Veggie box company wants £50 a day after bad review

funny-shaped-vegetables Have you heard of Kelly's Vegies? If you have, you may have given them a wide berth, thanks to the crappy spelling of 'veggies'. However, it looks like there's a whole other reason to avoid them, as one customer was hit with a number of charges after giving the company a negative review.

According to TiM, Alice Ridgley signed up with the company to get fruit and veg delivered to her home. She was offered a free trial box when she started her service with them. However, she got caught in a 'subscription trap' and the whole thing has been a nightmare.

After an unsatisfactory experience, she posted a critical review online, and for her troubles, Ridgley was on the receiving end of a £385 court claim, with Kelly's Vegies asking for £50 in compensation for every day her review stayed online.

The trouble started when she wanted to cancel her subscription - £15 a pop - with the service, but was told she couldn't unless she paid a 'restocking fee', which had been set off by her card payment being declined (she'd cancelled the card for an unrelated fraud). Emails were swapped and the fee was waived, and she carried on with her deliveries. So far, so unremarkable. However, last month, she decided to cancel the service again, and this time, was hit with a charge of £20 for not putting out her empty veg box in time for collection.

This all seemed a bit fishy to Ridgley, so she went to social media, and left an 'honest' review, warning potential customers that there were things in the terms and conditions that should be highlighted, before signing-up. In her review, she said: "There is no room for you to make an error. You will be faced with charges left, right and centre."

The company's t&cs show that there's charges for card handling fees, early cancellation fees, and penalties for not putting your box out for collection. However, in the last few weeks, they've added the clause about negative reviews. It seems that this was introduced to discourage people from leaving bad reviews, and was not part of the terms when Alice signed-up. Other customers have also been hit with similar court claims, or the threat of them.

Another customer called Louise Bynoe cancelled her account, and was hit with a £30 fee. After disputing it, Kelly's Vegies boss Kelly Wheeler called at her house in the evening. With Bynoe not answering the door, she received an email, which said: "I swung by your property to collect my crate earlier and try and resolve this face to face but no answer at the door. Please now find attached my claim which has been submitted to Northampton county court."

These two cases are being handled by consumer help group Legal Beagles, where Alice and Louise hope to have them struck out. Kate Briscoe, who is the chief executive of Legal Beagles, says that it isn't acceptable that Kelly's Vegies "continues to lure unwitting consumers into onerous long-term contractual agreements which they find expensive to escape from".

The advice here is that, if you're ever offered a free trial of anything, make sure you have a good look at the terms and conditions.


  • Tom A.
    What else can you expect when you have vegetable sellling vegetables to vegetables?
  • Loribeth Q.
    Hi, I'm not happy with your service either Vegie Box. Can you please cancel my service too, and refund the excess costs to my account [account details removed]. Call me on [number removed] if this is a problem please. Regards, Lori.
  • Father J.
    More beardy hipster twats gouging cash from the lazy and terminally stupid. Just buy your veg from a fucking shop, you morons. And BTW this: "Please now find attached my claim which has been submitted to Northampton county court.” is bullshit of the highest order. As someone who has used the Small Claims Court in the past Ican tell you it takes a bit more to go from saying 'You owe me money' to ' See you in court'.
  • Pie M.
    I might leave them some negative reviews. After all, I'm not a customer so it's free!
  • shiftynifity
    Google reviews are interesting, and it seems the owner wrote this only in the last week... Response from the owner in the last week This customer was billed for unpaid deliveries during November and December following a court order. Please only use the review facility to report factual events. Our terms of business do not mention a charge for leaving negative reviews. Very Shifty.....indeed
  • PIe M.
    Well, I didn't need to bother:
  • Alex
    Im pretty sure the bad review clause has been tested in court via a hotel charging a guest extra if they left a bad review and it deemed to be an illegal clause.
  • Mooch
    Here's a recent ASA ruling on Kelly's Vegies
  • Simon
    Well these idiots go down as worst uk company by a long way
  • Pete
    This company is now My Fruit and Veg box, as in Same rubbish conditions etc.
  • margaret
  • keith n.
    i recently delivered some leaflets for this company and kelly refused to pay saying they checked some addresses and no one got any leaflets which is rubbish im owed £100 and im guessing im not the only one the guys a crook im not sure how to report him though
    • davidheath

      i worked for Kelly veggie a while ago I never had a problem, he allways paid wages on time I picked up work Friday,done job no problem, I found him good  to get on with perfect company, perfect food.......David.

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