores and staff , invest the money in a working mobile network ... Their service is shit ....

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